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April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼

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Cuppasoupmonster · 03/11/2022 19:01

New thread! Hopefully this one will see us through 20 week scans and crossing the halfway point! πŸ’•

As ever if you’re missing from the list give me a shout and I will add you:

Cuppasoupmonster second baby 7th (induction 37w) πŸ’–
Milkandfenty third baby 1st πŸ’›
Searchingtheskies second baby 2nd πŸ’›
Biscuitsplease first baby 2nd πŸ’–
Chocolat first baby 3rd πŸ’›
Bluebubbles12 second baby 4th πŸ’›
Erber third baby 4th πŸ’›
CariadBB first baby 5th πŸ’›
Skylark1990 second baby 7th πŸ’›
Melissa2023 first baby 8th πŸ’™
Tubbytele second baby 14th (CS 39w) πŸ’›
Alwaysseeingstars first baby 9th πŸ’›
Lj2022 first baby 10th πŸ’–
Emeal123 second baby 11th πŸ’™
DBS94 first baby 11th πŸ’™
tattlytote second baby 12th πŸ’›
Bernesemum first baby 12th πŸ’›
Lid88 second baby 13th πŸ’›
Ncbn first baby 14th πŸ’™
Kennadams fourth baby 16th πŸ’›
Margo34 second baby 16thπŸ’›
Aliceinslumberland first baby 16th (CS 39w) πŸ’™
Appleandcheese first baby 18th πŸ’›
Xalexandra first baby 20th πŸ’›
Piggybean first baby 20th πŸ’›
Tropicana1 second baby 20th πŸ’›
Puddingbear 27th (CS 39w) πŸ’›
Springblooms08 first baby 21st πŸ’›
Hannah223344 first baby 21st πŸ’™
Gilm0reGirl second baby 21st πŸ’›
Pommy1 first baby 22nd πŸ’–
Deek88 second baby 24th πŸ’›
Marshmallowmountain first baby 25th πŸ’–
LauraA31 first baby 26th πŸ’›
Peachesthecat third baby 26th πŸ’›
Allfurcoatnoknickers second baby 28th πŸ’–
Limoncelloo 29th March second baby πŸ’–
MamaMenna second baby 30th πŸ’–

OP posts:
alwaysseeingstars · 28/11/2022 09:55

@Lid88 that's fantastic news, bet you're over the moon! It's such a relief seeing that all is OK. And another girl, how lovely! Do you still have lots of clothes etc you can re-use?
@AliceinSlumberland good luck today! My movement feelings are very similar at 21 weeks - so fleeting I question if I've imagined them! Although she's been very quiet for the past few days so I'm trying hard not to worry.
@Cuppasoupmonster and @Skylark1990 good luck to you both today, hope all goes ok and you both get some reassurance 😘

Hannah223344 · 28/11/2022 09:59

Good luck with all the scans this week!

Hannah223344 · 28/11/2022 10:00

*good luck to all those with scans this week!

LauraA31 · 28/11/2022 10:27

@Skylark1990 @Cuppasoupmonster good luck both of you today! X

Good luck to everybody with their 20 week scans!

AliceinSlumberland · 28/11/2022 10:59

All fine at our scan, very relieved. Little bit more push back this time when I asked about the elective c section, I have to have an appointment with the senior midwife, I’m imagining some sort of battleaxe woman who’ll say I can’t have one but I’m hoping she’ll be lovely πŸ˜‚

April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼
MamaMenna · 28/11/2022 12:30

@AliceinSlumberland ah that's great! Super photo too! I think they were really cool about a c section last time you asked? Can you remind us what your reasons are for wanting one (if you are happy sharing)? I told my obgyn I want one and all she said was 'why?' with no further comments so until I have my booking appointment with the hospital next week I don't know if I'll get resistance. Or if they will try to make me pay for it. I'm navigating the German system this time round and it all works a bit differently. In general I think they are quite pro natural here so they might be difficult about it.

xalexandra · 28/11/2022 13:33

Good luck everyone with their scans this week!!! ❀️ mines Friday πŸ™πŸΌ

@AliceinSlumberland a gorgeous scan pic 😍

xalexandra · 28/11/2022 13:37

Has anyone else fainted/blacked out during their pregnancy? I just did whilst getting my nails done πŸ˜” (so embarrassing!)

