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Have you turned the heating on already?buy Electric blankets?

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User112 · 26/09/2022 22:14

It’s the first proper cold night here in Kent. I was wondering if everyone turned the heating on already?

ive been thinking of buying electric blankets. Do they help? How do you use them?

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GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal · 27/09/2022 07:01

This is the first time I've felt cold in the morning, but the temperature has dropped to single figures. Haven't turned the heating on yet but may need it for an hour or so just to take the chill off.


MrsLargeEmbodied · 27/09/2022 07:04

no just a blanket when in the sitting room
warm dog in bed
considered pyjama bottoms when i got up this morning though


TightDiamondShoes · 27/09/2022 07:04

Far, far north of Scotland and there’s a bitterly east wind. Will fry the washing though even though it won’t top 10 degrees today. I woke up at 4 and have had the oil radiator on in the living room for a couple of hours. As soon as I’ve dried a pair of school trousers on it, it’s going off.


MrsLargeEmbodied · 27/09/2022 07:07

despite some showers, yesterday was a good drying day


lightisnotwhite · 27/09/2022 07:09

It the warm south but my son has gone to Uni taking the computer(s) with him. His bedroom was like Hades so I noticed it was chillier in the evening upstairs.
I am interested to see what happens to the electric bill now he’s gone.


Whatiswrongwithmyknee · 27/09/2022 07:22

It's 18.9 inside according to our thermometer. We have not had the heating on yet. We all have cheapo 'oodies' and also now overly large primark fluffy pjs so we can also wear fluffly trousers over our clothes. I've not put those on yet but have been under blankets when watching telly.


amatsip · 27/09/2022 07:23

Fluffy hot water bottle amazing, mine still felt warm at 7am after filling it at 8:30pm last night.
My daughter loves hot water bottle at bottom of bed under covers, so cosy she drops off to sleep in minutes.


WonderingWanda · 27/09/2022 07:31

I must be the odd one out. I hate being too hot in bed. Years ago I lived in a house with no heating and someone gave me an electric blanket. I hated it , got way too hot and couldn't sleep all night. I never out the heating on before bedtime either and often open the windows to cool my bedroom down. My dh turned our thermostat down to 15 to see when we would notice that it's too cold and we haven't yet.


PinkButtercups · 27/09/2022 07:40

I've had the heating on a few times already. I'm not prepared to have a cold house for my babies.


AuntieMarys · 27/09/2022 07:42

In Yorkshire and no heating on. Electric blanket will go on the bed at the weekend, we have a heated throw but haven't had it on yet. We have ordinary throws though.
Normally my heating goes on 5 till 9pm in the winter


FreezyFreezy · 27/09/2022 07:53

No heating on, no. In Yorkshire and last night it was almost 20°C in our bedroom. Positively tropical! I'm wearing my thick PJs and will put a thermal vest underneath when it gets colder.


SpaceyCake · 27/09/2022 07:55

@WonderingWanda I'm the same! I love being cool at night. I naturally get really hot when I sleep though, so it may be different for those who can regulate their body temperature better.

I'm not putting the heating on anytime soon. I'm hoping to reassess at the end of October but it's a new house to us so we'll see how we get on. It is around 15C outside most days still so no need for heating here, but I get that it completely depends on the house. I lived at my MIL's for a few months last autumn/winter and it was freezing! I would be happy in a t-shirt outside but would have blue lips and fingernails inside the house. WFH was hell.


HappyHappyHermit · 27/09/2022 08:16

Our old cottage is still at 18 inside so it doesn't feel cold here yet. I do put it on if we have older relatives visiting who seem to need it a little warmer. I really feel the cold, but I don't like it stuffy so prefer a big jumper, fluffy socks etc anyway. I don't think it is unreasonable for it to start going on about now if needed though, the weather is definitely getting a lot cooler.


TheDogsDinner · 27/09/2022 08:25

No thank you.
I grew up in a house with electric blankets and no heating.
I vowed I would never live in a cold house again, nor have electric blankets.
My heating goes on when I feel cold for as long as I want it on.


