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Is this going to kill us all?

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HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 06:58

DH is flapping.

On busy days when no one is going to be home until 18:30 I sometimes make up a tray bake and put the oven on timer so it will be ready just as we walk in the door. The ingredients come out the fridge about 6am and oven comes on about 17:45 so that’s nearly 12 hours at room temp. Today’s has no raw meat but does have chorizo. Sometimes I do sausages. Have done chicken thighs before. I feel like this is probably fine but DH is convinced we will contract food poisoning. NB his worries don’t come with an offer to sort dinner.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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CaptainMyCaptain · 27/09/2022 07:15

HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:02

Slow cooker food is so gross though. Bland and watery.

Only if you put too much water in.

Woodsparrow · 27/09/2022 07:17

You're not using your slow cooker well, look into that more. I wouldn't rat what you're suggesting

orangeisthenewpuce · 27/09/2022 07:17

It'll be fine now it's not the summer. Just do it.

HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:17

I like good that’s actually cooked slowly like a casserole or a braise. But not in a slow cooker. There’s just something about the flavour.

Don’t think kids could wait much past 18:30 to eat and I don’t want to cook once for them and once for me and DH.

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HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:18

And I am a good cook and have given my slow cooker a chance.

OP posts:
TenoringBehind · 27/09/2022 07:18

I wouldn’t eat it. chorizo or veg, would be fine. Anything else is too risky.

I would change how you eat on the busy days. Make a casserole that can be reheated quickly when you get in or do something different like a stir fry or pasta that can be knocked up quickly. You can prepare everything the night before.

Im with you on slow cooker food though.

custardbear · 27/09/2022 07:18

HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:02

Slow cooker food is so gross though. Bland and watery.

WHAT!! add flavourings, wine, spices ...
you can cook meatballs, ragu, whole chickens, beef with gravy and veg, curry... the list goes on and on!

Grumpybutfunny · 27/09/2022 07:19

I wouldn't eat it, however I do something similar but use frozen meat so in reality once it's defrosted it's out for 1-2hours at most

Allmarbleslost · 27/09/2022 07:20

I wouldn't risk it.

I agree that you're slow cookering wrong. If you don't want to give that another go why not just do a quick stir fry or pasta meal?

picklemewalnuts · 27/09/2022 07:21

I do this too, and it's fine. The meat is cold from the fridge, presumably the heating is off all day, and the oven is insulated.

For less risk, put the tray in the fridge overnight, so the whole thing goes in the oven chilled.

Or use frozen sausage/chicken portions. They'll defrost over the day and be ready to cook.

Do a test at the weekend for reassurance. Do a tray bake the way you usually do, and check the meat with a thermometer later.

Bestcatmum · 27/09/2022 07:21

I didn't know you could get remote control ovens. Whatever next!!!!

tranquiltortoise · 27/09/2022 07:21

Whatsthestoryboringglory · 27/09/2022 07:11

I’m too paranoid to run an oven when I’m not home. What if I’m delayed or something catches fires?

Also, 12 hours at room temperature is too long for meat. Some bacteria produce endotoxins which aren’t broken down by cooking, so you could still get food poisoning even if the cooking kills the bugs. Don’t do it.

This - there are actually two issues here.

  • The oven being on when you're not home
  • Potential of food poisoning

People aren't picking up much on the oven issue, but it could be a huge hazard. You could be delayed for any reason and your oven will just be running, it could cause a fire.

It's too risky for me. Only run the oven when you are home.
custardbear · 27/09/2022 07:23

Cook a meal the night before and bring out of the fridge to heat up - whilst heating, cook tomorrows dinner and repeat.
But do consider the slow cooker for some days too - just chose your recipes accordingly

CaptainMyCaptain · 27/09/2022 07:23

Bestcatmum · 27/09/2022 07:21

I didn't know you could get remote control ovens. Whatever next!!!!

In the 80s I had an electric oven with a timer. I used it all the time but didn't leave meat in as long as the op suggests.

Ndd135632 · 27/09/2022 07:23

@tranquiltortoise yep that’s the thing that gets me. Would never have my oven on when nobody is at home.

DisplayPurposesOnly · 27/09/2022 07:23

I'm more worried about your oven being on when there is no-one home.

WonderingWanda · 27/09/2022 07:25

I do this in autumn / winter when it's cold and I know the kitchen will stay cool till the oven comes on. People didn't used to have fridges just cool pantries. I think I've eaten worse with picnics that have got warm. Chorizo is definitely fine because it's cured anyway.

Crazykatie · 27/09/2022 07:26

Don’t leave raw meat out of fridge for long periods, leave the prepared dish in the fridge and cook when you return, it’s really bad practice. A supermarket would bin food that had been above the set temperature for just a short period.

WonderingWanda · 27/09/2022 07:27

@tranquiltortoise on my oven I can set a start and end time so it switches off at the end too.

KilmordenCastle · 27/09/2022 07:27

Just no! No, no, no!

I've done more food safety training over the years than I care to remember so I probably am overly paranoid about this sort of thing. But surely leaving raw meat out at room temperature for 12 hours crosses the line for anyone?

Also agree with others about having the ovenon on when not at home, absolutely not worth the risk.

sittingonacornflake · 27/09/2022 07:28

I would make it the night before and freeze it then take it from freezer to oven in the morning. That way it defrosts during the day so you're not leaving room temperature room meat around (that could be dangerous) and you still get dinner cooked as you walk in the door.

Does the timer turn the oven off? I'd worry I'd get held up by an accident or something and couldn't get home and the oven would be left on.

SallyWD · 27/09/2022 07:29

CantFindTheBeat · 27/09/2022 07:05

Cook it the night before, put it in the fridge.

Reheat when you get in the next day.

Yes this is the best solution. I wouldn't eat meat that had been out for so long.
All the slow cooker food I've had has been really tasty. The opposite of bland and watery!


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namechange30455 · 27/09/2022 07:30

HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:02

Slow cooker food is so gross though. Bland and watery.

Put less water in it then!

Circleoflife2057 · 27/09/2022 07:31

I don't get it. What you're doing, setting a timer for your oven to come on is not slow cooking? Get an actual slow cooker, put everything in it before you leave the house, cook on low all day. It's ready when you get home. We do it all the time.

Theluggage15 · 27/09/2022 07:31

There’s no fire risk to having an oven on when you’re not at home. Fire risks are washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher.

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