From what I've read it could be normal. Should I be worried or get checked out? I feel ok now just blacked out for a few minutes! At home resting now.

AliceinSlumberland · 28/11/2022 15:03

@MamaMenna basically just because I want one haha which I think could be the issue. A number of reasons really, having looked at the options, it’s the option I’m happiest with. I have a number of friends who have had very difficult births and have long lasting effects of this and tbh they’ve just not been taken seriously. I obviously realise I could be lucky and have a lovely natural birth but I can’t pick that option and guarantee I won’t need intervention so I’d rather go for the option I’m happiest with that I can choose. I also work with children who have birth injury which has given me a hugely biased view haha and whilst I know they’re hugely the minority and I obviously don’t see the millions of babies born with no issue, it’s made me very anxious about it.

AliceinSlumberland · 28/11/2022 15:03

@xalexandra how scary! Id definitely check in with your midwife.

DBS94 · 28/11/2022 16:35

@xalexandra I haven't fainted but sometimes I get soooo dizzy and have to sit down, feels like the floor underneath me is moving and swaying! Such a horrible feeling. Was your iron ok when they checked it? X

xalexandra · 28/11/2022 16:42

@DBS94 I was already sat and felt absolutely fine! Then all of a sudden my vision went funny and next thing I know I had 3 people around me πŸ˜… I rang the maternity triage and just asked for some advice and the lady was quite rude - first of all she asked how far along I was and I said 5 months on Friday and she said "well that doesn't mean anything as we don't do months, we do weeks" so I said ok sorry I'm 20 weeks on Thursday and she said "well you're not 5 months then, you're about 4 and a bit" I was like ok well anyway I'm just looking for advice πŸ˜‚ and she said have a sugary cup of tea and relax and then said "thank you bye"

So she didn't seem too concerned! My partner wanted to take me to emergency but I feel a little embarrassed going to emergency "just because I fainted". I've been asleep since I've got in and just feel really sick now but was quite a scary experience for me as I've never passed out in my life. And especially not in public!

Skylark1990 · 28/11/2022 16:57

Hey girls. Hope all are well. Just had my scan with the consultant. It went well, no other issues with baby except for the slightly dilated kidney. He was very reassuring that everything else looked great and that the kidney wouldn't affect baby's quality of life, and that likelihood it will resolve itself before the birth or in first year of life. It's not blocked but he thinks there is a problem with reflux so the urine is flowing back up the pipe as the valve isn't fully developed yet. But very likely it'll sort itself out in the coming weeks. I have a follow up scan to check it at 32 weeks.

I asked about Downs risk and he said we had no markers and that only some studies suggest the dilated kidney as a possible marker but these studies are disputed, and that if Downs was likely, there would almost certainly be other things wrong. However he did say we could go for nipt privately for peace of mind - he seemed to recommend nipt quite highly- and after everything we have decided to do this. I'm nervous it'll come back with something that causes more worry but I know it's very accurate, and I think I'd rather have the test and just feel a bit more reassured (hopefully!!). So that's booked for Fri.

I'm nervous as I know cuppasoupmonster had a wrong result so now wondering whether to go for vision or harmony... what did others go for?

Here is baby's little face. He kept the sex a surprise for us so we are still team yellow. πŸ’›πŸŒ»

April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼
Skylark1990 · 28/11/2022 17:15

Congratulations on a beautiful scan @AliceinSlumberland !

Sorry to hear you fainted @xalexandra make sure you have lots of rest and sleep tonight! Maybe it was the fumes from the salon products?!

