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Have you turned the heating on already?buy Electric blankets?

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User112 · 26/09/2022 22:14

It’s the first proper cold night here in Kent. I was wondering if everyone turned the heating on already?

ive been thinking of buying electric blankets. Do they help? How do you use them?

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SarahAndQuack · 28/09/2022 23:38

Do you have a brand recommendation for one? I've got a Jack Wills one I bought DP when she was in the early stages of pregnancy and freezing/achy all the time, but it's not really wowed me - not sure if it's too small?


Fullsomefrenchie · 28/09/2022 23:43

Heating on in the morning for an hour or two and then log burner in late afternoon and on for the evening till bed, keeps us warm enough right now.


OldTinHat · 28/09/2022 23:47

I've still got the bedroom windows open! Contemplating dusting off my duvet but for now just under a sheet and weighted blanket. In the South here.


Ellami · 28/09/2022 23:49

I learned today that 18 is as cold as I can go. 19 is optimal. Lower than 18 and I feel asthmatic, cold and miserable. It is single figures outside here, so onesies and heating on.


Macaroni1924 · 29/09/2022 00:05

I’ve been so cold the last few days. We all have oodies and bought us onesies too. I got us all one of those long hot water bottles to preheat our beds, not used yet and put foil behind my radiators in preparation. Determined to keep the heating off till Halloween which is when I normally give in! Plus right now I’m enjoying watching my account build credit which I’m hoping will
help us through the winter months 🥶


HardLanding · 29/09/2022 00:16

Had to put my heating on as the house dropped to 14 degrees and I was in an Oodie 24/7, including whilst sleeping. Too cold to sleep without it, struggled to get to sleep with it on.


PeachesVonBeach · 02/10/2022 20:10

Our thermostat is still around 19 without heating on (Brighton) and I've programmed it to come on if it dips under 18. Oodies are out and ready to go. And we're all under blankets in the evening. I've been wondering if I should get my DDs water bottles to warm their beds? Or maybe electric throws? We don't have a microwave and I'm nervous about hot bottles with water in - does anyone have any tips? I've never had a hot water bottle as my mom said they were dangerous?! But I read last night that water should be no hotter than 40 degrees, which just sounds like bath water.


Lcb123 · 02/10/2022 20:15

Of course no heating it’s so mild. 21 degrees in our flat!


VestaTilley · 02/10/2022 20:45

South coast here, but no heating on yet- spinning it out for as long as possible. Will make do with thermals and blankets first.


MushMonster · 02/10/2022 20:47

Not needed here yet, South Wales, 20C today and sunny. We actually have the windows open at present.
It gets just a tad chilly at some points here, but nothing you cannot sort with a cardi at the moment.


cardibach · 02/10/2022 20:49

My heating is ‘on’ I the sense the thermostat is set for it to kick in at below 18 in the evenings and for an hour or so in the morning. Too warm for it to have happened today.

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