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A few names I like that my husband doesn't, are they really that bad?

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caitlinrose · 14/09/2022 11:09

First of all, these names are off our list because I respect that my husband doesn't like them.

I'm still curious to hear what people think of them. These are the ones my husband absolutely hated and I'd like to know if other people think they are that bad or if some people here like them.

Agatha - this was a favourite of mine
Astrid - he said it's easy to tease someone with (I personally find it stylish)
Elsa - he said it was a cow's name and old lady. A pity because this is a longtime favourite of mine
Agnes - he disliked the sound
Gwendolyn - he said it was clunky
Gwenllian - he found it weird, to me it is a historical name that sounds like Gwen + Lillian so easily explainable

So what are your thoughts on Agatha, Astrid, Elsa, Agnes, Gwendolyn and Gwenllian?

My husband and I have really different styles. I like classic names, quite a few eccentric names and some nature names. He is mainly into trendy names and some names that I guess could be called a bit dated. But we still managed to find some names we both like.

OP posts:
balalake · 01/10/2022 18:36

Astrid is the only one of the list I would consider, others seem dated.

slowquickstep · 01/10/2022 18:40

Agnes or Senga backwards

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