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Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

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Hesma · 19/03/2023 09:22

I’ve had the biggest giggle with my Mum this morning 🤣. I’ve been ill all week with shingles and so can’t visit my Mum this weekend neither of my parents have had chicken pox. So posted card and present, she opened it this morning and I’d sent her a beautiful photo frame but forgot to put the photos of the kids in 🤦‍♀️… crying with laughter down the phone together… best present ever!

My DDs are with dad this weekend and I know I won’t get anything because I was too poorly to take them shopping. However my youngest (who has SEN) made me a card at Cubs… apparently it’s a cow and an elephant 🤣🤣🤣

AIBU to think giggles and memories are more important than stuff! I’ll get a cuddle when my girls get home later… what more could any Mother want?

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts
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Minecraftmadness · 19/03/2023 17:30

Loving all of these.

DS (14) bought me a bar of chocolate that he’s been unsuccessfully hiding in the fridge for the last 2 weeks.

He didnt get me a card but we were randomly going through his old art work on Friday and he found a couple of cards he made when he was younger so those were re-gifted this morning 😂 (very eco friendly!)

TheTurn0fTheScrew · 19/03/2023 17:34

12yo Dc2 got me some blue-dyed flowers. Not perhaps what I would have chosen myself but very kind of her. But in the course of putting them in a vase they've stained my fingers and it won't shift.

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts
rogueone · 19/03/2023 17:37

My mate got a hand written card from her 15yr old stating ' Happy Mothers Day BITCH, you are the best mummy ever just isnt that clear sometimes.....' I laughed out loud at that

mummydoris2006 · 19/03/2023 17:39

I suffered two mini strokes a couple of weeks ago so am too tired to be up to going out for a nice meal etc. My DD16 got me some absolutely lovely and thoughtful presents though, soft PJ's, fluffy socks, skin care and a sleep mask.
Instead of spending the day at home with me and her dad I told her to go out fertiliser spreading instead which I knew she was itching to do (she's an apprentice agricultural engineer) 😂

houselikeashed · 19/03/2023 17:44

When my DC were younger, I could hear the following conversation on Mother's Day….
DC1: DC2, where's your present you made for mum?
DC2 : It's over here.
DC1 : but where are the biscuits you made?
DC2 : I ate them.
DC1 : ok, so just give mum the (paper) basket then. Where's your card?
DC2 : I don't know. I've lost it.

What arrived was a beautiful card with a poem and picture from DC1, an empty paper made basket, and an old Christmas card with Happy Christmas crossed out and Happy Muvvers day written on it!!!!

It was my best MD ever, as it just summed up my DC perfectly! I kept the Christmas card.

Wonkyspecs · 19/03/2023 17:46

Years ago when my son was about 7 or 8 he told me to stay in bed while he made me breakfast........ I lay in bed listening to every cupboard door, kitchen drawers, microwave, fridge door being opened and slammed shut....lots of utensils being dropped....I was starting to panic when I heard him shout "dont worry about the mess, I'll help you clean it up"????
He then brought me up a ham sandwich. Lovely gesture..... but the butter was thicker than the bread!!! And the ham wasn't the best, possible a bit furry and gritty from being dropped but he said it was only on the floor for a second. I had to eat it all with him grinning at me, encouraging me to finish it all.
Bless him, he was so proud of himself. Xx

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere · 19/03/2023 17:48

Oldest DS once sent me a potato with the words "Sorry this was late just like you were until you found out I was coming". It came in a little box with shredded straw around it and it sat on my dining table instead of a bunch of flowers.

The next year my five kids and a friend decided to recreate the song by "This is Jinsy" - Five special potatoes. Over the course of the week I had a potato in the post each day, each with a line from the song:

"To make you smile"
"To put your pencils in"
"To advise on style"
"To use as potato shelving"
"To prepare as chips"
"To turn into a ferret's underwear! - Wait a minute that's six!"

One year I had a balloon that said Silver Wedding Anniversary on the side. The (mostly adult) children had seen the "25" on the other side and thought it would be fun to mark my 25 Mother's Day. Except they had the maths wrong and it was actually the 26th!

