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A few names I like that my husband doesn't, are they really that bad?

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caitlinrose · 14/09/2022 11:09

First of all, these names are off our list because I respect that my husband doesn't like them.

I'm still curious to hear what people think of them. These are the ones my husband absolutely hated and I'd like to know if other people think they are that bad or if some people here like them.

Agatha - this was a favourite of mine
Astrid - he said it's easy to tease someone with (I personally find it stylish)
Elsa - he said it was a cow's name and old lady. A pity because this is a longtime favourite of mine
Agnes - he disliked the sound
Gwendolyn - he said it was clunky
Gwenllian - he found it weird, to me it is a historical name that sounds like Gwen + Lillian so easily explainable

So what are your thoughts on Agatha, Astrid, Elsa, Agnes, Gwendolyn and Gwenllian?

My husband and I have really different styles. I like classic names, quite a few eccentric names and some nature names. He is mainly into trendy names and some names that I guess could be called a bit dated. But we still managed to find some names we both like.

OP posts:
mathanxiety · 14/09/2022 14:18

I love Agatha, Astrid, and Elsa.

The other three not so much. Gwenllian in particular, though I don't really like names beginning with Gwen. Agnes - I sort of agree with your H, though I'd usebit as a middle name. I'd say it's a marmite name.

I think your H is thinking of Elsie, not Elsa, when he says 'cow/ old lady name'. Elsa and Astrid are both elegant Scandinavian names.

Luredbyapomegranate · 14/09/2022 14:53

Elsa is nice but super popular, also you have to not mind the Frozen connection. Esther, Estella, Elsbeth, Aster, Astra, Stella, Elowen, Emma, Eloise, Emmeline, might all be alternatives

Agatha - I like it but it’s marmite. How about Alicia, Adela, Adelaide, Adeline, Annalise, Annabel, Annabeth - or Tabitha and Sabrina have a similar witchy vibe

Astrid - it’s nice and pretty popular so he doesn’t need to worry about teasing. Arran, Aeryn, Arwen, Olwen might be others if he just doesn’t like it.

Agnes - I like this too, but again it is marmite - how about Lois, Ines, Annis, Annest, Carys/Cerys or Frances

Gwendolyn - It’s quite solid - how about just Gwen? Or Genevieve is lovely.

Gwenllian - this is quite awkward to say. How about Gwyneth?

BiscuitLover3678 · 14/09/2022 14:54

My thought is a bit old and frumpy, but that’s ok.

Boating123 · 14/09/2022 14:58

How about Lillian?

latetothefisting · 14/09/2022 14:59

You can't (i mean you technically could but it would be wrong) pronounce it gwen-lillian, it would be like calling your kid elvis and expecting everyone to pronounce it "el-vee" or something!

Holly60 · 14/09/2022 15:48

I love Astrid but don't really like the others

jrt2022 · 14/09/2022 15:52

Elsa is too Disney these days. I like Astrid though.

Soubriquet · 14/09/2022 15:52

All are frumpy and old ladyish tbh. Elsa is too well known as Disney now too

BaronessBomburst · 14/09/2022 19:19

GogLais · 14/09/2022 12:50

It's not Gwenlillian, and unless you can say the LL, I highly doubt that you can say Gwenllian.

The Forvo link posted earlier says it a bit strangely - the i is longer than that

This one is correct

I had a Welsh teacher when I was at primary school. She taught us to say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, which I actually can't say anymore but I can still pronounce ll.

Buttons294749 · 14/09/2022 19:29

I love agatha, agatha christie is my all time favourite writer.

Ariadne maybe?

Madamecastafiore · 14/09/2022 19:40

Other than Elsa which is a bit Disney now they all sound or look quite harsh.

Bzzz · 14/09/2022 19:47

Sorry but yes they really are that awful

Oneearringlost · 14/09/2022 20:09

OctopusBreath · 14/09/2022 11:27

Haha Gwenllian is NOTHING like Gwen Lilian.

Absolutely. It's Welsh and the ll is pronounced as an intake of breath, impossible to describe. It was my Welsh Mil's name

JamSandle · 14/09/2022 20:13

I dislike them all, but my opinion and those of others don't matter. Just so long as you and your partner can agree. They're very traditional names. Could you pick one as a middle name as a compromise?

pamshortsbrokenbothherlegs · 14/09/2022 20:14

I like your names, OP. Agnes was one we "took to the hospital" when I had DD, Elsa a longtime love of mine before Frozen ruined it, Astrid a lovely name we didn't seriously consider as I felt was getting too popular.

Could I interest you in Enid? It's what we ultimately went with and it goes well with your list, imo. Welsh, too!

Obviously, I love a clunky, marmite name. 😂

cansu · 14/09/2022 20:16

sorry I think they are all awful.

itssquidstella · 14/09/2022 20:17

I love Agatha and Agnes!

Epicstorm · 14/09/2022 20:20

Sorry. I think they are awful too. Astrid is the best but I think it’s becoming very popular which puts me off.

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 14/09/2022 20:21

Team DH

juicylemon · 14/09/2022 20:22

How about Allegra?

SylvanianFrenemies · 14/09/2022 20:33

Astrid and Elsa are nice.
The others feel like a bit of a burden to out on a child.

Suggestions that might be a compromise of your styles:


Purplecatshopaholic · 14/09/2022 20:38

Sorry op, with the exception of Astrid (but are you birthing a tall, blond Swede?), these are some of the ugliest and frumpiest names on the planet. Please don’t.

custardbear · 15/09/2022 04:28

Does he have a similar list of the names he prefers

jellybe · 15/09/2022 04:47

Love Astrid! Think the others all fine but not wow names if that makes sense.

Snowiscold · 15/09/2022 04:57

I like your names a lot. I’m not sure about Gwenllian, though, and I also thought it was spelled Gwendolen, not Gwendolyn.

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