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Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)

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Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:24

We have moved into our house after a lot of renovation work. Thought we’d get the estate agents in for estimations. Have been given a figure we literally can’t turn down.

All our art work is still in the storage unit. Is it worth putting up? I thought potential buyers may prefer hole-free walls. But DH thinks the house is not homely right now (chucked a lot away when we moved back in).

Any advice on what to do to appeal to buyers?

I’ll start with bedroom. Thanks a lot.

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
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Am I being unreasonable?

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Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:24

Whoops wrong pic

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Shoxfordian · 18/01/2024 13:25

I like your kitchen, looks nice and warm

LegoDeathTrap · 18/01/2024 13:27

I thought the advice was to keep it fairly minimal- it looks bigger and you want the buyers to be able to imagine THEIR stuff everywhere.

fedupandstuck · 18/01/2024 13:28

I wouldn't bother about adding artwork unless you have a really bare and sparse room to sort out. Just clean, tidy and uncluttered is fine.

Wittyname10 · 18/01/2024 13:31

It looks like a declutter would sort it out for the photos.

Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:34

Other side of bedroom I meant to share.

DH thinks it looks like student digs

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
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carpingdeum · 18/01/2024 13:36

No artwork. Keep it plain and clear

Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:37

We only have one bedside table, would you recommend we get a second just so it looks more
put together? Also my posh stool for the dressing table got damaged in the move - worth getting a cheap one to “stage”?

OP posts:
steppemum · 18/01/2024 13:41

Is this the house you have just renovated? And you want to sell it?

In that case keep it simple. Don't worry about bedside tables etc, just make the room look like it takes a good sized double bed, and doesn't require any work

Excited101 · 18/01/2024 13:43

Many estate agents massively over value to lock you into a contract and will immediately get you to drop the price. Have you had several different valuations from different estate agents op?

AgnesX · 18/01/2024 13:47

Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:34

Other side of bedroom I meant to share.

DH thinks it looks like student digs

Can you get rid of the bike and make the bed so that it's pristine and wrinkle free?

KnickerlessParsons · 18/01/2024 13:47

I'd take the exercise bike out of the bedroom.

steppemum · 18/01/2024 13:47

Have been given a figure we literally can’t turn down.
do you mean an estimate from estate agents?
I would get 3 different ones in an compare prices, and don't go with the one who offers you the most. You won't get it.

Loussa · 18/01/2024 13:48

We’ve had 4 EAs in. And a letting agent.

WolfFoxHare · 18/01/2024 13:49

I agree about the exercise bike. Tbh I’d get rid of the wall mounted TV and put a painting up there instead. But I hate wall mounted TVs.

Loussa · 18/01/2024 13:51

Bike can go in garage. Does something need to go in that corner now?

Lampzade · 18/01/2024 13:52
  • Get rid of the bike
  • Ensure that bedspreads are wrinkle free. Dress the bed
  • Declutter- get rid of books in bedroom
  • Tidy the kitchen- I would remove the tablecloth
  • Try to make everywhere look as spacious as possible

Loussa · 18/01/2024 13:53

Whoops switched accounts. That’s odd cause I had to set up a new one cause I cleared history on Safari and lost my auto save passwords. Somehow it’s come back after trying for ages.

MaggieFS · 18/01/2024 13:55

Don't worry about pictures.
Don't worry about a stool.
As long as there's obviously space for a second bedside table that's ok.
Get rid of the bike!!!
Move the books
Tidy up.

AliceOlive · 18/01/2024 13:56

Everything everyone else said. It looks great actually!

tennesseewhiskey1 · 18/01/2024 14:08

Be careful - lots of estate agents massively over estimate - I should know - they did this to me and the reality is our house went for 30% cheaper.

CarAccident · 18/01/2024 14:08

Is the kitchen grey or white?

General thinking at the moment is to dump all grey- so just do that if you can

CoffeeMachineNewbie · 18/01/2024 14:13

If the agent has quoted a figure you cant turn down then I'd just make sure its clean, tidy and has a clean, neutral smell.

Theres nothing off putting about your home at all. It's easy to visualise where I would put my stuff.

Make changes if it doesnt shift. I certainly wouldn't go around adding bedside units for balance.

Blanice · 18/01/2024 14:13

The kitchen is Howden’s dove grey. Everyone warned us against white (35kg dog x2). We had an inkling we may not be staying in the house so went for a neutral. Would have loved a sage if this was our forever house. Dh also made me pick boring tiles.

OP posts:
AwkwardPaws27 · 18/01/2024 14:13

Put the dog bowl away for photos / viewings, & I think that teepee (if that'd what it is?) in the bedroom would look nicer either set up or completely out of sight.

You can move stuff just for photos too - I literally had to move my mop, hoover & bins out of sight for basically every shot when we were selling out tiny first flat.

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