Skylark1990 · 28/11/2022 17:16

One thing I found quite funny / odd. So since last week baby's leg measurement has changed from being 80th percentile to this week being 9th!?!? I was like, what
... Also the tummy went from 40th to 75th! πŸ˜… Just goes to show the margin of error with these scans, especially at this gestation. The midwife and doctor weren't concerned at all, but I did think it was weird. Apparently different sonographer / doctor will also always measure differently. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

SprinGarden · 28/11/2022 17:41

@CausingKaos i used to bleed/ brownish discharge .. stopped around week one point I had 3hours of heavy bleeding thought I was miscarrying but a scan a couple of days later showed all was well... They basically told me I had hematomas and not to worry about it... But believe me I was worried and stressed about it. Especially when it stopped for a couple of days then started again..

simplythequest · 28/11/2022 17:58

We had our 20 week scan this afternoon, which was lovely. No problems with the baby, thank goodness, but I gave to go back for a third scan at around 32 weeks because my placenta is so low and could well remain as placenta previa. Which means I'd end up with a c-section...

In itself, I'm not that bothered by how I give birth as long as I have a healthy baby at the end. But it got me wondering how far through along I'd be allowed to get to before the c-section? This is all completely new to me, so if anyone knows anything about this, it'd be much appreciated!

So lovely to see and hear everyone else's good news. Feels so much more real now 😁

Peachesthecat · 28/11/2022 18:14

Congrats on all the good news today ladies xxx

Longbin · 28/11/2022 18:37

I've got covid and I'm so ill. I can't walk properly. I did wonder if I was in labour before I tested!

lj2022 · 28/11/2022 18:38

@simplythequest my friend had this and went today at 33 weeks and her placenta has moved. She was having an elective anyway but I'm sure they usually take c sections that are planned at 39 weeks

Longbin · 28/11/2022 19:13

I've now got really bad pains across my bump. I called the midwives helpline and they just said to stay at home until either I have a bleed or my waters break, because I'm only 22 weeks! Praying it was braxton Hicks because it's easing a bit now

Longbin · 28/11/2022 19:14

@simplythequest I have this too, apparently there is 9/10 chance it will move but if not the section will be between 37-39 weeks

RackJussells · 28/11/2022 19:24

Evening everyone, lovely seeing all these scan photos! ❀️

I rang the midwife team regarding movements as I wanted to know what was normal and what wasn’t for 18 weeks, going on 19, she said because the baby is still so small and could be facing towards my spine, I may not feel all the movements. The midwife also said the movements may not be felt as I’ve been rushing about this weekend/today as it was my daughters 7th birthday. I felt a little kick in the car as I was driving on Saturday but they are so sporadic I get myself worried.

I was assured this was normal and the midwife said she isn’t worried. I get paid on Wednesday and have Thursday off, part of me is tempted to book a scan in on Thursday morning at my local Scan Centre UK and have one done for reassurance. But I don’t want to get into the habit of booking scans every time I’m worried!

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter at 18 weeks I didn’t feel pregnant, I felt like I was in no man’s land. I was like β€œam I still pregnant?” I just felt normal!

I read the thread daily and love seeing everyone’s stories and progress, have a relaxing evening all xx

Margo34 · 28/11/2022 20:28

So after all my anxieties over feeling/not feeling baby, in the last 24hrs I have definitely been feeling baby move a lot, a lot! 😍

Had my 20w scan today and all well, took ages as baby was so wriggly and not playing ball so I ended up on my side and upside down for he sonographer to get all the pictures she needed, sonographer was so lovely and found the whole thing hilarious πŸ˜‚ I even had Braxton Hicks during the scan although I didn't feel it - you could see it on the screen! 🀯 She said BH does often start around 20w though isn't usually felt until 3rd trimester, so you could well have suffered BH earlier @Longbin

Margo34 · 28/11/2022 20:31

@Skylark1990 glad your scan went well too and you left feeling reassured 😍

On measurements - at 12w scan my baby was 51st percentile, but today - head 7th percentile but abdominal 95th!! Apparently nothing to worry about but still, 7th to 95th from head to abdomen is a big difference!

@Cuppasoupmonster hope you're ok, been thinking of you

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