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Due May 05 part 4

276 replies

fisil · 17/01/2005 19:01

Here it is ... let me start:

Name: fisil
Due: 26th April officially, 3rd May unofficially
Children: ds (just turned 2)
About me: work full time (teacher, head of dept), live SW London with dp & ds
Anything else: think its a boy

OP posts:
Brighteyes · 17/01/2005 19:26

Name: Brighteyes
Due: 15th May
Children: This is my first!!!
About me: Work as a commercial billing consultant for a electric company. I'm 25. Live south wales with dp
Gender of baby: Keeping it a suprise, but starting to wish I hadn't now. I'm getting very impatient to know.

logic · 17/01/2005 20:47

Name: Logic
Due: 9th May
Children: ds (2)
About me: 28, SAHM ex Technical Author, live in South East with DH
Gender of baby: girl!

myermay · 17/01/2005 21:03

Message withdrawn

Uwila · 17/01/2005 23:07

Name: Uwila (not sure why we are doing this one as it is at the top of the post)
Due: 29 May
Children: DD 2 yrs in March (and DH is my other child)
About me: Work in It, formerly Mechanical Engineer of oil services company in Leatherhead. American.
Live: Sunbury-on-Thames
Hospital: Queen Charlotte in Hammersmith (London) -- hoping for elective cesarean.
Sex of baby: Hoping to find out on Thursday.

There, can't imagine you'd actually want to know anything else about me.

fashill · 18/01/2005 09:18

Hi Guys

Name: Fashill
Due: 27th May (1st baby)
About me: Lettings Negotiator in west London but live in Middlesex with DP, I'm 25
Gender: Found out it's a boy last week!! Still keep calling him baby though as trying to get used to saying him/he

Preggars · 18/01/2005 09:24

Name: Preggars
Due: 22nd May
Children: DS 2 (born 24.10.02)
About me: Marketing Manager 3 days a week, Mum every 100% of the time
live in Kent with DH and DS
Anything else: Have an inckling it's a boy, a will find out on Thursday. Has a midwife app. last night and asked if she would hazard a guess listening to the heart rate. She said it could well be a boy. Am v. excited.

Uwila · 18/01/2005 09:35

Preggars, we have the same scan date.

Fashill, mind id I as where you are. We could be neighbors. I live in Sunbury (Middlesex / Surrey border).

fashill · 18/01/2005 09:41

No probs Uwila. I'm the other side of the airport in Harlington.

Is Queen Charlottes the old Hammersmith hospital now as I thought it had been knocked down?!?

Preggars · 18/01/2005 09:49

I'm really excited about finding out again. It helps me focus and this time, if its another boy, we know we've got the raid the loft. Equally happy if a girl. Isn't it fun.

p.s. didn't say, I'm 28 (for another month!).

Uwila · 18/01/2005 10:03

Yes, it's Hammersmith. It moved. I think the old site may have been knocked down. But, QC is alive an well. I've seen it myself.

Ah, that's not very far at all. What hospital are you headed to... Hillingdon?

northstar · 18/01/2005 10:05

Due 12th May
Ds (will be 3 in april)
SAHM 37 living in southern ireland with dp
Would like to find out sex of baba, maybe having another scan due to gestational diabetes so fingers crossed. Like preggars, not sure whether i'd like to be raiding the loft or buying in pink this time round

fashill · 18/01/2005 10:35

Uwila - Yes I'm going to Hillingdon! Was actually born there myself! All seems very nice in there.

Seems like there's a few boys around at the moment! Be interesting to see what everyone who doesn't know has...

Holly290505 · 18/01/2005 10:48

Name: Holly
Due: 29 May
Children: This is my first!
About me: 24, live with dp in Swansea, S wales. Work part time for social services with foster kids and studing full time Masters in Child Welfare
Gender of baby: Desperate to know but baby won't uncross legs!

Poshpaws · 18/01/2005 11:08

Name: Poshpaws
Due: 17th May
Children: 1DS-3
About me: Domestic Violence Support Worker
Anything else: Not tellingmye age . Know the sex, not saying as people who know me in RL who also use MN are being kept in the dark this time, so NO-ONE will know

raggybaggy · 18/01/2005 12:05

Name: raggybaggy
Due: 11th May
Hospital: st thomas's london
Children: none yet (dh doesn't count!)
About me: work full time for local council doing IT stuff and i'm 31 (but don't feel remotely older, wiser or more prepared than if I was 21!!!). Just found out that baby will be a boy and because of this I owe dh £100 (so much for feminine intuition !)

fashill · 18/01/2005 15:14

All seems to have gone quiet this afternoon!!

