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November 2022 babies Thread 5

303 replies

NotAdultingToday · 24/11/2022 04:20

1st - @Eryr22
2nd - @KDerbs @Kathno4
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit @SareBear87
4th - @Elle1709

5th - @readytoglowx
6th - @Bramblecrumble21 @1mel90
7th - @starflake
8th - @LittleJumpingBean
9th -@circe22 @TFMinx
10th - @ALittleBitofVitriol
11th - @amyrose223
13th- @CurlsnLipstick
14th- @Grgs @roobearbaby
15th - @KatieP8
16th -
17th - @Kez152
18th - @NotAdultingToday @cocobeau @FishyBaby @bubbano2 @WandaVon @Ccatalina @Beanniebaby22 @tigger2022

19th - @tb4122 @StrongUsernameHere @OtiMama

20th - @JanuaryBirthdays @Bubblegum20
21st -@GeorgieEm

22nd -@arianasky @smiles39
23rd -
24th - @CurlyNo2
25th - @sarahj878 @jordini @curlywurly10
26th - @dreamcatchmee
27th -
28th - @greenerfingers
29th - @teddy2806
30th - @rickandmorts

OP posts:
greenerfingers · 21/12/2022 19:41

It's probably a growth spurt @Laneymoo, you'll find a week will go by well, and then another will be the complete opposite, those weeks/days are usually coinciding with baby having a growth spurt and you just need to tell yourself it's only a few days (considering it's not gas, tummy pains, hunger)

Laneymoo · 21/12/2022 21:01

Thanks @greenerfingers I'm thinking it's a growth spurt too. I know it's only temporary (hopefully) and it will pass but god I'm finding it tough. I don't think it helps that I've gotten my first pp period this week too!

NotAdultingToday · 22/12/2022 17:25

Birth List 👶🏻

20th - @Anna783426 due 8th Nov
27th - @LittleJumpingBean due 8th Nov
@amyrose223 due 11th Nov

1st - @Elle1709 due 4th Nov
@Kathno4 due 2nd Nov
2nd -
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit due date baby
@ALittleBitofVitriol due 10th Nov
@Somethingabitdifferent22 due 10th Nov
4th - @Nervousdave
5th -
6th -
7th - @NotAdultingToday due 18th Nov
@mjb0616 due 11th Nov
@Elleb87 due 13th Nov
@Laneymoo due 8th Nov
8th - @Bramblecrumble22 due 6th Nov
9th - @CurlsnLipstick due 13th
@WandaVon due 18th Nov
10th -
11th - @Eryr22 due 1st Nov
13th- @Beanniebaby22 due 18th
@JanuaryBirthdays due 20th
14th- @TFMinx due 9th
@roobearbaby due 14th
@Bubblegum20 due 20th
15th -
16th -
17th - @blacksheep2014 due
@Grgs due
18th - @CurlyNo2 due 24th
19th -
20th - @OtiMama due 19th
21st - @feistymumma
22nd -
23rd -
24th - @FishyBaby due 18th
25th - @tb4122 due 19th
26th -
27th - @smiles39 due 22nd
@KatieP8 due 15th
28th - @greenerfingers due 28th
29th -
30th -

1st - @dreamcatchmee due 26th
8th - @rickandmorts

OP posts:
NotAdultingToday · 22/12/2022 17:32

Hello everyone not been on for a while trying so hard to get organised for christmas so far not doing so well 😂

The health visitor came yesterday, was all happy with his progress he is 10lb 5ozs! And he is officially out of newborn clothes. My little bunny is getting bigger!

The doctor signed me off to drive on monday (needed it for my insurance) im so happy to be able to do things and go places again i really missed it!

@Laneymoo i use an app called "The Wonder Weeks" it tracks leaps (developmental stages/growth spurts) and lets you know when they are due. I use it as a rough guide and to prepare myself for change in mood /sleep patterns etc.
There is a leap at 6 weeks according to the app. Ds was 6 weeks in monday so waiting for that leap to hit 🤦🏼‍♀️

OP posts:
Laneymoo · 22/12/2022 17:52

Glad to hear your LO is getting bigger @NotAdultingToday yeah I've heard about that app alright, even recommended by a few people now. She seems a bit more settled today, slept in the pram for 2 hours after being rocked which meant I got 2 hours sleep on the couch! DP got off work early and made me a fry, food and sleep makes such a difference. She settled herself after a bottle and has been pretty content since. I don't wanna get my hopes up but hoping things are starting to improve 🤞🏻

CurlyNo2 · 22/12/2022 20:49

Gosh where has the time gone, my little one is 5 weeks old tomorrow. He was weighed on Tuesday and is already 11lb 2oz and is on 6oz of milk every 3 hours.

He seems a lot more settled now that he did before and we have come to accept the witching hour(s). As I type my husband has took him out in the car to try and settle him
before bedtime.

We completed on our house this week so will need to pack up and move in the next couple of weeks. Unsure how we’re gonna do this as the baby will only sleep attached to one of us.

VolcanicProtectorMan · 22/12/2022 22:06

@CurlyNo2 we completed on our house last week and moved when ours was almost 4 weeks old. It was hard work. I had to hold the baby the whole time we were packing the vans, I had enlisted my dad and bro in law to help my husband. Luckily the 3yo was in nursery. He fell asleep in the car on the drive there so I left him in the car seat to help unload the other end. Thankfully he slept for a couple of hours. I know he was in the car seat too long but I was desperate! 😬 now trying to sort the house and organise with him being extra fussy and screaming at nights is no fun!

