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Trying To Concieve Thread........

404 replies

M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
hermykne · 24/11/2003 08:51

got two positives, sat night ans sun morn, so must be pregnant. feel a bit odd after the neg result at the docs last week.

otherwise i cant believe it.

M2T · 24/11/2003 08:51

Podmog - That's really crappy for you.

hope you have a speedy recovery, and at least you have a more accurate knowledge of your cycles.


I am feeling INCREDIBLY sick this morning. Don't think I'm pg though. I am due my AF in 6 days so still too early to test and waaaaaaaaayyyy too early for morning sickness!

How is everyone?

OP posts:
M2T · 24/11/2003 08:53

WOW Hermynee!!!


Another graduate, this thread is mega-fertile..... or mega-horny.

OP posts:
quackers · 24/11/2003 09:00

Both !!
WELL DONE!!!! See them doc's tests are crap!!
Huge congrats!!!

hana · 24/11/2003 09:02

Another good news story for Monday morning! Fantastic news Hermykne!!! I wish you a wonderful 8 months ahead of you,
Podmog - sorry that you have the flu...and nothing else.....yet! Fingers crossed for next time....

hermykne · 24/11/2003 09:06

oh thank you all.
its so emotional, podmog i hope this is your month.
i feel so different about this pregnancy having had to try there is a little more angst.
i'll be thinking very positively for the rest of you and sending my vibes!

BigBird · 24/11/2003 09:33

congrats Hermykne.
Hope you have a happy and heatly pregnancy.

sorry podmog - know how you feel
I had flu last mth and AF was late....
We're back to bd'ing week again but now dh and I are coming down with colds and sore throats - a fun week ahead

BigBird · 24/11/2003 09:33

I meant healthy!

pollingfold · 24/11/2003 09:44

My god, I've been away for a few days and everyone seems to be getting up the duff. Well done to quakers and hermykne!!

Podmog - sorry about your news, we can all understand yor frustration/disappointment.

I've been at b'ding like a maniac this weekend, what with me producing enough "egg white" to make an omelette, and the pku's saying go! Even spent a weeks wages on sexy undies to help dh get in the mood......but the temps have't moved so must have been a false alarm. Poor DH just groaned when I told him we'd have to keep the action up for another week!!

littlerach · 24/11/2003 14:54

Hello, everyone, well, it looks like our bd'ing paid off - AF 4 days late, did test, POSITIVE!!!
Off to join the July thread, I think. Last AF was 23 Oct, guess we're due end of July - ish!!
Good luck all of you, I'll keep a look out for you on the pregnancy threads!! XXXXXXXXXXX

lazyeye · 24/11/2003 14:57

Littlerach - congrats. All the best. Love hearing of new pgs. Your first??

littlerach · 24/11/2003 15:00

No, we have dd, 2.7 who is so excited, and keeps almost telling people!!

Jemma7 · 24/11/2003 15:02

Congrats Littlerach Come and join us on July

God this thread should be re-named the fertile thread!

CountessDracula · 24/11/2003 15:54

Wow, well done hermykne and littlerach


M2T · 24/11/2003 15:59

Congrats Littlerach..... you're baby might creep onto the August thread (not yet started!!).... I work out your due date to be 29th July!

OP posts:
pollingfold · 24/11/2003 16:43

littlerach many many congrats!! :0 :0:0:0:0

So all this BD'ing does pay off after all

pollingfold · 24/11/2003 16:43

I'll try with the smiles again!!

fisil · 24/11/2003 18:47

Hey, well done both of you! Tell me the secret!

sibble · 24/11/2003 19:06

Congrats everyone

hermykne · 24/11/2003 19:07

thanks for the congrats everyone.

the secret i dont know but there was enough bonking done for 9months!

fisil · 24/11/2003 19:15

yeah, I'm beginning to think that one a month is just not enough.

pollingfold · 24/11/2003 20:57

Right then if its BD'ing that required, my DH better watch out!! Although I read somewhere that you should give the guy a rest to "replenish"?!

Does that mean that sex everyday is banned? Not that I actually thing that either my DH or I could manage that, but...... when we were young......lust......two stone lighter........them were the days!!

eyelash · 25/11/2003 14:01

Well done to hermykne and littlerach.

You must be smiling from cheek to cheek.

Have any of you thought about printing these off to start off your little ones memory boxes?

quackers · 25/11/2003 14:32

Lovely idea eyelash! Pollingfold, know the feeling!! Them were the days!!!! They say every 2-3 days and every day if poss around ov!!! I just used OPKs every time and did it twice, once day before ov and once the day of ov.

hana · 25/11/2003 19:44

belated cngrats to littlerach!! Thats wonderful news, best of luck for healthy pregnancy ahead.......

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