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School Trip to Morocco

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Goldsand · 17/10/2022 19:00

My DDs secondary school have just announced they will be doing a school trip in the next school year to Morocco for my daughters year.

It’s normally Iceland but they have changed it to Morocco this time.

A couple of other mums have said they won’t be sending their kids as they don’t think it’s safe to send their teen girls there.

Iv never been personally but I thought it was a safe country overall.

However, now I’m doubting myself …. I was going to agree to her going even though i think it’s steep as it’s over £1,000.


YABU - It’s safe, don’t worry about it.
YANBU - I would never send my teen child there on a school trip.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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DurhamDurham · 17/10/2022 19:47

We went as part of a cruise (I know, I know, Mumsnet hates cruises) and hated it. I didn't feel safe or confident to walk around alone. When people were back on the ship some had awful experiences of being mugged, groped and followed. I'd never go back, I'd also try to deter my two girls from going.

Revolvingwhore · 17/10/2022 19:48

Also, you should watch Inventing Anna before deciding.

ElizabethinherGermanGarden · 17/10/2022 19:49

Is it a First Challenge trip with hiking in the High Atlas? If so, I've done that trip - and it cost much the same 20 years ago! It is beautiful, challenging and a real test for first timers. The city parts (Marrakech, Essaouira) are more 'foreign' in feel than the mountain hiking - the mountains are physically pretty easy; it's the endurance of being out of reach of facilities that is the challenge. We took Year 10 and although I think Year 8 could have coped, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to take them!

Luncheonmeatsandwich · 17/10/2022 19:50

I'm reasonably well travelled, but no way would I let my year 8 child go on a school trip to Morocco. I felt very uneasy in Marrakech and the souks. It's one of the few places in the world I'd never go back to.

Fluffymule · 17/10/2022 19:50

I believe that homosexuality is still illegal in Morocco so this, along with the continuing wide disparity of women's equality and inclusion in economic, social and political life, means it its somewhere I wouldn't look to go to, or encourage others to visit.

I'd rather spend tourist dollars or pounds in more women friendly societies and where people aren't under threat of arrest based on their sexual orientation.

KindergartenKop · 17/10/2022 19:51

I went on a school trip there when I was 15. The other parents are right...

Though maybe it's changed???

MissingNashville · 17/10/2022 19:51

No chance. Not safe for young girls. I wouldn’t support their attitudes to females. Very odd choice for a school trip.

And these camels are trained to give camel rides using violence and have dreadful lives.

BelleMarionette · 17/10/2022 19:52

No way, its a dangerous place for tourists, even more so for women and girls. Terrorism and sexual assault are far too common.

viques · 17/10/2022 19:52

Georgyporky · 17/10/2022 19:34

I've been to Marrakech.
I don't think safety is the problem, but the cost is extortionate.

You do realise the teachers pay nothing?
Their costs are added onto the cost to the pupils.

The teachers pay nothing! Oi caramba! Oh and while you are frothing at the mouth and worrying about that one you might want to consider that the teachers

a) won’t be getting TOIL
b) won’t be paid overtime
c) will be on duty for 24 hours x 5 for the duration of the trip
d) won’t sleep well for the entire length of the trip
e) will be in loco parentis to about 30 teenagers who will be unpredictable, hormonal , homesick and over excited, liable to lose things, fall out with their best friends/ throw up/ fall over inanimate objects/ spend their money on unsuitable items eg flick knives .
f) will have spent hours and HOURS and HOURS planning the trip, organising travel arrangements, checking insurance, checking passports, checking any health issues or allergies, writing h and s breakdowns, being kind to parents who haven’t read your carefully worded handouts.
g) will be missing out on time with their own families
h) will probably have been expected to leave work for their other year groups to do with supply teachers, who may or may not have done it properly/ marked it/ lost resources/ buggered up the whiteboard.

but hey, it’s a free holiday isn’t it, lucky buggers.