Sexypyjamas · 19/03/2023 18:16

DD one year wrote inside the card "love from your favourite child."
I try so hard to not have favourites 🤣

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere · 19/03/2023 18:26

@Sexypyjamas DD one year wrote inside the card "love from your favourite child."
I try so hard to not have favourites

It's a running joke in our family so that's what my youngest wrote in my card this year. I did think about posting it on FB and asking "Any of you want to claim this is from you?" but she sent me such a lovely present I had to thank her for it straight away.

One year the 5 kids bought their dad identical Father's Day cards which all read "From your favourite child".

PurpleEmpress · 19/03/2023 18:27

tealandteal · 19/03/2023 12:39

DS2 made a lovely card at toddler group with DH. DS1 made a lovely card at school and another card with ‘Happy Sluggers Day’ written on it, and a long explanation about slugs and the allotment we are on a waiting list for.

My Mum was very envious of a rubber caterpillar I had seen and bought myself so that year on Mothering Sunday I got one for her too along with a wet look slug. She was delighted and promptly put them on display on the mantlepiece. Both she and I liked the more unusual sort of present.

Sadly she is no longer around, I bought some daffodils to remember her by and have them in my kitchen today. Also made one of her favourite lunches too for myself. It was delicious. Loving this thread

Zizz · 19/03/2023 18:28

colddrytoast · 19/03/2023 10:52

Nothing from the kids but the cat brought me a mangled, thankfully dead, mouse this morning. At least he's on it !

I hope you were grateful enough to eat it, then.

asdfgasdfg · 19/03/2023 18:34

I am a terrible pedant and insist on MOTHERING SUNDAY cards. Most years my girls haven't been able to find a shop bought one. I have a 30 year collection of some really awful hand made ones but wouldn't change them.

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou · 19/03/2023 18:39

DD always refers to herself as our “favourite child” (tongue in cheek) so this morning I told DS “of course she’s not my favourite child” smug grin at his sister until I added “Lucy in Green Class is my favourite” (I work in a school).

(DD IS my favourite but only because she has moved out and I don’t have to clear up after her anymore).

Scottishdreams1991 · 19/03/2023 18:48

Ds 3 still needs help wiping his bum after toilet and today he asked me to do it.

"Mummy you wipe my bum ok since its mamas day' 😆

Chooksnroses · 19/03/2023 18:58

LoveQuinnOhDearyMe · 19/03/2023 12:20

Oh I do hope some of you are the parents of my class!

I teach reception - we obviously make a card and a gift as part of the planning (and I watch carefully over it being made 😊😊) but obviously in the spirit of things, once the children realise, they take themselves over to the art corner and make all sorts of wonderful creations for their mums! And of course I give them a hand if needs be 😂😂😂 So I would love to hear if any of you received:

  • a beautifully crafted model of yourself made from a bisto tub, toilet rolls for arms and legs and a paper plate head with various colours of wool stuck on as hair. (It was really adorable)
  • painted rocks. Brought in from the mud garden and decorated.
  • shakers of various sorts filled with rice and pasta. That was a noisy day.
  • Home made perfume. Consisting of the picked flowers from our outside area (your child is a rebel, they aren’t supposed to do that) water and a beautifully painted Evian bottle.
  • A guitar made from a tissue box and elastic bands and wrapped up in tissue paper.
  • A cereal box covered in foam shapes which child proudly said “mummy says special things go 9n the mantle piece so I’ll put it there” ❤️
  • a unicorn horn made from play dough. It looks exactly like what you think it will look like

The thought is there, I absolutely love watching them make these things so proudly, but I also enjoy having a secret giggle with my TA about the reactions when received!

The best Mothers day present I got was one my six year old daughter brought home from school. A lovely photo of herself in a tissue paper frame. It was before digital so the teacher had taken a whole reel of film and paid for them to be developed.

minimadgirl · 19/03/2023 19:08

I spent most of the day at work , so was overjoyed with my youngest daughter's present.... a stick. Well actually a twig, but she can't say twig , so it's a stick. Granted she is 18 months old. It's in a vase in the kitchen now.

