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Trying To Concieve Thread........

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M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 09:48


Have been keeping track your your pregnancy on other threads - glad it is going well - don't worry about not being sick. I wasn'' sick once with DD. Be glad you are NOT sick!

AF not regular Last 2 cycles 52 days then 28 days, so perhaps will be regular again this month.

Typical that may be OV'ing this weekend, my cousin is coming to stay as we are going to the Stereophonics gig Saturday, so may up going for a quickie is some pub toilet somewhere

quackers · 15/12/2003 10:11

Good luck MUM2ELA, and everyone else, wherever they are!!!!

BIGBIRD, calling bigbird - are you there, not heard sight nor tweet form you for ages!!!

MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 10:13

Quackers, I think everone must be 'busy'

jacksmumto1 · 15/12/2003 10:56

back again.... feeling everyone I meet is getting pregnant... can't moan as I love being the 3 of us with ds but (sulky voice..) 'I wanted to be pregnant by now' (sulky face icon!!)...!!!

Coming up to ov day... trying to work out when we will be able to bd in accordance to dh's days off (he works nights and sleeps all day and ds doesn't sleep! )

Good luck for everyone this awaiting your news!!!!

futurity · 15/12/2003 11:18

Well I am offically joining this thread as we have decided to go for it! We will be..ahem..busy over Christmas which will be fun but off the booze which not so fun!! Scared and excited about trying for number 2 but figure we might as well start trying now as anything could happen! Good luck to everyone!

MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 11:38

Morning Futurity! Good luck with te Bd'ing this month.

Now where has every one gone? Hana, anyone?

M2T · 15/12/2003 12:31

Futurity - You don't really need to cut out booze yet until you have conceived!! Enjoy your Christmas, it'll help you both relax....

OP posts:
MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 12:34

M2T - me and DH argue about this all the time. He thinks I should no drink or smoke, basically put my life on hold, whilst we are ttc. I have told time many a time that it could take months, years, to conceive and I am not prepared to do that.

Am I wrong?

M2T · 15/12/2003 12:41

Mum2Ela - I think you are quite right! I don't have any medical backup, but as far as I can see nowt is going to happen if you have a good bevvy whilst trying! A large percentage of pregnancies probably occur when people become a wee bit more relaxed about things ( ) whilst under the influence!!!

Does that mean you can't have Brie or Liver Pate whilst trying to conceive??? Why not go the whol hog and stop all that a couple of months BEFORE you start ttc.

I think it can go too far and if you DH is sooo keen I assume he's giving all that up too!?


OP posts:
Helsbels · 15/12/2003 12:43

mum2ela - if I did not drink - we would not be pg now!!!! Fortunately had a whole bottle of wine on the 'right' day and jumped on DH who found himself unable to fight me off!! I have cut down now - can not face red wine (even the smell) but still have about 1-2 cans of Boddingtons a week! Good luck!

futurity · 15/12/2003 13:02

When I conceived DS we were on holiday and spent the whole week having cider each evening (we were in Cornwall!). Needless to say that I was very surprised that I got pregnant as it was our first month of trying and I was more than a bit merry most nights!!! I figure though that we were so relaxed about it (on work stresses etc) that we hit jackpot first time. This time though I am worrying already about it hence the cutting out of the booze but I suppose I will have the odd glass on Xmas day as I know that when I do get pregnant I will go off it like I did last time and didnt drink for about 1 1/2 years!!

dejags · 15/12/2003 13:43


We could be cycle buddies (how sad am I?). AF was 8th December so this weekend will be a busy one for us too.

I'll be holding thumbs and crossing my toes for you.

quackers · 15/12/2003 14:11

I agree with the drinking thing. I wouldn't be where I am either. Even my Doc says a little of what you fancy!! I agree maybe cutting down if you're a hardened drinker as I was but cutting it out, that's hard work, especially as it could take a while! I do know 2 people who refuse to drink in the second half of the cycle, it puts their life on hold and they are stressed out getting pg. Have a few scoops, relax, shag!!!

MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 14:14

Thanks M2T, Helsbels and Futurity - I knew I was in the right but you know what men are like. Anyway, its my birthday New Yesra Day so I have to have a few drinkies then don't I?

Dejags - cycle buddies would be fab! Have you been trying long?

MUM2ELA · 15/12/2003 14:14

Quackers - well said!

BigBird · 15/12/2003 16:46

Thanks Quacks for your messages.
I just needed to stay away for the 2 week wait cos I was getting very stressed and down and couldn't be doing the 'am I / aren't I' thing again. I was hoping to come back on with some good news but sadly no. I suppose I was trying to do what everyone says 'if you don't think about it it will happen'. But who can just switch off like that, eh ? I think it's impossible.

Well this month Ov should be around xmas so we'll hope for a great present from Santa !!!
And my doc sent a referral to a local fertility expert and hope to get an appt in a month or two.

I was away for a few weeks and missed so many good and bad news from everyone. Congrats to some of you and so sorry to others. It's really full of highs and lows, eh !

Talk to you soon, won't be away for too long this time !

fisil · 15/12/2003 19:17

Well, I'll be drinking over Xmas! Hello AF!

Still, New Year should bring lots of fun activities for me and dp ...

quackers · 15/12/2003 19:42

Hiya BB, great to hear from you and I'm sorry it was bad news this month. I'm so glad you have a referral! Have you been taking your temps? They are really useful for consultants I beleive from a friend who has been for initial help. I don't know if it helps trying to switch off, I just couldn't and it's almost impossible to do. I really don't know if we have the power to mentally prevent a pgcy from stressing about it, who knows. I do understand about the am aren't I thing though. The 2 weeks takes so long to pass as well. I am thinking of you, especially as we were on here together. Praying for sucess for you very very soon. Xmas ov couldn't have been better timed!
Take care

hana · 15/12/2003 23:32

here I am! been busy ( builders fitting new windows, dust everywhere arrghhh!! And they haven't finished yet.)
So. I have been temping since the beginning of the month ( to keep it easy for me my period started on the 1st) and I keep waiting for that rise in temp to tell me that I have ov - but nothing yet, so dh is one very happy man at the moment. Sadly couldn't keep it up ( pardon the pun - not intentional, honest) everyday so hoping that every other day will do it as well. Just waiting for him to get back from a Christmas party so I can jump on him!
I am seeing a gyne tomorrow (about my repeat m/c) so am a bit anxious about that. Is probably far too optomistic that we have conceived this month, so no doubt I will be keeping you all company over the festive season, tra la la la la la la la la.....
love hana

MUM2ELA · 16/12/2003 08:03

MOrnin everyone!

Fisil and Bigbird . . . .perhaps this month we all won't be thinking about it so much due to all the festive activities going on and then next month we will all be . . fingers crossed!

Hana . .I know the feeling re: builders, they just seem to get the mess ALL OVER the house!! & good luck with your appointment today.

Do you think we need to start a new thread . .this one is getting a bit long!!

BigBird · 16/12/2003 10:00

thanks guys! many people seem to say to me that they were trying for x time and then gave up and it happened. I can't imagine 'giving up' for a long time yet though !

See you all on the new thread

Podmog · 23/12/2003 17:25

Message withdrawn

jinglesaur · 23/12/2003 17:34

Podmog - congrats!!!!!

sHANtA · 23/12/2003 17:41

Podmog - congratulations thats wonderufl news! YOur edd is August may just slip in there before the end of the month! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy

Podmog · 23/12/2003 17:44

Message withdrawn

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