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Imagine getting the hardest job of your life aged 73 and having to do it till you die.

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MrsMarlowe · 19/09/2022 21:11

Just watching the ‘highlights’ of the day (if you can call it that).
I’m not a monarchist. But I really feel for Charles. He looked much older than I’ve seen him look before, so sad (naturally) and utterly exhausted.

Most people are retired aged 73. Imagine being that age and only just getting started on your hardest job. And not being able to decline the role (without massive fallout) and having to do it till you die.

And think about what motivates the rest of us in our jobs: the prospect of increased reward, status, respect, and finally more downtime as we reach retirement to enjoy the fruits of our labour.
Obviously he has all the wealth, status etc already … but then where can any motivation come from? He just doesn’t have a choice - it’s duty. Talk about a gilded cage.

I felt quite emotional watching Charles, William and George in the wake of the coffin. Knowing that it will come to them one day. Knowing their destiny is already set, whether they like it or not. What a life, to be royal.

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derxa · 21/09/2022 12:38

Zara obviously has her horses but she’s really only famous because she’s the queen’s granddaughter and she gets sponsorship and adverts because of it. She's an Olympian.

piesforever · 21/09/2022 12:48

What a ridiculous thing to say. This country is mad. People are suffering with the cost of living rise, pensioners returning to work, sometimes on more than one job, everyone has side hustles to survive, transport, childcare, uni fees through the roof, and people are feeling sorry for the royals?! resign then you lazy gits, get a job in the real world, entitled brats.

Novella4 · 21/09/2022 13:25

Charles claims he wants to 'slim down ' the monarchy .

I'd prefer him to follow his argument to its logical conclusion and slim them down to nothing

But anyway, let's see if he slims down the money they take each year , or is it fewer people getting more money

KimberleyClark · 21/09/2022 13:28

Kate should have stopped after Charlotte if they were really serious about slimming down the monarchy.

justasking111 · 21/09/2022 13:46

There may well be a fourth baby. The late harvest baby

VladmirsPoutine · 21/09/2022 15:13

KimberleyClark · 21/09/2022 13:28

Kate should have stopped after Charlotte if they were really serious about slimming down the monarchy.

If I were her I'd have gone for a full football team safe in knowledge that I wouldn't ever have to change a nappy overnight if I didn't fancy it.

CathyorClaire · 21/09/2022 16:28

It will be interesting to see if the much vaunted slimmed down monarchy will mean a commensurate cut in the guaranteed never to be reduced Sovereign Grant.

The Sovereign Grant that was paid in full despite the income from the Crown Estate taking a Covid related hit and in contrast to all other businesses that were left to suck up their losses.

PollyPingit · 21/09/2022 16:53

CathyorClaire · 20/09/2022 20:26

Look at the situation Harry is in after stepping away! Didn’t go well did it!

No reason it couldn't have done had he been quietly content with the ever so many millions he had stashed in the bank.

As it is his 'situation' is largely of his own making.

Definitely agree with that!

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