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Have you turned the heating on already?buy Electric blankets?

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User112 · 26/09/2022 22:14

It’s the first proper cold night here in Kent. I was wondering if everyone turned the heating on already?

ive been thinking of buying electric blankets. Do they help? How do you use them?

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TheRubyRedshoes · 26/09/2022 22:17

I'm under one now,they are glorious!
I'm so glad I got some a few year's ago as Xmas gifts

Dreamland ones.

ChocolateSpreadOnToast · 26/09/2022 22:18

Not yet, we’ve all got an Oodie so wear it permanently. Not in bed. Trying to hold off with the heating.

cakeorwine · 26/09/2022 22:18

Got mine tonight.
First time I have used them

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 26/09/2022 22:18

No heating on here.

No electric blankets.

It's not THAT cold. Confused

How the F are people going to cope when it's actually REALLY cold? People need to get a grip!

Always4Brenner · 26/09/2022 22:19

Heaters off now under duvet.

Tootiredtoogiveatoss · 26/09/2022 22:20

Yes ,heating on here in Kent !

CatGrins · 26/09/2022 22:21

We haven't even got our coats on yet!

thefartingfish · 26/09/2022 22:22

Have an electric throw for watching Netflix, which is so cosy. Temperature not cold enough for heating yet...

Amarette · 26/09/2022 22:22

Put mine on today for the first time as kids were complaining and had cold hands. Love my electric throw but it sends me straight to sleep its so relaxing so I have to be careful using it during the daytime!

PeachesVonBeach · 26/09/2022 22:23

Thermostat says 19.7 here in Brighton, so heating off for now, but wool cardis and blankets on the go.

cakeorwine · 26/09/2022 22:23

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 26/09/2022 22:18

No heating on here.

No electric blankets.

It's not THAT cold. Confused

How the F are people going to cope when it's actually REALLY cold? People need to get a grip!

Putting the heating on

Cookerhood · 26/09/2022 22:23

It's 20 degrees in my living room right now so not even considering the heating (home counties).

ThinWomansBrain · 26/09/2022 22:24

I put my duvet back on last week, after a couple of weeks of adding a throw on top of the empty duvet case I'd used through summer.
I find electric blankets too hot, and you can't easily oof them out once you're too hot. I got my microwavable wheat bag thing out at the weekend - if my feet are warm, the rest of me is fine!

cakeorwine · 26/09/2022 22:24

It's 17 C in the living room and 7C outside in Yorkshire

IwillShineOnYouLikeMorningStar · 26/09/2022 22:25

Goodness no... we've still got the bedroom windows open a little bit. I have got a blanket over my lap this evening for the first time this autumn though. Thermostat says it's 22c inside, we don't usually turn the heating on until late November at least. Not until it's actually getting below freezing outside. Sometimes not until January, although it's nice to have it warm at Christmas for a few days.

BadgerLovesMash · 26/09/2022 22:26

I've had my oodie on but still got shorts pj's. We had blankets on the sofas but more out of habit than actual coldness.

We are in the south. Been wearing a hoodie but still not coat weather despite walking along the seafront to and from work.

But we aren't ones to put on heating anyway, unless you can see your breath stick on a jumper, 2nd pair of socks or have a hot water bottle and hot chocolate! Years of tight budgeting means we are well practised!

ACatCalledPuss · 26/09/2022 22:28

Still warm enough in NI not to require heating on just yet 🤞

WindyKnickers · 26/09/2022 22:28

Still got the windows open here in the SW! Kids both had an extra blaket tonight but there is no way the heating will go on in Sept and I need fresh air at night.

elprup · 26/09/2022 22:29

No way - we’ll be waiting until October at least.

Winnietheshite · 26/09/2022 22:29

Nah, don't need the heating on yet. But we have a toasty new build. Nothing a dressing gown or blanket can't sort out just now.

Gloriosity · 26/09/2022 22:32

Not put the heating on yet but have had the electric blanket on for half an hour a couple of times. Not seen the thermostat dip below 18 yet.

user7845209 · 26/09/2022 22:32

I have one on the bed most of the year round but they are for in bed, I find it makes a big difference

bravelittletiger · 26/09/2022 22:33

Definitely not. We've had the log burner on the last two nights though which has been very cosy. We luckily overbought wood last year when it was cheap. I would hope we have another month or so until the heat goes on and I try to limit it to a couple of hours in the morning and a couple at night.

BellaTheDarkOverlord · 26/09/2022 22:35

@ThinWomansBrain You're like me with the feet thing. I could be totally naked and cold but if I put socks on I'm warm again. So weird 😀I'm always telling DH and DD if they are cold just put socks on.

stickystick · 26/09/2022 22:35

Another new build here. I am aiming to make it to November before I turn ours on. 22 degrees indoors, 10 degrees outside here.

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