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To wonder when the UK government plan to revisit the dangerous dogs act?

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EbbyEbs · 04/10/2022 17:56

Woman killed by American Bulldogs.

This is just another victim to add to the list of dog fatalities in recent years - yet another American Bulldog.

Britain must have one of the most pathetic dog regulations in the world - only 3 breeds in the list and two of those breeds most people have never heard of.

When will the government do something?? How many more people need to die?

And it’s not just about banning breeds - they need to tighten up the laws in owning dogs in the first place.

Many states in America have tight regulations around many breeds common in the UK including Shar Pei, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dobermann and even German shepherds.

AIBU to think Britain needs to wake up to the dangers of irresponsible dog ownership?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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ChilliBandit · 04/10/2022 18:38

Oh and I have a particular dislike of West Highland Terriers, I have no idea why, the fuckers just leave me cold.

EbbyEbs · 04/10/2022 18:39

ChilliBandit · 04/10/2022 18:37

I’m going to guess the same reason most people who don’t have working dogs pick their dogs. I don’t like American Bulldogs but I would also say your undesirable qualities apply to French Bulldogs, Pugs, KS spaniels, chihuahuas. A lot of people love those breeds, I don’t.

Personal preference.

Spaniels have skills. I agree with you on the other breeds though.

OP posts:
ExtraOnions · 04/10/2022 18:42

Those Bully Dogs are dreadful … I know we’ll get lots of “it’s not the dog, it’s the owner” types - how many savage attacks do you hear about from Cockapoos (regardless of how they have been treated)
These larger breeds are weaponised .. and you can see why.

YellowTreeHouse · 04/10/2022 18:45

YANBU. Most dog owners are entitled and do not train their dogs properly.

All those XL bullies that are so popular at the moment need putting down and banning and we should be banning Rottweilers, Staffies and the like too.

LoobyDop · 04/10/2022 18:45

tillytoodles1 · 04/10/2022 18:35

My neighbour has a Patterdale Terrier, hes an absolutely gorgeous boy, very friendly and affectionate, but he can't be off lead in a public place because of his aggression towards other dogs, and he's killed a couple of cats who came into his garden.
It's part of his nature and people don't seem to get that no matter how nice the dog is, they're still likely to attack sometimes .

It has killed cats and it hasn’t been put down?! Wtaf?!

AutumnCrow · 04/10/2022 18:46

I can see two Jack Russells on the list posted above that killed newborn babies in their cots.

It's a wiki list, I know; but it seems to have legit newspaper sources. Absolutely tragic. All those babies and children on the list, who didn't have a say in the dogs being around them and didn't have a chance.

WonkasBooboofixer · 04/10/2022 18:47

EbbyEbs · 04/10/2022 18:02

I don’t like little dogs but a chihuahua is unlikely to kill someone. Even a gang of chihuahuas will at best, leave a few nasty scars. Unless they go for a baby of course.

What I would like to see is laws enforcing dog training requirements on ALL dogs with those more capable of causing serious damage to be required to have advanced training. Anything bigger than a spaniel.

A baby was mauled and killed by a jack Russell in recent years. Its really about breeding - responsible, informed, educated breeders. And ownership - licensed and compulsory training as part of that both pre and post collection of animal. Its too easy to buy a dog then when it's not cute anymore shut it in the garden where it slowly goes insane from loneliness and neglect.

karmalama · 04/10/2022 18:50

Actually don't think anyone who doesn't work with dogs should be allowed to spout the ridiculous chihuahua, jack Russel rubbish.
I deal with dogs every day, a snappy aggressive small dog is a nuisance and an inconvenience but I don't walk in fear of being permanently maimed like I do with a dodgy American bulldog or cane corso or lately sadly ridgebacks.
Some of these big ones are literally like having a bear in your house, disaster waiting to happen.
I actually don't know what the answer is to be honest , but it absolutely isn't to say any dog can be aggressive etc etc.
Previously I would have said it's a certain spectrum of owner but lately there seem to be a large proportion of otherwise nice, law abiding owners that genuinely have no idea what they are dealing with.

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:50

I don't walk down my own road with my dog because there's a staffy that often gets out and is aggressive to other dogs, and I have a large dog who is super nervous so I just can't risk an attack.

I'm sure I just saw an American bulldog weirdly, its owner was restraining it as it was barking and lunging at a puppy. I just assumed it was a reactive dog (fear based) which doesn't worry me, but I did wonder what breed it was as I hadn't seen one before, and a Google seems to show it was an American bulldog.

EmeraldShamrock1 · 04/10/2022 18:52

Not soon enough.

That poor woman's last moments were truly unimaginable.

OneTC · 04/10/2022 18:52

Your list of dogs with desirable characteristics, ie intelligent or trainable also tend towards being more neurotic if not properly simulated. I've had both working type and the stupid muscle dogs and easily the most wise of all of them was one getting maligned on this thread.

I think the act should be abolished because it's pointless. I think it should be harder to own any dog, they should be licensed, have demonstrable training and I think they should all be DNA registered to their owner/address. Breaking rules around ownership should incur harsh penalties especially where injury or death occur

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:53

@LoobyDop my dog would kill a cat if it came in its garden. It's private property. It doesn't make a dog aggressive to humans at all. I clap my hands when I let him out but there's not much else I can do , it's his garden.

