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Child mental health

Young Vibes/Satsie Thomas. New company set up by the same people as Your Child Freedom Formula and Peaky Parents

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Hols12345 · 18/02/2022 06:38

Hello, if you're looking for information on child anxiety program, they are the same people as YCFF and Peaky Parents. They've set up under a new name.

See previous thread for discussion:

OP posts:
Perfectstorm72 · 10/07/2023 21:01

Maybe they should signpost ALL parents to this thread to make an informed choice….

Hols12345 · 22/07/2023 12:05

For those who have been following this company, this podcast is really interesting. Especially episode 3. AFAIK the organisation discussed in this podcast has no links with Young Vibes but some of the techniques that have reportedly been used by YV are similar, as well as they way they have behaved on and in response to these threads.

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OP posts:
NettieRE · 17/11/2023 13:59

It did not work for us. You will have to make your own decisions based on your needs but I would never recommend this program. We were sincerely looking for a solution to help our daughter and engaged in the program.

  1. The tech did not work well. Very clunky

2. I told them in the initial meeting that I have ADHD, and that I needed a program that I could do and they assured me that their program could handle people with ADHD. Then they sent me a website to login with at least 100 videos and no time table or schedule of how watch it. I was overwhelmed on day 1 and they said they would help. We had a meeting. Nothing really changed. I actually had to hire an ADHD coach to help me get through the videos because I was so overwhelmed and stressed out. It did not reduce anxiety. It raised my anxiety through the roof.

3. When we join the program, a few months later, they told me that my husband was dying of cancer. We got no extra support. They sent the bare minimum message of Ware. Sorry you’re going through this and offered no extra support in the time with the most stress the most worry the most anxiety and this after we paid over £5,000. I’m so mad at myself. I was the perfect fool for their marketing. I had some red flags when I listen to the initial marketing, and I should’ve listened to them.

4. They kept changing the names and the prices. Had we only signed up for the program 4 to 5 months later we would’ve saved over £4,500. I don’t think it’s goid faith to treat customers that are supporting a program like that. If they supported you in the beginning, I don’t feel like you should charge them more and then keep lowering the and making it more affordable for everybody else that joins the program after you.

5. We found the mentor to be very poorly trained. Every email I got from her made me want to punch a wall. I have to just trust myself on this. She talked to us as we were a children and it was always a very judgmental tone instead of being supportive and helpful. Again, we talked to them and it wasn’t helpful. So we moved on and my daughter continued to meet with the mentor. 
6. So we got a new mento and she was good. Suddenly she disappeared and they told us she was off visiting a cousin, but she never came back. And then we found out from an email by the owner that they were running out of money so they didn’t have any more mentors. 

7. So the only option we had was to go with the owner Sam. My daughter had one session with her. Sam told my daughter that they were camping and that it was raining so hard they decided to go to hotel. The hotel was 90 pounds and Sam was stressed out about spending that much on the room. She decided to take the towels home so she could get something for free. That is called stealing. I mentioned this to them that I was very uncomfortable and they told me only “we are sorry that you feel that way.” They never apologized or recognize that that was totally inappropriate. And that is where I really have a problem with these people. They will not take feedback and really truly believe that they do know wrong. Martin told me.” Martyn told me that they take ownership, but they do not apologize. Everybody makes mistakes and you just apologize. That is what is professional and that is what is correct. I’m not at all comfortable working with an organization that doesn’t feel like they ever need to apologize

8. We told them that the program was not working and that we were not comfortable being with Sam after she mentioned stealing towels. Sam also told my daughter, who was a type when Diabetic, that Sam is also type one diabetic, but she just chooses not to eat carbohydrates instead of using insulin. I talked to my daughters’s doctors about this and their mind was blown. They could not believe somebody would say that. I asked several people people for their opinions on Sam’s behavior in this initial meeting, and people could not believe what this woman said to my 13-year-old. But again, when I expressed my concern, I was just told that I was hindering the program and that I didn’t understand the program and that they had a special way they would connect with kids. My daughter absolutely hated Sam. She thought she was crazy and did not like talking to her and did not find it helpful. 

When I told Sam, we did not find any of it helpful, she didn’t apologize. I can send you the email if you want but she responded saying that everybody has been out to get them, and that they are financially struggling and it was all about her concerns with her business finances and saying that people were out to destroy her. They offered to bring Audrey’s old mentor back, but by this point, I had lost all confidence and trust in these people, and I was not comfortable letting my daughter talk to them
Now Martin will write a manifesto below of why I am wrong, how I hindered the program. This is my honest experience
TeenPlusCat · 17/11/2023 14:06

@NettieRE So sorry to hear you were caught by this. Was this recently? have you found anything better for your DD?