Weefreetiffany · 17/10/2022 19:53

They rely so much on tourism there that it’s safe enough. It’s not like the kids will be going out at night wearing all their finary. Ouzazate in the middle of nowhere and it’s beautiful, loads of movies are filmed there. I can see it as a very valuable geography trip. The Atlas Mountains are spectacular, so are the kasbahs and oasis.

I’ve camped in the desert and it’s all reputable. Especially for 1k. Feels like a lot of money for Morocco… they will also spend a lot of time in transit, five our mrkch to ouzazate, another three to risani or arfoud for the camping. And back again. But year a lot of people commenting don’t know what they’re talking about and sound pretty racist. Liverpool is more dangerous tbh.

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles · 17/10/2022 19:53

Have a look at the travel section for Morocco on Gov.uK,

Iflyaway · 17/10/2022 19:53

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Blueberrycreampie · 17/10/2022 19:54

I remember pupils going there in the 60s but maybe things were very different then, and it might have been as part of a cruise? This was in Scotland.

Maireas · 17/10/2022 19:54

LIZS · 17/10/2022 19:12

Ridiculous cost.

I suspect that the insurance is high

Summerfun54321 · 17/10/2022 19:55

No way for year 8. I bet a man has organised this trip.

MissingNashville · 17/10/2022 19:55

....Not to mention the attitudes to being gay. I’d be challenging the choice of destination with the school. Iceland is lovely and a much better choice all round.

Maireas · 17/10/2022 19:56

Georgyporky · 17/10/2022 19:34

I've been to Marrakech.
I don't think safety is the problem, but the cost is extortionate.

You do realise the teachers pay nothing?
Their costs are added onto the cost to the pupils.

Oh here we go.
A few teacher places are free, mostly the staff pay towards it.
Would you pay to supervise teens 24/7? Or think maybe it should be subsidised?

adriftabroad · 17/10/2022 19:56

Love Morocco, have been to the places mentioned many times , plus Agadir etc. I even took DD when she was 5. I am blonde, she is blonde. You absolutely HAVE to know how to dress and act. You need to embrace local culture and food.

However, there are concerns for me at this proposal...

My questions would be

Do the teachers speak properly fluent French?
Do they have experience of Morocco?
Is it during Ramadam?
That is 50% too expensive for the trip you are considering. It was my actual job to price these things, for corporate groups, let alons children. Ridiculously expensive.

With teenaged girls (and boys), it is a no. Unfortunately.

pleasestoprainingplease · 17/10/2022 19:56

Darbs76 I wonder if this is the same school my DS goes too. We got that email and I was shocked at almost 3k Confused

adriftabroad · 17/10/2022 19:58

PS Roads to Quazazate are hairy... this would worry me most.

CellarBellaatemycoal · 17/10/2022 19:58

No way. Morocco is a fabulous country but there’s no way I’d allow my teenagers to go on a school trip there. Too many health risks that can require hospitalisation, and too much harassment .

Noviembre · 17/10/2022 19:59

Agree with the others that you should just take the kids to Iceland. Sounds like the teachers have decided they want some sun.


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Itisbetter · 17/10/2022 20:00

Way too expensive and imo utterly inappropriate for a young girl travelling without family. This is the backdrop she would be operating in

minipie · 17/10/2022 20:00

We took our young kids in 2019. It was great. No hassle. Had been with DH 10ish years previously and remember a little more hassle but nothing dreadful.

I think a group of y8s would be fine there IF they are with teachers/trusted guides at all times - no going out alone - and IF they are advised on to dress and behave appropriately.

But tbh I’d say the same of y8s going anywhere!

VanCleefArpels · 17/10/2022 20:00

Y8 seems a bit early for this kind of trip. My DS did a v similar itinerary for A level geography in Y12 - mixed school, they all had a great time and were busy doing project work for the A level which did count. Y8 wouldn’t necessarily have that academic focus, more of a jolly. Certainly not academically vital then so a choice if you can afford it.

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