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Trying To Concieve Thread........

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M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
quackers · 17/11/2003 15:45

Good God, I go away for an hour and 2 more join me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yee haa!!!
Well done, Podmog, test again in the morning chuck!!!!!
Hana, good luck!!!!!!!!!
and to anyone else - that includes you M2T

BigBird · 17/11/2003 15:52

Try in the morning Podmog - first P of the day should be strongest.....
(congrats )

CountessDracula · 17/11/2003 15:57

Podmog I only have a very faint line too, and now I have a 14 month old dd!! Congratulations

Oh what a wonderful thread!!

CountessDracula · 17/11/2003 16:00

Sorry M2T here I am. Just worked out that should be BD'ing next weekend when am at wedding of good friend who is fine wine merchant grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

When I got pg with dd I had no idea, had our annual xmas drinks party two days before I found out, at which needless to say I drank plenty. I'm with M2T, I think as long as you cut down (ie don't get legless) after you have BD'd then should be fine. I drank nothing from the day I found out I was pg until about 4 months. Then 2 glasses of wine 2 or 3 times a week.

dinosaur · 17/11/2003 16:02

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

quackers · 17/11/2003 16:07

I think it's ok to be a bit more relaxed too. I still have 2 units a week while pg and I will not feel bad about that. Apparantly with alcoholic mothers (not suggesting any of us are btw )they put them on a reduced alcohol intake but continue to have a fair bit because they beleive the stress to the mother would do more damage to the baby.

quackers · 17/11/2003 16:14

Dino - a link for you

quackers · 17/11/2003 16:16

It won't do it, sorry!

dinosaur · 17/11/2003 16:18

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

melliek · 17/11/2003 16:22

Hey girls...silly question,but...exactly when do you ovulate?? I have heard 10-12 days after the first day of your period, then I have also heard 14?? I need to know to be more precise. I only ovulated last week....roughly ttc all week so my fingers are crossed.

hana · 17/11/2003 16:23

Dinosaur, our dd was conceived over the Christmas period 3 years ago and I didn't find out I was pregnant until about 6 weeks or so (early Jan)From mid Dec up until just after New Year's I indulged rather a lot! She is a sparkie toddler now, no problems. The books all seem to say (and everyone else on this thread) that it doesn't seem to matter, it's only after you find out that you are expecting to make necessary changes. I guess you should go with what you feel comfortable in doing.....
So, there are 7 of us?? Until Podmog does another test and leaves us for the July thread!
podmog (?)

lots of luck to us

CountessDracula · 17/11/2003 16:23

melliek depends how long your cycle is. if 28 days then I believe day 14/15

It's funny here without Jemma7 isn't it? Must go and check on the anyone due thread and see how she's getting on..

CountessDracula · 17/11/2003 16:24

And meeeeeeeeeeee Hana!

dinosaur · 17/11/2003 16:25

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

fisil · 17/11/2003 16:26

Shouldn't the Countess be on that list too, or did I miss something?

fisil · 17/11/2003 16:26

Ooops, posts crossed.

littlerach · 17/11/2003 16:45

Can I join you all?! We have decided that dd - 2.7 needs a baby to look after, so we have been BD ing every other day for 2.5 weeks!!! Dh thinks he is in heaven!! I came off the pill last month, so it's a long shot to think it could happen this month, but you never know!!

fisil · 17/11/2003 16:46

Hi Littlerach. You must be exhausted!

hana · 17/11/2003 17:19

oops to the Countess
big bow down to the ground with my humble apologies!!!!! This is already v v busy!

futurity · 17/11/2003 18:02

I have an eye on this thread as I will be ttc over Xmas. I have a 22 month ds who is such a handful so why I am going for another one I don't know!

sibble · 17/11/2003 18:23

I'll be doing the same. if not pg this month will have christmas and new year off and start again next year. It has been a long year with minimum alcohol, a christmas let my hair down session is in order (unless pg off course) fingers crossed. Not looking too good this month though day 14 today and have 2 late nights (meetings) and a DH with his usual mid-cycle headache!! Dh is cracking under teh pressue of bd'ing every other day from day 7 even with the steak and oysters to keep him going!!

eyelash · 17/11/2003 21:15

Congrats to all the graduates - thinking of you all.

Please add me to the list. TTC no 3 (following 2 miscarriages June/Sept and one in between ds1 and ds2). Using persona and due to ovulate in next couple of days but off to training course in morning for 3 days so taking a chance tonight!

Happy trying to everyone and will log in again at the weekend to catch up.

cazzybabs · 17/11/2003 21:43

And me - please add me to this list - although still waiting for AF to come. And have a very sore tit, although sadly I think it was where DD bit me by mistake and is now bleeding. UMM blood and breastmilk - poor dd. Still dp says I must give up bf as he puts it down as a soul reason why still ttc!

M2T · 18/11/2003 09:43

This thread is busy already!

I have a major problem in my midst!! I have booked a smear (well overdue) for 27th Nov. However.... IF I conceived over the weekend then I can't have it. But AF isn't due until 30th Nov..... will the 27th be too soon to test??

I certainly can't have a smear if I'm pg! Then again could the Nurse be able to tell by feeling my cervix if it's too soon to test?

There is a small chance I am pg already... very small though.

HELP, what do I do??

OP posts:
quackers · 18/11/2003 09:46

I think it's a litttle early to get a 'reliable' result. There are not that many positives picked up 3/4 days before a period. I read about 10%. Could you maybe rearrange it?? Fingers corssed for you!! - (I think)???

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