Does anyone else feel unprepared?!? We've bought the travel system and cot and have a swign seat and moses basket (that we're borrowing after reading advice on MN)and a couple of vests, sleepsuits etc. Just wonder if I should be further along with all this preparation for the bambino

LittleB · 18/01/2005 15:39

Name; LittleB
Due; 19th May
Children; None, although do have 2 lively collie dogs and dp
About me; Work full time as a Countryside Ranger for Local Authority. Live in Somerset. Aged 28 (for one more month, like you Preggars, my b'day is 17th of Feb - when's your?).
Wanted to know sex but couldn't see at scan! Midwife won't guess from heartrate, chinese chart says boy, swinging pendulum says girl - we really have no idea but we wish we knew!
Sounds like you're more prepared than me Fashill! I'm trying to sort things out and I'm raiding my sisters loft soon, as she has a DD and DS and has lots of things in good condition that she doesn't need now. She's going to give me tips too, her latest tip was get a high chair with removable straps to wash thoroughly in the machine, hard to wash properly while attached - I would never have thought of that.

logic · 18/01/2005 17:14

Nothing can prepare you, fashill Best advice I can give is to make sure that the new clothes and bedding are all washed and ready in time for the birth because you won't need the fuss afterwards. Have some bottles and formula milk handy even if you intend to breastfeed just in case. You will probably use them at some point anyway.
I think I've got too blase about the whole thing and I've hardly got anything ready! I need to do a big mothercare shop and sort the nursery out. You seem well prepared to me.

I've spent the last hour in labour ward because I haven't felt the baby move for a couple of days and I wanted to get her checked out. Luckily everything is fine. The midwife said that because I was ill and my pulse was fast, the baby's was too. Scary!

Preggars · 18/01/2005 17:34

Glad everythings ok for you Logic. I always finding that the bump wriggles when I lie down flat, if that helps another time.

Preparation wise, Fashill, you're pretty prepared already. I've got to get DH up in the loft to get bits from DS down. Definately agree about buying washable highchair, seating, etc., and stuff. Think about this for everything. Food, once they are weened, which, is too much for first timers to get their head around yet, will, and does get absolutely everywhere.

logic · 18/01/2005 17:44

Washable highchairs definately. Mine got disgustingly dirty and was a real pain to clean...

maymum · 18/01/2005 18:12

Due: 23rd May
Children: None, this is my 1st
About me: I am 24 and work part-time in Speech and Language Therapy (with children).
Live in East Anglia with DH, married 18 months.
I think it's a boy, DH thinks girl but we aren't finding out until the big day itself!

It's great to hear a bit about all of you.

fashill · 19/01/2005 10:03

I'm sure we'll all be ready for when our little bundles of joy come along!!

Logic - is it okay to was the baby clothes with ours?!? Glad everything's okay with your little one.

Good to hear the advice on the washable items as I wouldn't have thought about that. MN we love you!!!

Been really suffering with constipation this week. Nice! Been doing all the fruit, veg, water stuff but nothing going on. Any ideas would be gratefully received!!

Preggars · 19/01/2005 10:55

Are you drinking enough water Fashill?

logic · 19/01/2005 11:19

hi fashill, I think that you can take a natural laxative like fybogel when pregnant. I certainly took it when breastfeeding afterwards. I am not 100% sure though. Best ask your midwife or GP. I did find this link:


As far as I can remember, I used to wash the baby's stuff separately in non-bio liquid. I have real pregnancy brain at the moment!

fashill · 19/01/2005 11:50

Drinking loads of water!! So much so I have to keep going for a wee and have been told by my physio to try not to go as much as I am! I can't win!!

Thanks Logic, you're a sweetie I found when I have taken fybogel in the past that it didn't really help and I felt really uncomfortable and got wind!!

Since my last message (and without being too crude) nature has taken it's course. So I guess just asking for advice helps!!

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