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Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)

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Blanice · 18/01/2024 13:24

We have moved into our house after a lot of renovation work. Thought we’d get the estate agents in for estimations. Have been given a figure we literally can’t turn down.

All our art work is still in the storage unit. Is it worth putting up? I thought potential buyers may prefer hole-free walls. But DH thinks the house is not homely right now (chucked a lot away when we moved back in).

Any advice on what to do to appeal to buyers?

I’ll start with bedroom. Thanks a lot.

Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
Help me tart up house for sale (pics included)
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Somethingintheloft · 18/01/2024 22:20

How you style or live in your house wouldn't effect my decision in buying. Leave as is OP

ViolinSpin · 18/01/2024 23:35

Sorry to hear that OP and wish you the best.

Imo your house is clean and new you don't need to do a thing to it. Buyers don't care about the colour of your furniture.

WearyAuldWumman · 18/01/2024 23:42

Recently sold a house. Estate agent advised that a 'blank canvas' was best.

Painted all plain walls white. No pictures up.

Now, I admit that it's not a dear house - 2 bed, well below stamp duty level and in central belt of Scotland - but I got 16k more than estate agent originally expected. (Good home report helped.)

Signed contract Monday. On site Tuesdays. Viewings Thursday. One offer made Thursday. Better offer made Friday morning.

Anxhor · 18/01/2024 23:44

For a house that needs selling it's nice abd plain and clean looking so just leave it

Wictc · 18/01/2024 23:47

Can you take the tvs off the wall and fill in the gaps?

sensationalsally · 24/01/2024 18:35

The advice I was given when I was selling was -"what are you selling?" go from there. you are selling a lifestyle, not just a house. So - country cottage - lots of chintz, bread in oven ... trendy urban flat - minimalism, arty prints etc. you get the message, I'm sure. Decide what you're actually selling, and emphasise that.

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