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Trying To Concieve Thread........

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M2T · 17/11/2003 14:44

Needed to start a new one.... that one was ridiculously long!


I am ttc as of next month (although halfheartedly tryed this month ). I have one ds aged 2.5 yrs.

OP posts:
hermykne · 19/11/2003 14:35

retail therapy is great idea - get all the christmas stuff done now.

podmog, my body was teribly hot on my first in the early stages, covers off in the bed at night and practically sweating plus i had a huge thirst for water, which is not my favourite tipple.

fisil · 19/11/2003 18:24

MUM2ELA you are so right. I just want to be pg again, without all the suspense.

Actually, I don't want to be pg again, I want to have another baby. But I'll put up with the 8 months of pregnany in order to achieve my goal, especially knowing that I won't ever have to go through it all again (fingers crossed)!

Unless AF turns up in next 12 hours, will test when I get up tomorrow. Will be day 30 of 23 - 33 day cycle. Have a scan to follow up ovarian cyst op tomorrow, so thought I ought to know if I am pg before I go for it (not sure why, just feel I should).

hana · 20/11/2003 09:20

M2T what did you decide about your smear appt? Mine isn't until the end of next week and I think I will cancel, I work part time so making another one wont be a problem. I think.

BigBird · 20/11/2003 09:36

Hi all....question for all you tempers - i'm back on cd5 and temps so far have been low, high, low, high, high....high being above my normal coverline - usually only happening post ovulation.
Isn't this wierd ?

quackers · 20/11/2003 13:03

Hi BB, mine were always erratic pre ov. It's just sustauned temps that are imp. Have you tried using fertility friend and logging temps etc??

BigBird · 20/11/2003 14:34

Hi Quacks ! No - just logging them in a book but they have been pretty text book up till now. I just read that they can be erratic during af anyway and it's the 6 days before ov that really matter. I'd say they will sort themselves out...

How are you feeling ?? Really well I hope!

I am past the usual dissapointment stage and have planned lots of drinking nights out for the next few weeks to keep me occupied !!

CountessDracula · 20/11/2003 14:37

Bugger have Glandular Fever, does this mean I should put ttc off until better?

Podmog · 20/11/2003 15:08

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 20/11/2003 15:11

Thanks podmog, I do have a nanny so will be able to rest loads in the week (but she is off sick today!) What do you think about ttc?

quackers · 20/11/2003 15:31

Hi BB, yes it's the 6 days before thay matter. Have a quick look at the handbook if you get chance - I know it's long! Wish you tons of luck though, I really hope you get lucky really soon.
I'm fine thanks, bit nervous some days and others ok. So fingers crossed. Hope you'll be joining me soon!
CD - get well soon!

quackers · 20/11/2003 15:41

BTW, Podmog, thinking of you. xxx Still no AF?

Podmog · 20/11/2003 16:22

Message withdrawn

Podmog · 20/11/2003 16:23

Message withdrawn

hermykne · 20/11/2003 18:43

still no sign of AF (i find the euphenism hilarious). so now 3 days after negative test at docs.and four days late.
so decided to have a glass of red wine tonight!

countess how awful to get g/fev er.
podmog i'll be waiting anxiously for your testing this weekend.

did some retail therapy mum2ela!

fisil · 20/11/2003 19:18

Negative this morning. Still no AF, but must be on its way.

Sorry you're ill CD, even if you could, would you feel like ttc, and then being pg? Better to deal with one thing at once!

cazzybabs · 20/11/2003 19:26

Ok girls Af (finally) turned up yesterday. Was a little disappointed, but not surprised.
Seem to be having weird lengh cycles, so what methods do you use to see if you are ovulating?

quackers · 20/11/2003 20:40

Hermykne, Hi, I know two people who had a doctors test and it was neg, then a home pg kit gave a positive! Have u done a home test - clearblue etc...??

quackers · 20/11/2003 20:41

Oh Cazzybabs, the only way to truly know you;re ov'g is by taking your BBT everyday, ie use a digital thermometer. A rise of at least .2 for 3 days or more will confirm you ov'd! Botts do the kit for about a tenner!

cazzybabs · 20/11/2003 20:57

Quackers - am clearly beiong thick (its Thurs and I am tired!!!). Right

  1. What is BBT?
  2. I have a digital Them. so take temp everyday and record it. When it goes up that means that I should have I need to do IT every two days for at least a week when I think it is and stop when my temp has gone up or keep going?

    I know this has been said before because I remember reading it on previous threads, but need to clarify it on my own head.

    Thank you for your help
twiglett · 20/11/2003 21:02

message withdrawn

hermykne · 20/11/2003 21:10

quackers, am going to do a home test tomorrow night or sat morn if no action!

and when i rang my doc for the result he was a bit put offish, its negative, goodbye, now i know he had a patient in his room but a little more "its early or try again at the end of the week"

M2T · 21/11/2003 09:30

Hana, I booked my smear for next Thursday as planned. I will just tell the Nurse when i get there that there is a tiny chance I might be pg. She might do a test or just have a good look.

CD - Thats just sooooo crap! Hope you get over it nice and quickly.

OP posts:
BigBird · 21/11/2003 09:33

cazzybabs - your thermometer should be to two decimal places. Then track your temps first thing when you wake and you should see a should be before you expect the temps to rise and when they are up a few days you can stop. After a few mths of doing this you will see a pattern and know when to bd.
You can always use OPKs ovulation predictor kits to help you out in the first few mths. I used the clearblue pack of 7 and they just backed up the temp thing to confirm when I ovulated.

Podmog and Hermykne - I wish you good luck with your testing this weekend. Would like to see some smileys on Monday!

Quacks - am keeping fingers crossed for you the whole time!

Podmog · 23/11/2003 10:20

Message withdrawn

cazzybabs · 23/11/2003 20:49

Thanks for the advice about taking my temp. Am also stopping bf and am very sad, but dp is excitited, "They will be mine again" he cried. . DD is happyily drinking from her beaker at the mo. Hope I get preggers soon. Good luck to everyone else who is up to anything this w/e .

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