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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
TeaTime · 16/01/2005 16:23

Hi All,
Your story really gives me hope Oops and it's what I cling to mainly as I never bled THAT much. It just went on and on in a small amount for days. Now more or less stopped but no real symptoms of pregnancy which is fairly worrying although just about the same as my last pregnancy. However then I was at least tired (although it could have been jetlag) but now I find myself wide awake after 5 hours sleep and although I have an afternoon 'crash' that is just the normal me. Felt weary and sorry for myself a couple of weeks ago but feel reconciled to the situation now and just getting on with things. Trying to get to Wednesday's scan without a definite m/c so that there'll still be hope.

There was a book sale in the library yesterday and I picked up a book on Miscarriage (by Wendy Jones of the Miscarriage Association) and another on Post Natal Depression (The NCT book) - slim books both of which I've more or less read so I'm prepared either way . The PND book had me in floods of tears again reliving some of my worst moments - hopefully therapeutic! I didn't particularly like the style of the Miscarriage book but it reinforced my impression that this is one of those very common female experiences that are 'taboo' and consequently most women who go through it find it hard to get information and feel very alone. Thank God for MN I say - the remedy for both those problems!

oops · 16/01/2005 23:05

Message withdrawn

TeaTime · 17/01/2005 00:33

Hi Oops - don't know what to say to make you feel better but in Sierra Leone (where I lived for 3 years) they say 'Osh ya' which means something like ' I hear you and feel your pain' - can be used for anything from a cut finger to a bereavement. I still use it as English just has no equivalent, so 'Osh ya Oops!' (You say 'Oh' which is the standard reply!) Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate but you're still on here giving support to others so be kind to yourself too! Moan on MN all you like!!

moschops · 17/01/2005 10:13

(((oops))) have a huge cyber hug (one that doesn't irritate any part of your sensitive body!)

i came on here to have a little winge but you are having it so much worse than me i feel guilty about feeling so sorry for myself now!

i thought i was doing ok with this morning sickness thing and yesterday it hit real bad!!! i cannot eat anything. every single morsel of food i look at makes me heave. but i have to eat for my baby's sake so i am forcing the most bland things i can think of down my throat.

hope you start to feel better soon oops. and call your friend, even if only for 30 seconds. tell her how bad you are feeling, and you can both lean on each other while you need it.

beachyhead · 17/01/2005 10:34

Hugs to all those who have had bad news - I'm still OK at 8 weeks, with another epu scan on Friday this week.

Have had lots of funny pains but no bleeding so I am hoping the next four weeks go past as quickly as's so slow at this stage.....still feeling sick but not nearly as badly as some of you, although I have had a headache for about 2 weeks - just from being tense I guess...Has anyone tried reflexology in a pregnancy?

I am tempted as I am sure my stress levels could do with a little relaxant and I think that could be good for the blob.

Here's to a good news week.....

Eulalia · 17/01/2005 12:28

oops sorry to hear you are feeling bad. Sounds a bit like me over Christmas as dh and I had a bad cold and I felt sick as well. Your friend should understand that things are difficult just now.

Happy(ish) birthday anyway. Hope you can celebrate it properly later.

You will feel better soon! It is amazing even what one week's difference has made now I am 12 weeks. Last week was still feeling sick and its all but gone now and am getting more energy now.

moschops - hang in there...! Don't worry about baby - I lost 1/2 stone with dd at the begining and she was a big healthy 8.7lbs baby.

kate100 · 17/01/2005 12:39

Oops what a horrible time you are having. It will got better and I'm sure that you know that inside it's just hard to see it at the moment. I'm sure your friend would understand, if you can't manage a phone call, how about a note instead? When my grandad died, my friend sent me a letter that made me feel much better and I still have it now.

Moschops I completely agree with Eulalia, I lost 14lbs in the beginning with DS and he was a VERY healthy 9lbs 11oz. Have so far lost 12 lbs, do you think that means my new baby will be 2 lbs heavier?!!!? OOh I don't want to think about that. Scan tomorrow, very anxious, but also excited.

leahbump · 17/01/2005 12:43

off to mums tommorrow....but poped in tocheckn on ya'll and..

((((oops)))) - hang on in there, it should get better and do winge whenever u need to!

(()) to everyone else with ms. I thought I had escaped with just feeling sick this time (was throwing up till 22 weeks last time!) but alas this morning it struck me. Have to say that I feel much better as a result.

Reflexology- I will be continuing to see my reflexologist in pregnancy. I haven't seen her since I found out i was pg but she said to give her a call after 12 weeks. I'm hoping it will help energy levels and the sicky feeling (if it hasn't gone on it's own!) and desperately hoping it will ensure me my easy (ish!) home birth (rather than a 3 day hossie birth!). I'll let you know how I get on.

Scan apt came through for the 27th. Can't wait as I will be able to relax much more when I know bubs is doing ok. to try and eat

Azure · 17/01/2005 14:46

Morgan and Hereshoping, so sorry to hear your sad news. TeaTime, what an interminable wait it seems to be for you - well done on keeping sane. Best of luck for Wednesday. Blossom2 and Eulalia, congratulations on your scans. Oops, sorry to hear you're going through a bad time at the moment.

