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To be annoyed at shops going paperless

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Fillyfrog · 09/01/2024 21:45

River Island today.

'We're going paperless, can I take your email for a receipt?'
me 'no thanks'
River Island lady 'okay, I can't provide you with a receipt then'

At this point I gave in and give her my email because I didn't know if I'd change my mind about the jeans and they weren't cheap.

Ten minutes later, an email receipt and a Welcome to River Island advertising email, clearly been added to the mailing list.


How do they get away with it? Yes I want to save the planet but how are they getting away with adding you to mailing lists without asking your permission? Same thing happened in New Look also. Is it not some kind of data breach?! And what will happen when all shops do this and we have a million different emails every day 🤯 what if you're elderly, or young and you don't have an email? Any retail workers have any insight?

OP posts:
unlikelychump · 09/01/2024 21:46

I think I would say - I think you can!

SloaneyPhoney · 09/01/2024 21:47

I always refuse. Once I agreed to an email receipt from Mango on the condition I wouldn’t be added to a mailing list. The woman promised. Of course immediately I received a newsletter.

ClareWilsonNS · 09/01/2024 21:49

Just say "No, I want a paper receipt please." Repeat as necessary. They give you one.

Canonlythinkofthisone · 09/01/2024 21:50

You should always be able to get a paper receipt. Always.

I ask for them deliberately to get the eye roll sometimes. Even if I'm already signed up to the shops mailing list

purpleme12 · 09/01/2024 21:50

Whenever I say I want a paper one they've always given me one. Admittedly I've not bought something from River Island for a while. I'll be seriously annoyed if they start saying we can't do a paper receipt

purpleme12 · 09/01/2024 21:50

Have shopped in New Look recently though. They didn't object to paper receipt when I said

OhBumBags · 09/01/2024 21:51

Either demand a paper one or just open a throwaway email address.

VickyEadieofThigh · 09/01/2024 21:51

Thry have to give you a receipt. They can and must give you a paper one. I always insist and always get one.

TitsInAbsentia · 09/01/2024 21:51

I wonder if the staff are incentivised to collect email addresses hence saying no? Not that it makes it ok, I always want a paper receipt, I get enough junk email!

KarenNotAKaren · 09/01/2024 21:52

I makes me rage unreasonably that I am asked to read out my personal data in a shop full of strangers. I never give my email and they cannot refuse to give you proof of purchase. I also think about people who don’t have email, such as many elderly people. Absurd!

Fillyfrog · 09/01/2024 21:53

Honestly it happened to me just today. Trafford centre. Maybe if I had insisted more on getting one they would have provided it, but I was taken aback so I just gave my email.

I usually do the same as everyone else, say no and then get a paper one. But not today 🤷🏼‍♀️

OP posts:
KarenNotAKaren · 09/01/2024 21:53

I also hate they way they word it like o have no choice “Can I take your email for a receipt”. I just say no paper is fine

pavillion1 · 09/01/2024 21:54

i have a stammer so this sort of thing sends me into a frenzy. its not fair really.

Fillyfrog · 09/01/2024 21:55

A couple of months ago in Accessorize (also Trafford centre) the lady on the till was seriously annoyed that I wouldn't give my email. She said 'well we will be going paperless soon, so you won't actually be able to get a paper copy!' I stood by it and she gave me one eventually. It's so bloody annoying

OP posts:
FourChimneys · 09/01/2024 21:56

I just tell them I don't have an email address. They have to provide a receipt so a paper one it is, even if they have to call a floor manager because the person on the till is clueless.

I refuse to hand over my information to random people in shops. The one time a shop couldn't do a paper receipt I just walked out without the item.

TitsInAbsentia · 09/01/2024 21:56

I've just googled and it looks like they don't legally have to give a receipt - this can't be true can it?

LondonQueen · 09/01/2024 21:58

They don't legally have to give you a receipt, and the consumer goods act states that a credit card statement should be satisfactory for proof of purchase.

C1N1C · 09/01/2024 21:58

Do what I do... main email for friends and family and a junk email for website sign ups, spam, receipts and for pranking the ex :)

Fillyfrog · 09/01/2024 22:00

What about the stores signing you up for advertising emails without asking? Is that legal? If you bought something online you'd at least have the option of ticking the box and declining it.

OP posts:
FourChimneys · 09/01/2024 22:01

LondonQueen what happens if you are using a debit card? I it the same? What about if you want to pay by cash? Some shops won't accept cash but many still do.

EmmaEmerald · 09/01/2024 22:01

LondonQueen · 09/01/2024 21:58

They don't legally have to give you a receipt, and the consumer goods act states that a credit card statement should be satisfactory for proof of purchase.

That won't show what items you bought though.!

BeyondMyWits · 09/01/2024 22:11

My proper email has my first name and last name in it.
My receipts email has my first name and "receipts" in it.
My one for the kids school had my first name, kids initial and "school" in it.
The mail app on my phone gathers all addresses together and I can look at the ones I want to.
So I don't much care if they go paperless or not. I'm not looking at their crap anyway.

RebelMoon · 09/01/2024 22:19

Maybe we should all set up a junk email account that they'd rather not have said out loud in their store.


etc etc

thinslicedham · 09/01/2024 22:19

Honestly, how much difference can a receipt make? I'm certain there are other chances they can make instead, if being environmentally friendly is the aim.

CrazyCatLover · 09/01/2024 22:20

I will be asking for a paper receipt from now on. I didn't receive my email receipt from dunelm.... had bought an Xmas present and it broke 1 week later so made it tricky to sort with no receipt!

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