Laneymoo · 23/12/2022 00:03

Can I ask those of you who bottle feed how long it takes your baba to feed? As in feed, wind and change? About an hour for us depending on how much of the bottle she wants, currently on 5oz. My DP seems to think this is too long and a friend of his with two children has suggested she has reflux?

CurlyNo2 · 23/12/2022 09:07

Hmm I think could be about right for us. We’ve moved to a smaller teat as we think the size 1 was just too fast for him and would guzzle a full bottle instantly. The size 0 teat makes the feed much longer.

Laneymoo · 23/12/2022 09:52

Yeah we're using the MAM bottles and have her on size 0 cause she is a guzzler too. Size 1 seem to be similar to size 0 and size 2 are from two months plus. Thinking of moving her to size 2 when she's 8 weeks and seeing how that goes!

CurlyNo2 · 23/12/2022 10:30

We use the Mam bottles too. I think the size 0 have just one hole and size 1 had a couple so faster stream. Have you tried the size 1 teats?

Laneymoo · 23/12/2022 20:17

No I've always used size 0 and the next size I have are 2 cause they came with a set I bought. Might invest in some 1s, thanks!

FishyBaby · 23/12/2022 20:19

In terms of feed wind and change times I'd say we are about an hour, but pretty sure she has reflux so we are keeping her upright after a feed for 10-20 minutes. Not been too bad so far as DH will get up and do the change first then I'll feed wind and put down.

Saying that over the last few days she has had an infection and been on antibiotics so an extra wake in the night that has to be between feeds meaning even less sleep.

Today however it was really looked really bad, went back to the GP who referred us up to the hospital. Now in for probably 48 hours minimum, just in time for her first Christmas... 😟on my own tonight and fingers crossed I can actually get her to settle

CurlyNo2 · 23/12/2022 20:48

Laneymoo · 23/12/2022 20:17

No I've always used size 0 and the next size I have are 2 cause they came with a set I bought. Might invest in some 1s, thanks!

Amazon have them cheap for about a £5 for two.

CurlyNo2 · 23/12/2022 20:50

Ahh @FishyBaby sorry to hear your little one has an infection. I hope it’s not too bad and she is able to get home quick.

Laneymoo · 23/12/2022 21:38

Thanks @CurlyNo2 DP just got Amazon Prime so that will come in handy!

Aww sorry @FishyBaby hope she improves really soon!

CurlyNo2 · 24/12/2022 21:04

Merry Christmas ladies - hope you all have a great day with your babies x

Laneymoo · 24/12/2022 21:54

Happy Christmas everyone, hope you all get to relax a bit x

Beanniebaby22 · 27/12/2022 14:40

Hope everyone had a lovely first Christmas with their newborns!

Ours was very different to previous years, don’t think Christmas is ever the same again once you have children is it? 😅

Laneymoo · 27/12/2022 17:04

Christmas Day and Stephen's day were nice, obviously not as relaxing as previous years but still nice. Baba was doted on all day and we had a bit of a break as family wanted to look after her.

I strangely found Christmas Eve quite difficult which surprised me. I woke up feeling sad and just couldn't shake it, my friend who gave birth just before me felt the same way. Had a little cry in the evening. I think it was just another reminder of the way my life has hugely changed and I'm obviously still adjusting to it. I told myself that next year will be magic cause she'll be older and we'll start our own traditions and hopefully I won't be as sleep deprived!

OtiMama · 27/12/2022 22:34

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

You certainly don't experience Christmas the same but I guarantee its magical once the little ones can join in. My son is 2 and tbh he doesn't fully get it all but seeing his delight with lots of people around and presents was wonderful. Just hard to relax with a newborn and Felix wasn't as settled at my mums as he was at home but not too bad. We moved my toddler from his cot to a mattress on his grandparents floor so he wouldn't get woken by baby crying in the night. To my surprise he slept until 8am!! typical.

First night home last night and Felix was grunting so much and crying on and off all evening. Just so hard when they're like that and me and my husband have been arguing more because its hard to connect when there's a lack of sleep or time to think when baby is screaming. Up until now he's been pretty quiet for a baby!

TFMinx · 29/12/2022 03:21

Really struggling at the moment. DD is not feeding, sleepy, screaming each time she wakes up, feels warm to the touch, cough and cold. She's had 1oz of milk in the past hour.
I've had her at the gp yesterday morning, who basically dismissed us saying that she's fine, but I know she isn't as does my DH who's usually very much on gp's side as a rule.
She's been such a chilled out baby up until this point and I do t know what to do for her.

TFMinx · 29/12/2022 04:34

Still awake with her two hours later, although she's stopped crying and has had some more milk, thank goodness! Don't see the point in going back to sleep now; DH has taken DS into the spare room to get him back to sleep and so one of us will be able to function tomorrow at least.

roobearbaby · 29/12/2022 05:31

Hi @tfminx sorry you are having a rough night.

We are not having a great night either. JJ is absolutely full of gas, is crying non stop until he farts which gives him about 15 minutes if relief and then back to it until he farts again. I'm shattered xxx

Laneymoo · 29/12/2022 08:29

Same here! She's so settled and content during the day but she's all over the place at night. Fussing and whinging, wailing at times and doesn't want to be put down. I've barely slept, I'm exhausted!

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