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April 2023 thread 8!

414 replies

Missgemini · 03/12/2022 20:06

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a new thread. Hoping I’m not doubling threads here!


And many more ladies (and gents) :)

OP posts:
MamaMenna · 07/12/2022 12:31

All well at my scan and had a booking appointment at the hospital too and there will be mo issues with insurance re choosing a c-section, so good news all round 😀

LauraA31 · 07/12/2022 12:44

20 week scan done with no concerns, everything looked fine and confirmed again baby is in fact a little girl!

I now have a very sore stomach as i was in the scan room for over an hour total because little girl didn’t want them to do anything that they needed!
Going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and waiting for the little cramps i now have to ease, feeling much better and cannot believe im halfway there!

xalexandra · 07/12/2022 13:41

@LauraA31 awww amazing congratulations!! 🌸 my stomach was really sore for a day after my scan, I was very crampy!

xalexandra · 07/12/2022 13:41

@MamaMenna awww amazing news!

LauraA31 · 07/12/2022 15:31

@xalexandra thank you!! 😅

Does anybody have any recommendations for moisturiser? I didn’t even think that some might not be safe to use in pregnancy and haven’t used any so far, but the weather has dried my skin out so bad!
My hands are so dry and cracked, any recommendations would be amazing!

MamaMenna · 07/12/2022 15:44

@xalexandra thank you 😊

@LauraA31 I'm loving weleda skin food on my chapped hands at the moment. Otherwise I'd be using the sudocrem 😂

xalexandra · 07/12/2022 15:51

@LauraA31 palmers cocoa butter is really good. I use it on my whole body and cocoa butter is really good at preventing stretch marks also!

Pommy1 · 07/12/2022 17:09

Clemfandango31 · 07/12/2022 12:15

Please may I be added to the WhatsApp group,
I live in South Wales & this is my first DC - due April 12th
need all the help and advice I can get !!:) x

Pop me a DM my love xx

ancienthouse · 07/12/2022 17:42

@MamaMenna weleda skin food is like a miracle cream!

LauraA31 · 07/12/2022 19:39

@xalexandra i really didn’t expect to be cranky and sore after. If im sat it’s fine but moving around seems to make it more tender! Hopefully tomorrow i will feel a bit better 😅 x

Thank you all for the cream tips! I could only get the parmers in my supermarket and it has been amazing in one use!

allfurcoatnoknickers · 08/12/2022 01:50

@LauraA31 I had the exact same experience today! In the scan room for over and hour being poked and prodded because they couldn't get baby girl to cooperate.

It was also right before lunch, so I was starving and thirsty for the whole time too, and very grouchy by the end.

Still, everything looked great, all the measurements were somewhere between the 30th and 50th centile, so she's not going to be huge.

lj2022 · 08/12/2022 23:08

@Pommy1 I don't know if I'm being daft or not but how do I DM you for the WhatsApp group ?

Glad everyone's scans seem to be going well 💙💗 anyone else just thinking about how quick it's all flying by now and that after Xmas it will be countdowns to maternity leave etc! Feeling super unorganised

LauraA31 · 09/12/2022 08:24

@lj2022 i have only just figured my PM out 😂

You have to use the desktop site and then you can search a name and PM x

AliceinSlumberland · 09/12/2022 08:44

@LauraA31 it’s mad how quickly it’s going isn’t it, I feel like once Christmas is out the way we’ll be really quite pregnant!!

Reassuring to read that others are tired too, I was starting to feel like a bit of a wuss.

Longbin · 09/12/2022 08:58

Sometimes I forget how pregnant I am until I think of a few weeks away, in 4 weeks I am in the third trimester already! It doesn't seem that long ago that I was desperate to reach 7 weeks

LauraA31 · 09/12/2022 09:03

@AliceinSlumberland @Longbin i remember telling my parents the day we found out, so we will have been around 4 weeks! I thought it would take forever to get anywhere and now im 20 weeks!

I have a feeling the next three months are going to fly by and we will all have our babies and new worries 😂 x

Missgemini · 09/12/2022 10:02

Hey ladies,

I have my 20 week scan late this morning. There was no mention of a full bladder. Did you ladies have to have a full bladder for your scans? I can’t quite remember from my first pregnancy x

OP posts:
LauraA31 · 09/12/2022 10:11

@Missgemini i had to have one for mine this week 🙂 good luck!! Xx

BeingHappy · 09/12/2022 11:44

Congratulations to everyone on their recent scans! 😊 And good luck @Missgemini for today!xx

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, I'm just about keeping up with work following a grim COVID week. I think it's made me ten times more exhausted.

Can I please be added to the WhatsApp group too @Pommy1 ? It's my first DC due April 3rd and I'm in Canary Wharf in London (although we are in the process of moving over to west London..)

Peachesthecat · 09/12/2022 11:50

Missgemini · 09/12/2022 10:02

Hey ladies,

I have my 20 week scan late this morning. There was no mention of a full bladder. Did you ladies have to have a full bladder for your scans? I can’t quite remember from my first pregnancy x

I had mine yesterday and was asked to go empty it half way even though I had not drunk too much. Xx

Missgemini · 09/12/2022 13:45

Thanks ladies. Scan went mostly well. Baby is growing well and having a boy as we already knew.
Apparently the pressure of the arteries of my uterus are raised, so slightly increased chance of preeclampsia and small baby. Will be getting extra scans to monitor size of baby.
Looking forward to the extra scans!

OP posts:
Margo34 · 10/12/2022 05:58

Anyone else suffering pregnancy insomnia? 430am like clockwork and DING I'm awake. Baby wakes about 5 and gives me a few playful kicks almost like clockwork, too 😍🥱 But it makes me exhausted for the whole day waking so early and gives DH the grump that I don't want to spend the evening with him! 🙄

Margo34 · 10/12/2022 06:00

@Missgemini my arteries were just under the threshold, I wanted extra scans! It's good that it's picked up early and they can monitor and prepare just in case 😍

appleandcheese · 10/12/2022 07:24

@Margo34 yes!! 4:30 every morning. Baby does give me some lovely strong kicks not long after. Also knackered 90% of the time and usually in bed by 9 😅😂

oceanadventurer · 11/12/2022 17:20

What prams/travel systems have people chosen? I am struggling to decide......any recommendations??? 😊

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