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Trying To Concieve Thread........

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M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
M2T · 18/11/2003 09:49

I can't rearrange again. It has taken me weeks to get this appointment and I've used the last day of my hol entitlement until next year!
Perhaps I'll recognise the symptoms early like I did with ds.
Thanks Quacks.

OP posts:
hana · 18/11/2003 09:53

MT2 - I've just a booked a smear as well....haven't actually had a period since m/c but have been doing lots of bd and you've made me think maybe I should wait and see what happens. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking for it to happen so soon! I didn't need to book, just a bit paranoid after m/c and wanting to see that I'm ok. It's only every 3 years, but at home it's every year, so I do worry.

M2T · 18/11/2003 09:57

Hana - I try to have as few as possible! I'm only going coz I am well overdue.
When is yours? When can you test, just in case?

OP posts:
oliveoil · 18/11/2003 10:05

(belated) congrats to Quackers et al, been off since Thursday so only just got the good news

M2T - not sure on smears, for me it would be a good excuse to put it off, hate them.

BigBird · 18/11/2003 11:25

M2T - ring the place that does the smear and tell them there's a small chance you could be pg. If there's is any risk at all it's not worth doing. I had a similar dilemma months ago over a mammogram which I had to rearrange to coincide with the first week of my cycle. The staff should understand and try and accomodate you without having to wait ages agian for an appointment...maybe suggest you ring them when you are on cd1 and they can try and accomodate you ???

M2T · 18/11/2003 11:39

Bigbird - What is cd1?

Its now a problem about time off from work. The distance to my work and the fact I don't have a car means I'd probably have to take a full day off. That was the last of my hols I used to have the smear on the 27th of Nov and I can't change it now, too late.
I don't want to have to wait until after Christmas coz that would mean I would have to put off TTC until well after the smear.
Surely I could get a positive 2 wks after conception even though my AF isn't due until 3 days afterwards??? No?

OP posts:
quackers · 18/11/2003 12:15

M2T, you can get a positive about 3/4 days after implantation. Bearing in mind not many people know when this wis ahppening I would take the day you ovulated and test no earlier than 12 days after that. I have had a positve 11 days after but like I say you could get a neg and actually still be pg. Does this help??

M2T · 18/11/2003 12:26

Quacks - Since I had OV pains on 11/12th Nov that would mean that if I tested on the morning of 27th Nov then that might show a positive.

Thanks. I will probably know myself anyway by then coz I get strong signals of my AF on the way! I new I was pg with ds before I got a positive test.

OP posts:
Jemma7 · 18/11/2003 13:40

M2T - I have been given a book by my midwife this morning and it quotes that if you haven't had a smear test in 3 years you will be given one in early pregnancy and it qill not harm the developing baby!


Azure · 18/11/2003 13:50

Don't know whether to join this thread or not. Was on the original "Anyone ttc" thread well over a year ago, took a year to conceive but then m/c last month. Conceived 2nd month of trying with DS (now 2 yrs 3 mths). Have almost decided not to try again. Anyway, enough of my troubles. Good luck to all ttc'ers - looks like there could be a graduate already!

M2T · 18/11/2003 14:12

Really Jemma!? Oh well.... that solves THAT!

I will just point it out to the nurse next Thursday. Will still test then though....

Hi Azure - hope you feel ready to join us all soon.

OP posts:
BigBird · 18/11/2003 14:13

welcome back azure.

M2T - get with the lingo !!
cd1 = cycle day 1, first day of AF !

M2T · 18/11/2003 14:16

lol, thanks BB.

OP posts:
Podmog · 18/11/2003 16:16

Message withdrawn

BigBird · 18/11/2003 16:19

oh sorry podmog. Could you be coming down with something (flu etc?).
Nothing you can do but wait a day or two and try again and hope for the best...
I was 6 days late last week and 3 -ve tests...its heartbreaking

Jemma7 · 18/11/2003 16:20

Oh Podmog - i used to hate it when things like this happened! I bet all you want is to know straight one way or another...............(i'm gonna find ya, i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha, one way.................... ) Sorry couldn't resist!

I would leave 3 days and if still no AF test again - if negative again but no AF i would go to doctors!

hermykne · 18/11/2003 18:13

can i join on please.
so i'll read this thread to find out whos who.
been trying only for the past 2 months so just a novice!.
but today i got a neg from doc. i have absolutely no pre-men symtoms - and i am always one day short of 28. 2 days late as of now.maybe he tested too early???

i have a lovely dd of 13.5mths, but i am so keen to be pregnant right now.

CountessDracula · 18/11/2003 18:19

but podmog if you did have a faint line, then I think you should try again in a couple of days or get a more responsive test. Any line on pissy stick however faint means you are pg.

Podmog · 19/11/2003 09:06

Message withdrawn

oliveoil · 19/11/2003 09:24

Podmog - sorry to be a downer, but I tested last week and got a faint line and AF arrived the following day . HOWEVER, dh didn't see a line and said I was wishing one was there.

I also felt 'strange' and thought I was pregnant but I now think that I wanted it so much, I was linking anything to conceiving. I do like this thread but may give it a miss for a while as I don't want to get too obsessive and down if I don't conceive this month .

M2T · 19/11/2003 09:27

Podmog - Sorry things aren't so good right now. I think the negative test might just be coz the test wasn't as sensitive. Fingerscrossed, but you did get a faint line soooooooo.... chin-up, things do look 'positive'.

I got my pg books out last night to swat up on cycles and conception and stuff, like a good little student.
By what I read it seems unlikely that I conceived last week, but you just never know.

OP posts:
M2T · 19/11/2003 09:29

Oops OO - Our posts crossed.... !

There you go Podmog, 2 very different perspectives!

OP posts:
MUM2ELA · 19/11/2003 09:30

morning everone!

Hermykne - welcome and snap! I have been trying (halfheartedly) for a couple of months now - but am going to give it a really good go this month! I have a lovely DD (14 months) and too just want to be pregnant - can't be arsed with all this am I / aren't I stuff!

Perhaps doc did test too early? Last month I tsted 6 times, but it just turned out that my cycle has gone to pot since coming off pill and last month my cycle was 50 days long!

Podmog - just try to chill till the weekend (easier said than done!) and the week might go quicker, and then if no AF, you can test at weekend! Retail therapy is what you need, always takes my mind off things!

hermykne · 19/11/2003 14:34

retail therapy is great idea - get all the christmas stuff done now.

podmog, my body was teribly hot on my first in the early stages, covers off in the bed at night and practically sweating plus i had a huge thirst for water, which is not my favourite tipple.

hermykne · 19/11/2003 14:34

retail therapy is great idea - get all the christmas stuff done now.

podmog, my body was teribly hot on my first in the early stages, covers off in the bed at night and practically sweating plus i had a huge thirst for water, which is not my favourite tipple.

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