(Although my mum got curly wurlies from her that she picked!).

Furries · 19/03/2023 19:19

morekidsthanhands · 19/03/2023 15:25

I have got a lovely shriveled hand keyring that my 6 year old made at rainbows. Doubles as self defence (it's pretty sharp 😅)

I am loving this thread 🤣

This post made me laugh and immediately reminded me of a thread from last year

DarkShade · 19/03/2023 21:50

I'm so happy to have found my people. I would treasure all of these forever! @lovedive that picture is just hilarious.

My 3 year old proudly presented me with a card with a diamond and kisses that he had drawn, and told me "mummy I thought that this diamond would be really good for you". He's right, it's perfect for me!

GirlsAndPenguins · 19/03/2023 22:40

Ive been having a bit of back pain since having DD2 3 weeks ago. My husband got me a massage gun for Mother’s Day! It looks absolutely terrifying! Apparently he typed ‘Mother’s Day gifts’ into Amazon! My 3 year old thinks it’s wonderful and was constantly demanding it was her turn and collapsing into fits of giggles.
But the whole family have been wetting themselves looking at it today so I’ve decided it’s worth it’s value in comedy alone 😂😂

AlwaysLuigi · 19/03/2023 22:49

I’m dying at the shrivelled hand keyring 🤣🤣

Flowersintheattic57 · 19/03/2023 23:01

lovedive · 19/03/2023 13:08

This is me

The worst thing is she's made this at school

Positively gifted. 😂

Sparkleshine21 · 19/03/2023 23:05

My mums favorite Mother’s Day quote of mine was “I was going to get you Ferrero Rocher, but then I remembered I don’t like those” 🤣

starfishmummy · 19/03/2023 23:30

BertaHoon · 19/03/2023 15:12

My son used to sign his cards with our surname - you know, just in case I didn't realise who it was from.

I miss the school / nursery years.

In recent years I've had to my favourite step mum (step crossed out) my special mother in law (in law crossed out). Haven't heard anything from him today.

Going out to meet ex and daughter in a bit. She's far more thoughtful. I hope 🤣

Not mothers day, but DH bought me Happy Birthday Cousin last year....(he's not my cousin). One year he bought a card for DS to send to mil saying "Happy Birthday, Great Grandma". I managed to intercept that and explain it didn't mean that she was a great person!!

Janie1962 · 19/03/2023 23:32

TongueTwistr · 19/03/2023 13:07

At 6 I took my mum breakfast in bed. It was hard carrying the tray with the full teapot up the stairs, but I managed it.
When she queried my brewing process, I helpfully informed her that since she would have gone mad if I'd touched the kettle, I had ingeniously used cold water from the tap!
It's the thought that counts - apparently.

When my daughter was young and made a cup of tea for me (under very dubious circumstances!), I gently explained that although it was lovely I couldn't drink it because it was cold. Without batting an eyelid, she took a swig, swilled it round her mouth, spat it back into the cup and said "There, it's warm now!"

CatMattress · 20/03/2023 02:24

I got an excitement but generic card from the ex saying 'mum' on it, which neither of the kids call me, which he knows, but DD was happy to have a thing to hand over.

What I appreciated far more was the very full, slightly sloshed cup of tea DS11 enthusiastically made me - only the second one ever after a practice run on the Saturday. His secondary school induction paperwork said he needed to be able to safely bpil and pour a kettle for DT, which he proved, and i jokjngky said he could make me a cuppa for mothers day. He has some atruggles with organisation and memory due to ADHD so I was blown away that he stopped himself midway through lau ching himself at me for a hug to go put the kettle on! Couldn't believe he remembered. I mean, he did then forget for half an hour while he watches YouTube, but we got there eventually!

DD gave me a shoulder and head massage after I read her her bedtime story. She's only 8 but she has strong hands and she's dextrous. It was really very good and greatly appreciated after an emotional day (for other reasons).

DS decided to close the day with the delightful parting gift of waking me an hour after I passed out by vomiting loudly. Luckily he made it to the bathroom..Hooray. I do hope I don't catch it.

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