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April 2023 thread 8!

409 replies

Missgemini · 03/12/2022 20:06

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a new thread. Hoping I’m not doubling threads here!


And many more ladies (and gents) :)

OP posts:
allfurcoatnoknickers · 04/12/2022 15:51

*June 2019. So it's been a while.

LauraA31 · 04/12/2022 15:53

@allfurcoatnoknickers my scan is on Wednesday too 🙂 luckily i have mine in the morning so don’t have to wait around alll day! Thankful they don’t take bloods this time either!

Im also absolutely shattered all the time too, i am struggling through the night and waking up every two/three hours for a wee and then struggling to get back off to sleep! Also every little activity is draining; ive only cleaned the house today and want to sleep so bad! 😴
@simplythequest ha you sound like me! I get up off the sofa and hobble, boyfriend helps me up sometimes and im not even 20 weeks yet! I was so active before pregnancy but i cannot find energy!

@xalexandra that is so exciting that you are feeling movement! I cannot wait to feel our little girl move, im only 19+4 but we had a scan Friday and she was kicking so much and wriggling around. I have an anterior placenta though which is taking the brunt of her kicks but it’s so exciting you are finally feeling her! 😅

allfurcoatnoknickers · 04/12/2022 15:55

@LauraA31 I'm knackered too. I feel like the second trimester burst of energy is lies. My energy levels are slug-like.

Peachesthecat · 04/12/2022 16:05

Skylark1990 · 04/12/2022 09:35

Hey all, thanks for the new thread @Missgemini !

Sorry to hear some of you are ill. For congestion I would really recommend this sea salt spray... It's honestly amazing and if you get the one that's just sea water it's fine in pregnancy. It really helps me when I get congested!

Sounds like lots of nasty colds around ATM 😥 I am praying I can avoid as I've had such horrible symptoms all pregnancy I'm just starting to feel a little healthier and really do r want something else 😅

@LauraA31 I have such crazy weird disturbing dreams too! Often they're like super weird and not nice but have had some interesting funny ones. It's crazy what the hormones do to us!! That dream sounds insane. Of the same ilk to a dream I had years and years ago that my belly button was a hamster and talking to me 😂😂 🐹🐹

Oh good, I just got this one today! Fingers crossed. Xx

cheekysausage · 04/12/2022 18:49

20 week scan in the morning 💕💕

AliceinSlumberland · 04/12/2022 18:53

Biscuitsplease · 04/12/2022 14:30

Is anyone else just feeling totally bleurgh and knackered?! I was hoping the second trimester energy would have kicked in long before now. Everything feels like an effort, I feel tired all the time and even moving around the house feels tiring. I've got two labs and now re pregnancy my favourite thing in the world was walking them, I love walking and hiking and just struggling with energy and aches and pains! The thought of this gradually getting worse over the next 4 months is rather depressing!!

Oh I totally relate to this, I’m naturally a very active person and love being out and about with my dogs but today I’ve had a sofa day and I already feel tired at the prospect of work tomorrow!!

AliceinSlumberland · 04/12/2022 18:55

After a couple of slow days movement wise I’ve had a couple of stronger kicks which is exciting, I’ve even been able to feel a couple if I press hard on my tummy. It’s stilm very intermittent but glad to feel him again.

MilkAndFenty · 04/12/2022 19:09

checking in after finding the new thread!

PiggyBean · 04/12/2022 19:17

@Biscuitsplease yep feeling tired need to be in bed by 9 otherwise I'll be so tired the next day 😂 was out and couldn't wait to come home and shower get changed into my pjs and relax.

@xalexandra that's so cute! I can't wait to fed baby move but found out I have an anterior placenta from my scan so might be a bit of a wait for me 😢

simplythequest · 04/12/2022 19:19

I've got an anterior placenta too, but I'm fairly certain I can feel baby a little, though probably not as strongly as with the placenta elsewhere. Can't feel anything from the outside yet though 😔

ancienthouse · 04/12/2022 19:33

@simplythequest @PiggyBean i have an anterior placenta and DH has already felt a few kicks, and they're super strong to me now. So maybe very soon for you! I think it depends where they kick, mine likes to smoosh his face into the placenta so his feet and arms are either side of it I think.

PiggyBean · 04/12/2022 19:36

@simplythequest ah that's good to know, hopefully soon then ☺️🤞

MamaMenna · 04/12/2022 20:14

I have my scan next week on Friday so I must be one of the last ones too! But I'm not due til right at the end of April so that's why.