Darcy101 · 27/09/2022 08:28

In the south east, 9 outside, 15 here in the bedroom feels very chilly! Heating should have come on but forgot to turn thermostat back up to 19 last night.


OriginalUsername3 · 27/09/2022 08:28

Still haven't put the heating on. But I did want it on yesterday. Thick socks and jumpers though. I'm bidding on electric blankets on ebay hoping to get a bargain.
I'm going to be relying on hot porridge in the mornings and stews for dinner. I move out soon so I'm going to be mega skint. But it's a flat so I'm hoping it won't get too cold.


Paigeycakey · 27/09/2022 08:30

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 26/09/2022 22:18

No heating on here.

No electric blankets.

It's not THAT cold. Confused

How the F are people going to cope when it's actually REALLY cold? People need to get a grip!

You can't speak for others. Some houses are colder than others. My Sons bedroom is on the 3rd floor along with mine however his bedroom is always freezing this time of year unlike my room which I'd bearable at times.

I'm a cold person too. Literally cannot stand been cold! My hallway is also drafty....


OriginalFloorboards · 27/09/2022 08:45

No heating on yet up north. Then again I’m out a lot of the time sorting out my horses so going back into the house feels warm. I’ve got my autumn dressing gown out through and if a bit cold - a sofa throw. Had a log burner installed a few months ago and have a barn full of seasoned wood from trees the mortgage company made us cut back by the house as part of their offer about four years ago. Looking to use this first. Have got an electric blanket - not used yet but really recommend them.


MenopauseSucks · 27/09/2022 09:07

The heating is on a timer & the thermostat is at 18c. It came on this morning for an hour so the temperature inside was obviously below 18c.
Downstairs is mostly open plan with lots of windows & glass doors. I've got blinds & thick curtains but it can get chilly in the morning whereas upstairs warms up really quickly.
I changed to my 10.5 tog duvet a week ago.
Got blankets on the sofa & warm clothes - can really layer up & heat me up. The heating goes off at 8pm & downstairs will stay warm til about 10pm when I tend to head upstairs anyway.


littlepeas · 27/09/2022 09:13

The north facing rooms in our house have started to feel a bit chilly and we talked about lighting the wood burner last night but once we were all sat on the sofa together we felt warm enough - 5 people plus 2 big dogs by our feet obviously generated enough heat! Hoping to keep the heating off for a few more weeks, but expect the fire will be lit soon.


Mrsfussypants1 · 27/09/2022 09:38

I've put mine on this morning. Ive got covid, I'm sweating at night, can't get warm this morning and have a weird nagging back ache. I want to warm the bathroom before a soak in the bath then it's going off and I'll be dressing in layers and I'll be spending the day under my heated throw. Rural Northumberland here and after a cold start this morning the sun is shining and a pleasant day, I wouldn't normally have put the heating on just yet.


Cynderella · 28/09/2022 23:15

Any other year, heating would be on first thing and evening, but holding off. Invested in thermals, cashmere layers, an Oodie and leccy throw, so not really been cold yet. In fact, feeling quite warm.

Disappointingly switched on elec blanket to fine barely warm last night. Will have to get maintenance to look at it - will definitely replace if not repairable although I suppose it's too late to find a bargain.

So far, it's a bit of a challenge - nobody in the family thinks I will last until the end of October, and they will probably be right.

Lots of friends also saying no heating, and then they say 'only the log burner' or 'obviously we lit the fire' and I doubt myself even more - no heating and no tumble dryer since April - really want to do another month to keep the Direct Debit manageable.


stockpilingallthecheese · 28/09/2022 23:19

Still toasty here. But do have an electric blanket. Haven't used it in ages as since doing up our house it's bloody boiling - was a godsend the first few years when we had no central heating!

Would love to get another that had dual controls or something though as I'd happily boil myself alive in bed but my husband hates it Smile


SarahAndQuack · 28/09/2022 23:26

This is the thread I need! Please motivate me. It feels cold here but we're trying hard to stick it out. We've got my parents coming this weekend, and will of course put the heating on for them, but then we know it will be very tempting just to leave it on. What are your best tips?!


EmeraldShamrock1 · 28/09/2022 23:31

I'm loving my hot water bottle.

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