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Have you turned the heating on already?buy Electric blankets?

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User112 · 26/09/2022 22:14

It’s the first proper cold night here in Kent. I was wondering if everyone turned the heating on already?

ive been thinking of buying electric blankets. Do they help? How do you use them?

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earsup · 27/09/2022 00:12

I put mine on for an hour in the evening....have a student staying for a few weeks...he comes from a village in latvia near russian border...keeps saying how cold the uk is....??....he said it can be - 15 where he lives....said the cold here is different and our houses are not made of logs or wood and so are damp and cold....he is now home and going to bed so i have turned it off...also gave him 15 tog duvet and fleece throw.....all very bizarre....!!


Arenanewbie · 27/09/2022 00:14

It’s 7 degrees outside so we’ve had the central heating on for a bit earlier. I also warmed up my bed with electric under blanket, you could put it under the sheet but I just put it on top for a bit and then remove. Quick and convenient, I’ve had got it from Argos.


earsup · 27/09/2022 00:15

I also have a Dreamland under electric blanket...Argos etc sell them...has extra heat zone for feet....4 settings....i put on for 15 mins before bed and its fab...


charabang · 27/09/2022 00:25

I've not had the heating on nor put my electric blanket on yet. Felt a chill whilst watching tv this evening but a blanket across my knees soon warmed me back up.


GerronBuzanDoThaWomwok · 27/09/2022 00:38

Not allowed heating at work...shivering all day in a 14 degrees C office 😰


HorribleHerstory · 27/09/2022 00:39

I am surprised to know it is actually 4 degrees outside at the moment. I had to double check as that sounded low, but two wether apps and my own barometer thingy agree.

No heating on here, and I have not yet made a decision about heated throws, I like the idea but electricity costs more than the gas central heating? It’s OK to say the throws cost pennies but do they actually, and do they if you x them by 4 or 5 for all the people in the house? This year we have to not use the central heating but I do have a plan to put it on on Christmas Day.


ASmallCat · 27/09/2022 00:44

Frankly, this is where I’m appreciating hot flushes.

Come January I reckon menopausal women will be in ‘hot’ demand Wink


Bloodybridget · 27/09/2022 00:46

Next time I change my sheets, I'm going to put the electric underblanket on my bed. This doesn't have anything to do with the heating, though. Most people on this thread seem to be talking about heated throws that they use during the day.
Anyway, the thermostat was showing 18 degrees in our house this evening, and that's too cold for me, despite wearing several layers topped by a gilet. So heating now set to come on morning and evening.


GhostFromTheOtherSide · 27/09/2022 00:52

Heating on for about half an hour here. But I’m on blood thinners and feel the cold more easily.

I’m with the poster who said about their feet being warm warming them up.

I looked at electric throws online earlier but they’re far to expensive now so I’ll stick with my hot water bottle.


HopeSpringsInfernal · 27/09/2022 01:30

North east here - it's 4 degrees outside. I was hoping not to have the heating on until October, but I've put it on for an hour tonight. The forecast is for warmer weather at the weekend - I just hope it's right!


Bllueblazerblack · 27/09/2022 02:22

I have a disability which leaves me in pain when I get cold so as it dropped below 16, I had the electric underblanket on and an additional quilt, total tog 35. No CH yet but having an additional log burner installed on Thursday.


LemongrassLollipop · 27/09/2022 02:37

Holding off on putting heating on until October. Dressing gowns for morning is enough. Thermostat says 18/19 indoors here in North West.

I have had a cosy hot water bottle in bed since last week. Hate cold feet!

This weekend's job is to get winter duvet down from the loft


pensionconfusion · 27/09/2022 03:06

No heating yet but I think it will be on soon.

Electric blanket bought a couple of weeks ago and on for half an hour every night. Worth every penny 😁


containsnuts · 27/09/2022 03:16

I've been putting the heating on 20 mins morning and evening. 7°c here and windy. I have chronic rhinitis so even if I bundle up with blankets the cold air causes sinus pain and head aches. Thinking about starting my steriod nasel sprays again as might save me money on heating - a grim reality.


user7845209 · 27/09/2022 06:34

My electric blanket is fast warm up, dual control Dreamland intelliheat heated mattress protector and I can thoroughly recommend it, it is like a fitted sheet so doesn't have the pesky ties, DH doesn't use his side much so find the dual heat very useful. I bought it from Lakeland last year to replace an older one using one of their £10 off vouchers that you can often find


AgentJohnson · 27/09/2022 06:39

Nah, 15th October and not a day earlier. Vey fortunate to have a well insulated home and blackout curtains.


demotedreally · 27/09/2022 06:42

Why such a precise date of 15 October? Seems strange.


loislovesstewie · 27/09/2022 06:48

It's 4C outside now and yes, the heating was on last night. Once it warms up for about an hour, we seem OK at present. I fixed my rates for 2 years, so I am not too worried at present.


mountainsunsets · 27/09/2022 06:52

The problem with putting the heating on this early is that your body gets used to it, and so in the long-term, you need it on even more to get the same impact.

Sadly, I also think a lot of people are going to struggle in the middle of winter with regards to bills if they already have the heating on for several hours a day in September.

No heating or electric blankets here yet. It's been 7-8 degrees overnight but we still have the bedroom window open (tend to have it like that year-round). We have normal blankets on the sofa though or I just borrow a dog/cat for warmth Grin

Heating generally goes on late October/early November here. We're both out at work all day anyway so tend to light the fire in the evenings rather than pay for heating.


Darbs76 · 27/09/2022 06:54

My heating has been on a couple of weeks. It’s on an automatic setting so must have been cold enough. I have an electric blanket and electric throw. They are good. Need to dig them out. It’s not evenings I get that cold, more mornings. I go to bed early evenings and watch TV. Nice and warm in bed


BooksAndHooks · 27/09/2022 06:54

No still over 20 degrees downstairs 23/24 upstairs and still have bedroom window open.

Ours never goes on in September though, never before end of October.

Will use hot water bottles rather than electric blanket as they are cheaper to use.


mountainsunsets · 27/09/2022 06:54

Mmsnetternewbie · 26/09/2022 23:25

Just curious for those who haven’t had to put heating on yet how you get all the washing dried when it’s average 10-13c and wet outside, genuine question as finding it very difficult to get thick hoodies and joggers and towels etc dry atm without the house feeling damp and the clothes starting to smell and I’m too reluctant to turn heating on yet but don’t feel like I can avoid it for much longer?

Ours dries just fine outside on a dry day - if it's raining we use the tumble dryer or hang it in one room and put the dehumidifier on for a few hours.


EmeraldShamrock1 · 27/09/2022 06:57

Last night was freezing.

I haven't had my heating on so far though I'll have to use heat for the school mornings, once they're gone I'll wear a coat indoors.

I can't believe that I'm feeling the financial strain already, those without jobs must be feeling awful, the disabled and elderly will bloody freeze this winter.


Lonecatwithkitten · 27/09/2022 06:57

We are in an old property in a wowed mini microclimate inn the South East 10 days ago we had a frost and I had to scrap my car before going to work.
Heating is off, blur fire is lit each evening. Autumn wool duvet on and wool blanket is on.


Tumbleweed101 · 27/09/2022 07:00

I got up to 16C in the house and feel chilly but no heating on yet. I think part of the problem is we have all acclimatised to a hot summer so the temperature drop feels bigger.

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