Exciting those of you feeling stronger kicks and I think I finally am too, it's just started this evening. Very low down but unmistakable. I love it 😀 So reassuring too, I had been a bit worried because I thought I'd been feeling movement, then I wasn't sure I felt anything for a couple of days.

I really really need to make the effort with some light exercise this week, as someone said, it's only going to get harder from here on in. Maybe if I get a bit more active now I can get some kind of equilibrium going before pregnancy takes over 😂

Lid88 · 04/12/2022 20:36

Place marking to catch up tomorrow! X

AliceinSlumberland · 04/12/2022 22:39

@PiggyBean and @simplythequest I’m the same, anterior placenta, movements been intermittent but gradually getting stronger, although very gradually with gaps.

DBS94 · 05/12/2022 08:14

@cheekysausage good luck with scan today ❤️

Skylark1990 · 05/12/2022 09:04

Hey all, best of luck for the scans today and this week!
I'm happy to set up a WhatsApp group for us. I am on holiday ATM but can think about it more later this week, next weekend if that works?
Yes I think we had said a WhatsApp as not everyone has Facebook x

Gilm0reGirl · 05/12/2022 09:25

@cheekysausage good luck today! I have my scan today too.

Lid88 · 05/12/2022 09:39

Hi all

I STILL haven't shifted this cough and I swear I've got a new head cold off the back of the last one. I don't think I've ever had this many winter bugs in my life! last time I was pregnant it was covid and we were shielding so I guess I can't compare it.

I'm almost 22 weeks and I've started feeling proper kicks now, every day. My placenta is at the back though so those of you with it at the front please don't worry! it took ages with my DD to feel proper movements.

I'm still being sick everyday, which I definetly wasn't with DD by now so feeling a bit fed up and not at all in the Christmas spirit, which I feel guilty for as DD starting to understand it a bit now.

How is everyone? I don't have FB so whatsapp works for me when we get to that point.

Lid88 · 05/12/2022 09:40

Also, how do people feel about sharing roughly where they live - wondered if any of us are nearby to each other! I doubt it for me but for those near cities I bet some of you are close :)

appleandcheese · 05/12/2022 10:07

Good luck to those with scans this week!

I had mine last week, and all was well. So lovely to see little one moving around, and yawning!!

I went on a little get away this weekend to Rome to make the most of travel without a baby in tow. Over-did it on the first day and had a little bit of spotting, which was stressful, but all been ok since.

Feeling lots of movements now (20+6) and seemed to have 'popped' with a very clear baby bump! Lots of compliments and smiles from random Italians.

I'd be interested in the WhatsApp group, when the time comes! Also happy to share location - I'm in Essex ☺️

LauraA31 · 05/12/2022 10:21

I’m also happy for the WhatsApp group when we do get one set up, also happy to share location! I’m in West Yorkshire 🙂

@appleandcheese i hope that you had a lovely time in Rome!

@Lid88 the cough is horrible isn’t it! I’ve still not shifted mine, had it for 6 weeks now and no signs of it letting up! My midwife told me she thought id caught a super bug and said it would likely take months shift it fully..
Also so exciting that you are feeling proper kicks!

Balloffluff123 · 05/12/2022 11:16

Has anyone else had a UTI in pregnancy? I developed one over the weekend and oh my gosh the pain!!! Started peeing blood but the maternity dept were so lovely and super cautious and gave me an examination Doppler and anti D just in case it wasn’t from my bladder. All looks well with baby! I can’t believe how tired I am from it though. Worse than when I had covid. Sounds like tiredness is a becoming a thing around this stage of pregnancy!

Also how is everyone getting on with exercise and eating well? I was always an active person and I would say ate well but since being pregnant I have really struggled. The first trimester was a write off on terms of healthy food and exercise as all I could eat was plain pasta but I have really struggled to improve this as pregnancy has progressed. I always imagined I would be super healthy and super active when pregnant and I am a little sad I haven’t been able to. The weather doesn’t help and all I want to do is eat mince pies and Christmas cake.

cheekysausage · 05/12/2022 11:27

Scan went well! Both babies measuring as they should be, just a 3% difference in size (only a panic if that percentage reaches 20% or more) Twin 1 completely photogenic, perfect angles and clear pictures. Twin 2, did not wanna play ball 🤣

Pommy1 · 05/12/2022 11:46

Morning gorgeous ones! I’m just about to board my flight home. I’m happy to see a WhatsApp group up if people are ready. You can DM phone number and location perhaps so we know who’s near who. Totally optimal though. I think it’s a nice idea but might not be for everyone.

@cheekysausage can’t wait to see your scan! I have mine tomorrow and other than seeing my dog, the only w reason I’m coming home haha

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