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Is this going to kill us all?

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HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 06:58

DH is flapping.

On busy days when no one is going to be home until 18:30 I sometimes make up a tray bake and put the oven on timer so it will be ready just as we walk in the door. The ingredients come out the fridge about 6am and oven comes on about 17:45 so that’s nearly 12 hours at room temp. Today’s has no raw meat but does have chorizo. Sometimes I do sausages. Have done chicken thighs before. I feel like this is probably fine but DH is convinced we will contract food poisoning. NB his worries don’t come with an offer to sort dinner.

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Mojitoo · 29/09/2022 21:06

There's no maillard reaction and things in a slow cooker just dont ever taste as good, even with the faff of pre searing things

Agree. I've got a 'sear and cook' slow cooker, so I can technically sear stuff, then just put the insert into the cooker bit, but it's really not the same as cooking on the stove or in the oven. I guess with stove top, I'm constantly tasting and tweaking, and slow cookers are designed to just get on with it! Also a thick non stick coating just doesn't sear that well.

I mean, it's fine, it tastes okay, but just a bit unloved compared with other cooking methods.

But obviously it's handy in certain situations.

vickylou78 · 30/09/2022 07:47

Unless it's just vegetables it's a big no for me. Asking for salmonella!
I would do what you are doing with the vegetables but would just cook the chicken quickly under the grill or something when home from work. Leaving meat at room temperature for 12hrs is not a good idea.

ClaudiaWankleman · 30/09/2022 08:43

howaboutchocolate · 29/09/2022 16:11

They hang outside shops whole, with their protective covering intact. Not cut up with the insides exposed to air. And not sitting mixed in oil/liquid/with other vegetables.

It's like the difference between a whole egg sitting out vs a bowl with raw egg mixture sitting out.

Agree with @Augend23 above
Additionally their ‘protective covering’ is permeable intestines. It’s purpose isn’t to protect the meat inside - it holds it together.

DogInATent · 30/09/2022 09:04

Chorizo - there are two types, one is the hard fully-cured eat-it-cold version and the other is a soft must-be-cooked version. So can we knock this detour on the head?

The chorizo (whichever version) is a distraction when the OP has been very clear that they also do this with raw chicken. It's just bad food hygiene practice.

Top tip for slowcooker meals.. with meat dishes drop in 2-3 anchovy fillets at the start. They'll melt to nothing but add a lovely umami flavour (without any hint of fishiness). Particularly good with pork or beef dishes.

Windbeneathmybingowings · 01/10/2022 11:01

ClaudiaWankleman · 30/09/2022 08:43

Agree with @Augend23 above
Additionally their ‘protective covering’ is permeable intestines. It’s purpose isn’t to protect the meat inside - it holds it together.

That’s the expensive ones. The cheaper ones are covered in paper (because I’ve not got all of it off before and it goes hard when cooked) But your point is very valid. Chorizo is like beef jerky essentially. It’s preserved.

Clarich007 · 01/10/2022 11:12

No way.!!
Retired chef here, so probably more careful because of that. We had to protect our 5 star hygiene certificate.
Also no way would i leave cooked chicken overnight in the microwave to be reheated the next day.
Just put it in the fridge. Much safer.

Cw112 · 01/10/2022 11:20

HolidayDjinn · 27/09/2022 07:02

Slow cooker food is so gross though. Bland and watery.

I love my slow cooker, you need some better recipes if it's coming out bland and watery! There's lots of great options and i find for curries, chilli's, soups and stews it flavours really well because of the length of cooking time. I wouldn't eat what's been left out in the oven for that long pre cooking. Slow cooker on a low setting would be much better. Maybe have a wee hunt for some nice new recipes. I put all my ingredients in before I go to work and it's finished for DH coming home to turn off so works really well.

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