Theillustratedmummy · 04/10/2022 19:00

I live next door to an xl bully who has attacked 2 dogs and a person and still nothing is done. The person needed extensive surgery. Its made my life a misery at times. I'm on edge that it will kill my child. The police couldn't care less and the courts are useless in this situation. I have reported it to the police for trying to attack my family 4 times. I have told them that when it kills someone its on them, the owners and the police who have done nothing. I just pray its not my children.
Ban them. Its always the bully breeds. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Its scary to think that as any of us walk about our community we are walking among these aggressive killing machines and our government don't give a shit.

RolyPolyLittleBatFacedGirl1 · 04/10/2022 19:01

Dogs are not responsible for their behaviour they’re dogs. The owners are responsible. The Dangerous Dogs act isn’t worth the paper it’s written on imo.

I am a dog owner and a dog lover and I am all for licenses and an outright ban on people putting their dogs on that awful pets for homes site. Poor dogs getting passed pillar to post. No dog should be sold on they should be responsibly rehomed by a facility that has temperament tested them and done a home visit. Maybe the fee for licensing dogs could fund that. Also all for banning unlicensed breeding.

Quveas · 04/10/2022 19:01

Whammyyammy · 04/10/2022 18:16

Agreed, small dogs aren't going to cause injury, but small dogs like to run up to big dogs yapping and snapping... that usually upsets big dogs, big dog then bites small dog, small dog owners then complain....

Just this morning my border collie was attacked ( and I mean biting at him) by a chihuahua, who was only scared of him. Despite the fact that it covered 30 feet ( from the children's playground where dogs aren't allowed but the owner also had a child so it was OK then) to get at him. Lucky that he's better trained than to retaliate. I'm not. I booted it. If he'd responded he'd have been blamed.

What needs controlling is irresponsible owners. And dog licences don't work - I am old enough to remember them. My parents always had one. The irresponsible dog owners never did.

aniamana · 04/10/2022 19:03

the amount of massive fearsome dogs on the street at the moment is scary. seems to be the fashion, more than anything, to own a potentially dangerous evil looking beast! So fed up of all the news stories. YANBU OP!

LoobyDop · 04/10/2022 19:06

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:53

@LoobyDop my dog would kill a cat if it came in its garden. It's private property. It doesn't make a dog aggressive to humans at all. I clap my hands when I let him out but there's not much else I can do , it's his garden.

I’m afraid I don’t think your dog should be allowed outside, if it can’t be trusted not to kill other animals that are outside. I really hope you don’t live anywhere near me.

LexMitior · 04/10/2022 19:07

Never. I think it's just a question of sending the owners to prison for owning something akin to an offensive weapon and failing to control it.

That is what dogs like these are capable of. The prison term should reflect the harm inflicted. Not a few owners have these dogs as weapons and they should be treated as such in law.

ChilliBandit · 04/10/2022 19:09

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:53

@LoobyDop my dog would kill a cat if it came in its garden. It's private property. It doesn't make a dog aggressive to humans at all. I clap my hands when I let him out but there's not much else I can do , it's his garden.

I’ve never known a dog who has tried to attack cats in their garden. I don’t think that’s normal.

FamilyTreeBuilder · 04/10/2022 19:10

And the doggie apologists who make silly statements about how there are no bad dogs only bad owners will be along shortly to make all sorts of excuses for the dogs and indulge in a good bit of victim blaming on the side.

RobynsCoffeeSuede · 04/10/2022 19:10

Yeah, I think a license is the way to go rather than banning more breeds. I grew up with an American Bully and he was the dopiest softest thing. Never was aggressive to anyone or any other dog, just wanted to get petted all the time and sleep. We used to call him a stoner dog and joke that he was high all the time just because if his temperament.

romdowa · 04/10/2022 19:11

The UK needs a law similar to Ireland. There are 15 restricted breeds , you can own them but they must be muzzled and on a lead in public and only walked by someone over 18.

OneTC · 04/10/2022 19:13

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:53

@LoobyDop my dog would kill a cat if it came in its garden. It's private property. It doesn't make a dog aggressive to humans at all. I clap my hands when I let him out but there's not much else I can do , it's his garden.

Your animal is poorly trained

YellowTreeHouse · 04/10/2022 19:15

skedaddler · 04/10/2022 18:53

@LoobyDop my dog would kill a cat if it came in its garden. It's private property. It doesn't make a dog aggressive to humans at all. I clap my hands when I let him out but there's not much else I can do , it's his garden.

Ahh, and here we are. An entitled dog owner with an untrained aggressive dog who takes no responsibility.

gogohmm · 04/10/2022 19:15

American bully xl definitely need looking at based on that list. All dog breeds are potentially dangerous, especially to babies/toddlers but the numbers tell a very clear story as to where there is particular danger including to adults.

I've been bitten by my dog (he was in pain) and I know his breed have a very different bite to some of these troublesome breeds - I can pull his jaws apart even

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