(ps I reported your post to say you used your DD's name in final para, if you do likewise MN will redact it for you).

Perfectstorm72 · 17/11/2023 17:08

So sorry and disturbed @NettieRE to read your story. It seems part of their business model to gaslight anyone who later decides they don’t trust or believe in their programme. I see that today they’ve published their recent accounts which will be on view in 10 days so that will be interesting. How is your daughter now? I’m so sorry to hear your husband has been ill as well. Really hope he is doing well now 🙏🏼 thanks for sharing your story as it will be helpful to others thinking about paying for their “services”.

3xteens · 17/11/2023 18:31

@NettieRE I am shocked by your experience but not surprised at all. We paid a little bit more than you and ended up with nothing as they took on an autistic child without ANY idea of autism. When we stopped joining sessions there was no contact asking how our child was. At this point they had also started charging EXTRA for the parents zooms!!

Like you, soon after their charges plummeted as they tried different things.

It is outrageous that they/Sam are more concerned about their own self-made financial predicament. And I am not at all surprised by the outrageous things said to you and your child. Your child is right about Sam and I believe you are right not to put your trust in then.

And dont feel a fool. Like all of us parents who paid up we were in a very difficult place at the time just wanting to help our children.

Hols12345 · 17/11/2023 23:00

@NettieRE thanks for posting your experience. It's quite an upsetting read. Please be compassionate to yourself, you've obviously been through a really difficult time. Did you also leave a review on Trustpilot? I feel like I already heard the story about Sam telling your daughter about stealing the towels.

OP posts:
3xteens · 18/11/2023 09:04

@Hols12345 I dont know what to say about that clip! It's definitely not coming from someone who has any real knowledge of autism. Autism is so much more than how she describes. It is so individual to each autistic person. And anxiety comes hand in hand with autism a lot of the time. It is not one or the other.

Hols12345 · 18/11/2023 14:58

Agree @3xteens . It's also not my experience of Autism diagnosis via CAMHS. My child's diagnosis took 3 years.

Sam claims that if there is ever a hint of a suggestion that ASD might be a possibility then your child will definitely be "put on the spectrum".

OP posts:
NettieRE · 20/11/2023 10:51

Dear Nettie
Apology for the delay in writing back, as a team we have been trying to think of the best way to help and be helpful to you and your family.
Would you like me to ask Sabrina if she can come back and continue mentoring?
I know she would love to do this, and it has only been through a lack of funds that we have not been able to keep her.
As you know we have had so many people trying to rubbish and destroy us that it has been a very tough 3 years.
We have invested every penny into keeping our formula going, house money, pension money and personal inheritance money too.
We know we have not been the best at IT and the name changes have all added to the confusion, but I don’t believe any company could survive what we have been through without having a formula that actually works to make children better, we would have been gone years ago if it was not a truly fantastic program, delivered by amazing people.
So please let me know if you would like us to make contact with Sabrina or if you would rather we set up a payment plan on an agreed sum?
Thank you and we truly are so sorry.

PickAChew · 20/11/2023 12:55

That is so unspeakably unprofessional.

3xteens · 20/11/2023 14:01

They chose to spend all their money. They also chose to do many other things that have subsequently been picked up on and questioned.

Dont let this put you off fighting for your refund if you know it's right. I wish we had.

Hols12345 · 20/11/2023 18:45

@mnhq would it be possible to edit the title of this thread to include "Satsie Thomas", which is another name this company is now using? Thank you 👍

OP posts:
Hols12345 · 20/11/2023 18:46

@NettieRE did you post this on a trustpilot review? I've definitely read this email from sam before and was wondering if they'd deleted your review?

OP posts:
Hols12345 · 20/11/2023 18:59


Young Vibes/Satsie Thomas. New company set up by the same people as Your Child Freedom Formula and Peaky Parents
OP posts:
Grapewrath · 26/11/2023 17:13

Hols12345 · 17/11/2023 22:55

Hi all, here is a video of Sam talking about Autism. I don't really understand how this can be ok. There's so much misinformation in this.


I was booked into the webinar this morning- I was interested as a professional who deals with EBSA and would like some extra resources in my toolkit. I ended up here after some research as the ads etc don’t tell you what is ‘different’ about their method and I was curious to know alof it was different to the practices I had already come across.
Thank you for sharing this video- it has highlighted to me that these people can not possibly be professionals or hold any relevant experience or qualifications if they are negating a diagnosis of ASD by a qualified practitioner. While I accept that some anxiety can manifest in a similar way to ASD, actual drs do know the difference. This is worrying and dangerous

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