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Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

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Hesma · 19/03/2023 09:22

I’ve had the biggest giggle with my Mum this morning 🤣. I’ve been ill all week with shingles and so can’t visit my Mum this weekend neither of my parents have had chicken pox. So posted card and present, she opened it this morning and I’d sent her a beautiful photo frame but forgot to put the photos of the kids in 🤦‍♀️… crying with laughter down the phone together… best present ever!

My DDs are with dad this weekend and I know I won’t get anything because I was too poorly to take them shopping. However my youngest (who has SEN) made me a card at Cubs… apparently it’s a cow and an elephant 🤣🤣🤣

AIBU to think giggles and memories are more important than stuff! I’ll get a cuddle when my girls get home later… what more could any Mother want?

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts
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Workinghardeveryday · 20/03/2023 19:58

Karenaki · 20/03/2023 19:07

My son made me a beautiful card, and drew this picture of us inside. He explained (I’m glad to say) that he’s the one on the right, wearing his karate belt 😂😂

That is amazing 😂. Bless him 😍


tommyhoundmum · 20/03/2023 20:03

I was given some chips.


T1Dmama · 20/03/2023 20:58

My DD when she was about 4 went downstairs determined to bring me breakfast in bed…. She came up with a tray with neat squash and an apple 😂❤️


twoboystwodogs · 20/03/2023 21:00

A few years ago my DH was working a long shift on Mother's Day so my DSs, then 5 and 3, bought me a slice of buttered bread and a can of diet coke in bed, saying they were too scared to use the toaster and kettle but knew I loved diet coke - honestly the best present ever.


Hoppysue · 20/03/2023 22:29

My then 8 year old bought me a jar of mayonnaise to “get rid of the cracks around my eyes”!!!!!


BTMadmummy · 21/03/2023 06:40

Hoppysue · 20/03/2023 22:29

My then 8 year old bought me a jar of mayonnaise to “get rid of the cracks around my eyes”!!!!!



Heyhoitsme · 21/03/2023 07:07

My grandson made a tulip at school for mothers day but insisted on giving it to his dad instead.


HarrietPoole · 21/03/2023 07:54

thenotsoeviltwin · 19/03/2023 12:13

Standard stuff. Chocs from ds which he then opened and ate! Nice card though!
Teen dsd who lives with us as her mum isn't the best, gave me a card thanking me for everything.
Might have cried a bit there
And a bottle of my fave wine. Dh didn't buy it for her. She's 14.
I'm impressed. 😁


The pearl clutchers will be along any minute 😆


TwoShades1 · 21/03/2023 08:48

@Iudncuewbccgrcb wins! I’m actually crying a bit. Which is actually annoying as I’m trying to get a toddler to sleep. 😂


Lopoem · 21/03/2023 09:32

My 4 year old really made me smile. I did get a lovely bunch of flowers and bottle of gin which my husband organised. My 7 year old also decorated an old jar and inside were loads of lovely messages she had written. My 4 year old very proudly handed me an old Amazon cardboard envelope. There was a piece of paper at the bottom folded up really tiny. I unfolded it and it was a dinosaur colouring sheet which was half coloured in. She said 'I left the others for you to colour Mummy' 🙂.


LizzyA123 · 21/03/2023 09:38



spinspinsugar55 · 21/03/2023 10:46

From my 10 year old twin DS’s who understand how hard being a mother is 😂😂

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

ChangedmynameagainforChristmas · 21/03/2023 11:20

I'm an 'old' mum now.. my children have children of their own. I got the standard flowers and chocolates and cards but from my grandson aged four I received a home made card with stickers of all the things that are 'me' on it.
Cups for a cup of tea, a watering can, gargening glubbs as he likes to call them. a dog - of course - some daisies because they are my favourite flower and some wellies plus a trowel and fork set. Lovely !

One year many moons ago one of mine - his Mummy actually - gave me a flat round pink blob of clay for Mothers ay. I said ooh that's lovely - what is it ? Came the indignant reply
"It's Vincent Van Goch's ear Mummy".. she was 4 too.


Unicorn2022 · 21/03/2023 12:45

I was sitting on the sofa on Mother's Day with a cup of tea and my DH came in the room with my DS who was holding a lovely bouquet of flowers. DH said "DS give the flowers to mummy then" so DS lobbed the bouquet across the room at me. It knocked half the cup of hot tea all over my legs and fanjo and landed on the floor. Luckily the flowers weren't too badly damaged.


SmileyClare · 21/03/2023 12:52

Love all these, especially the messages in your card @spinspinsugar55 ❤️

Many years ago my son had filled in the blank space on a “I love my mummy because…”..card with help from his teacher.

Hed written because “she cooks me fish fingers with black bits on”. 😂

Ive still got that card on my kitchen notice board.


IncyWincyGrownUp · 21/03/2023 16:17

My boys got me a card from one of the cats. They decided it was fitting, as I have as many cats as children.


SerenaB12 · 21/03/2023 21:35

I have a white cat.. who has been known to show his disapproval by shitting where he isn't supposed to... this was my card from oldest DD (25)

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

Inbetweenie993 · 22/03/2023 11:35

My Mum once had 2 Pigs feet as a present! She liked them once ( probably 'during the war' and rationing) ...but a bit of a surprise this day and age! My sister thought she was being thoughtful and nostalgic. I can't print what Mum said!


icelolly99 · 22/03/2023 14:01

A few years ago I got this delightful home made card from one of my offspring..... 🤣

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

SmileyClare · 22/03/2023 14:04

Ah the innocence of youth. That’s so sweet.
If only our offspring did fall out of our fannys wrapped in a beautiful blanket squealing “whee” (or wee) 😂🤣


icelolly99 · 22/03/2023 18:16

@SmileyClare .... she was 16 at the time!.. I did assure her she definitely didn't fall out and I felt every push. 🤣


Ukrainebaby23 · 27/03/2023 04:35

PinkiOcelot · 19/03/2023 10:58

Who the hell is saying YABU?!

Sometimes my lo kicks me when I'm on the phone, gently, but I do sometimes press the wrong thing, on this occasion it wasn't me but it happens.


NobodyKnowsTiddlyPom · 06/04/2023 16:09

My middle child bought me a pineapple for my birthday once. I said jokingly, as she handed me the wrapped pressie, “Haha! Looks like you wrapped up a pineapple!” Imagine my surprise when it actually was 🤣🤣🤣


hmmmm01 · 20/05/2023 22:32

Just catching up on some old threads and this has had me howling 🤣


asdfgasdfg · 21/05/2023 10:57

I insist on Mothering Sunday cards which apparently are rarer than hen's teeth so for the last 35+ years I've had hand made ones of varying quality

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