We had a lovely weekend in Rome. Unfortunately the cough I've had since Christmas developed into a full-blown cold, and I felt pretty crappy most the weekend, with absolutely no appetite. Not quite the celebratory weekend I had anticipated, but we enjoyed being away nonetheless (missed DS lots, though). I'm still feeling bad today and have taken a very rare sick-day from work. DH has flown off today to LA for work for the week, so it'll be just me and DS.

Best wishes to everyone.

Spacecadet · 17/01/2005 19:00

oops I had severe sickness with my last 2 that put me in hospital, I was bed ridden for the first 3 months and I can see it happening again, I have lost 7 lbs already
I have 4 children to look after and I feel that I cant do it at the mo, im being sick about 10 times aday, my eyes are sunken, I feel like im nevr goes away, it stays till 20 weeks and then I still feel sick till I deliver, how will I manage, it only kicked in badly at the weekend, the tablets dont work.

KMS · 17/01/2005 22:55

Spacecadet how horrid for you
Have you tried accupuncture? May just take the edge off a little? Just a needle in each wrist nothing to bad. Well worth a try. I found it really helped me (but was never as bad as you) and only needed it once a week. My GP did it free on NHS. you may have to pay for it though.
I hope it doesn't last as long for you this time.

oops · 17/01/2005 23:46

Message withdrawn

oops · 17/01/2005 23:52

Message withdrawn

MissChief · 18/01/2005 15:17

spacecadet & ooops - hope you're doing okay.
Had my 12 wk scan today inc nuchal - vv. relieved from result as everything so far seems to be in place - one laid back baby sitting there cross-legged, resting its head on its hand!
dh seems even more relieved than me, thinking he was hiding much of his worry as i normally do enough fretting for the both of us!

kate100 · 18/01/2005 15:41

I had my 12 week scan today and everything is OK, a beautiful, relaxed little baby bouncing around on its back, already sucking its thumb!! My sonographer was wonderful, I lay down on the bed rigid with nerves and after 30 seconds she said, there's 1 baby and a nice steady heartbeat, just the words I needed to hear, so I could relax for the rest of the scan. She's also moved my date forward to 30th july, but I'm sure I'll be late so i'm staying on this thread.

So pleased that you had good news too Misschief

Oops, you sound a bit brighter today, I hope that this is the case.

Azure · 18/01/2005 15:58

Misschief and Kate100 - fantastic news about your scans. Congratulations.

beachyhead · 18/01/2005 16:00

I haven't even booked mine yet - I'm so jealous and I'm dying to get to 12 weeks.....I've got my 9 week is there a dot there still on Friday and I will try to book in the nuchal scan then.. Problem is that I am moving from my local hospital (where I am doing my epu visits) to a central london hospital at about 12-14 weeks and I am worried all the 'normal' bits of pregnancy will fall between two stools - looks like this is a beachy managed pregnancy!!!!!

beachyhead · 18/01/2005 16:01

and massive congratualtions - sorry left my manners in the car!!!

Azure · 18/01/2005 16:08

I can't book my scan until I am contacted my the midwife team, and I haven't had any contact from them so far. It's very frustrating. So much for my GP writing "Urgent" on my midwife referral form and trying to get an early scan on the NHS.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 18/01/2005 16:42

congrats to those who have had a positive scan! mine is next friday and am having very bad dreams about it! My belly tells me i have a growing baby, well either that or im just putting on weight at a fast rate!!

Eulalia · 18/01/2005 16:55

MissChief and kate100 - great news about your scans

How far has everyone got to go till 12 weeks and then we can start a new thread?

oops on the piles, something else to think about...

Spacecadet Hope this pregancy is better for you. Am I right in remembering you have 4 already?

told my parents today and my mother says "You are not are you?" and looked shocked, then she asked the usual questions about when etc.. My dad said nothing. Neither of them said oh thats nice or congrats or anyting but kind of what I was expecting.

beachyhead · 18/01/2005 16:57

I think Azure and I are at the end of the month of August so we are probably last ish.... 12 weeks for me is Saturday 12th Feb, but don't know when the scan is yet.....


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GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 18/01/2005 16:58

im 12 weeks on wed next week and tbh cant wait to start saying im 3 months pregnant! When i tell people im 11 weeks pregnant i get strange looks and just feel fat! atlest when im 3 months i have a great excuse for my belly!

Azure · 18/01/2005 17:02

Eulalia sorry to hear about your parents' reactions - people act in strange ways, don't they? I think there is about four weeks to go until everyone has passed the magical 12-week point. I am 9 weeks on Thursday and due August 25th, so someone due August 31st will be approaching 8 weeks now. It seems a never-ending period of time.

Eulalia · 18/01/2005 17:02

Ok maybe we could just start a new thread anyway with due dates on as this page takes ages to load.

kate 100 - meant to say earlier that I am also due 30th July but as my first was late and 2nd very late I am certain baby will be born in August.

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