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Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)

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Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:24

We have moved into our house after a lot of renovation work. Thought we’d get the estate agents in for estimations. Have been given a figure we literally can’t turn down.

All our art work is still in the storage unit. Is it worth putting up? I thought potential buyers may prefer hole-free walls. But DH thinks the house is not homely right now (chucked a lot away when we moved back in).

Any advice on what to do to appeal to buyers?

I’ll start with bedroom. Thanks a lot.

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
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Am I being unreasonable?

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stealthninjamum · 18/01/2024 15:15

Op when did you buy it? Did you just buy it to do up? I’m cynical when I see that people are selling something after a year and assume that they did a cheap job of everything or that you’ve got nightmare neighbours. I would also resent having to throw things out - like a new kitchen or floor that wasn’t to my taste.

People are going to ask why you’re selling it and because you’ve been there such a short period I would go against advice to leave the walls bare and I would add curtains and artwork to make it look like you intended to live there and you’re not running from bad neighbours.

Sureaseggs44 · 18/01/2024 15:16

Blanice · 18/01/2024 14:52

2nd question. Should we hang up our old curtains which were very nice but it will involve a 300 mile round trip to pick up (expensive to ship).

Or fine as is?

It’s a personal thing but I hate curtains . We were left curtain rails in this house . Took them down and put up Roman blinds . Could you not put up cheap roller blinds just so the windows don’t look totally bare ?

what about some basic ikea prints on the removable hooks so you don’t damage the walls ?

purplecorkheart · 18/01/2024 15:16

I wouldn't bother painting the sideboard. Is there some kind of little stand in the photo of the kitchen. I would get rid of that. As others Make sure there is no evidence of dogs as much as possible including in the garden. Make sure entrance hall is clear of clutter. Personally I would get rid of the vase on the side board. I would also clear the kitchen table and not have fruit bowl on it.

Kittenkitty · 18/01/2024 15:16

I have moved house a couple of times and always bought and sold on first day on the market.

put as much away as you can, tea towels, spsatulas etc, should all be away. Have as little personality as possible.

as for estate agents, look at their listings online, when I looked the one who offered me the highest valuation doesn’t move property quickly and a lot had reductions on them. They bank on you staying with them once you’ve signed and listed. It’s a business strategy.

Butterandtoast · 18/01/2024 15:17

diddl · 18/01/2024 14:37

If the house is that fabulous & the location is good I don't think it really matters tbh.

Yep this!

Op, in the nicest way possible you sound like you're overthinking it

Making sure it's clean and tidy is all you need to worry about

Mirabai · 18/01/2024 15:20

Blanice · 18/01/2024 14:44

Getting so much amazing advice, thanks.

DH has told me his job his weekend is to paint this “ugly” sideboard. He hates how yellow it now looks against new pale wood floors. This is pointless, right?

Totally pointless. No-one turned down a house on the basis of a sideboard.

Riverlee · 18/01/2024 15:20

Take down the Christmas tree!

Move the books of the stool - suggests you don’t have enough storage space ( hide in cupboard)

Dog bowl - I agree, remove for estate agent photo and viewings

Bed - I would put a coloured cushion on bed (fuchsia pink?) rather then grey to give it a bit of colour

i don’t think you need a second stool

Then general declutter and tidy, but overall not bad.

Is this the house you’ve just renovated? If so, do you feel sad at investing all the time, energy and money and now selling it? Or have you renovated another house which you’re moving in to?

NigelHarmansNewWife · 18/01/2024 15:22

Declutter and tidy. The little round cushion on the bed would be better on the bench at the foot of the bed once you've moved the books. I would put curtains up at the windows - just buy some inexpensive ones. Don't make a 300 mile round trip, especially not if you think you may want to use those curtains again yourselves. It doesn't matter if they are just dress curtains you never close, they just finish the windows. If you leave things unfinished it can make prospective buyers think there are other jobs not completed.

I would put some pictures up. You can use Command Strips and the IKEA things which do minimal damage. Think about your target market, you're selling a lifestyle and you want it to be aspirational rather than bland and bare.

Mirabai · 18/01/2024 15:22

Blanice · 18/01/2024 14:57

I am worried about the grey carpet and grey kitchen cabinets. Everyone is saying grey is over but I’m not that good with interiors so couldn’t think of anything else. Beige/cream is a no go cause of dogs.

Grey’s been over for years but many people haven’t notified, don’t worry.

Going on pics a good % of MNers have grey houses.

Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:25

We are in a nice part of a commuter town (30 mins to London by train).

Its hard for me to strike that balance of warm and cosy without adding what many would deem clutter.

OP posts:
Ilikeadrink14 · 18/01/2024 15:25

Nothing much wrong with it. Did you post this just to show off your house??

NigelHarmansNewWife · 18/01/2024 15:25

If you've just renovated, are you actually living there? Be aware you may have CGT liabilities. That's the reason a lot of people on HUTH choose to live in a place they've done up "while they decide what to do with it".

Winederlust · 18/01/2024 15:25

I'm going to go against the grain here and say the bedroom looks a bit of a boring box if I'm honest.

I don't buy into the 'keep it plain' mantra for selling houses, it's a mantra that people repeat but i don't think it's necessarily true. I want a house that looks like someone has enjoyed their time living there enough to put a bit of their own stamp on it (within reason!!).

Definitely move the bike. Also I do think a second bedside table would help. Even if there's plenty of space people may question that if there isn't one.

With artwork a few pictures would give it a more homely feel I think. No need for holes in the wall, use command hooks/strips which peel off.

Maybe some more colourful bedding?

Re curtains I think the windows need some kind of dressing for the same reasons. Could just be some cheap blinds but definitely something needed I think.

Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:28

The carpet guy told us to go for a mid colour grey as our home is a family home and too light a colour would potentially put some people off. Not a fan personally

OP posts:
Mirabai · 18/01/2024 15:30

Can’t imagine taking interiors advice from a carpet guy. 😆

Mirabai · 18/01/2024 15:31

Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:25

We are in a nice part of a commuter town (30 mins to London by train).

Its hard for me to strike that balance of warm and cosy without adding what many would deem clutter.

Well in that case you’re not going to have a problem selling anyway.

candycane222 · 18/01/2024 15:31

Agree get some cheap curtains/blinds. The house actually doesn't look lived in currently IMO because of that-
who goes through winter without curtains or blinds?

All that dark out there looking in- it's creepy!

candycane222 · 18/01/2024 15:33

@NanaRant Iwant your view! It's amazing!!

Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:35

Is it really worth spending £65 on something like this from IKEA? I’m skeptical we’d get it back

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
OP posts:
NanaRant · 18/01/2024 15:39

@candycane222 Thank you! It's a tad snowy today though

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:40

Tree is still up cause we only put it up on the 15th ish. Getting our monies(sp?) worth!

OP posts:
sensationalsally · 18/01/2024 15:41

Agree with almost everything other posters have said except - without ANY artwork, the place looks too Spartan. Can you put one or two bits up with those removable wall pads, I've used them and they do hold well .


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Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:41

DH is still going ahead with painting the sideboard. He’s got it into his head now

OP posts:
Blanice · 18/01/2024 15:42

I’ve used the pads in the past and it ripped off a bit of plaster. Not sure DH will go for it but worth a try

OP posts:
Bellyblueboy · 18/01/2024 15:46

Put in enough personal touches so it doesn’t look rented. I would put the art up - you will be living there for at least a few months so make it into an enjoyable home.

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