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Prince George and the Queen's funeral

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KTKismet · 18/09/2022 05:17

Can't sleep and read this:

AIBU to think "palace aides" should wind their necks in and leave Prince George alone, rather than insisting he attends the queen's funeral.

He has a lifetime of service ahead of him, surely they should preserve his childhood as long as possible. I think it's hugely inappropriate, AIBU?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?

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Subjectivist · 18/09/2022 05:25

I dont understand hiding children away from funerals/death.

Chouetted · 18/09/2022 05:27

I don't think attending a funeral is going to ruin his childhood.

daretodenim · 18/09/2022 05:32

Going to his great grandmother's funeral could be a healthy thing.

Going to his great grandmother's funeral when the world's cameras will be on him, he's only 9 and there's a media circus going on? No. That's entirely different.

If he was smuggled in the back of the church and could sit out of sight of anybody other than close family, then that's different. But that's not why he'd be there. The idea is to show "continuity". He's 9. His grandfather is working the "continuity" right now and his father too. Unless they're incompetent, then they should leave the child out of it.

AnImaginaryCat · 18/09/2022 05:32

It's really weird not taking children to funerals of their relatives.

Or is it you are worried he's not noticed his great-grandmother has died and he'll get a shock at the funeral?

KTKismet · 18/09/2022 05:37

you are worried he's not noticed his great-grandmother has died and he'll get a shock at the funeral?

Obviously not this @AnImaginaryCat

It's more in line with what @daretodenim is saying. He's 9, it's not a usual family funeral, it is a media circus.

Both William and Harry have commented that walking behind the Queen's coffin was triggering for them/ that their mother's funeral in front of the cameras shaped much of their lives.

I'm not a fan of the usual royal stiff upper lip at funerals and have been encouraged seeing actual emotion this time round (how many of us would go to a close family members funeral and not be upset!!). However I think 9 is just too young to have to have him in front of cameras, trying to control his emotions and attend his great grans funeral.

OP posts:
autocollantes · 18/09/2022 05:47

Actually he'd be better off staying at home and watching it on TV in these circumstances. Kids never have that opportunity upon a relatives death. Plus he'd see more of what was happening on TV.

But it's not about his well-being or education.

The only reason for him to be there in person is so we can see him.

I don't want to see him trotted out. I'm an adult. I don't need to see a 9 year old at his great grandmother's funeral looking awkward, sad or bored to know the monarchy isn't going anywhere soon (which I'm fine about).

EarringsandLipstick · 18/09/2022 05:48

Both William and Harry have commented that walking behind the Queen's coffin was triggering for them

Did they? Where did they comment?

BlodynGwyn · 18/09/2022 05:51

If he wants to go, he should be allowed.

Allmyarseandpeggymartin · 18/09/2022 05:55

My concern at kids at funerals is how they will cope with seeing their loved ones heartbroken and upset, seeing as this is the royal family and there will be a stiff upper lip from everyone this might seem like another overblown state occasion to him. And how close was he to the queen really?

Maybe he will go to the wake? Will they be having one?

Dishh · 18/09/2022 06:02

At 9 years old, I'd think Prince George would understand what has happened to his Great Grandmother, and if he wasn't allowed to attend such an important ceremonial occasion, he'd be asking why in the future.

The other children are likely a bit too young. But I have a feeling George would tackle this with aplomb.

BlooberryBiskits · 18/09/2022 06:09

EarringsandLipstick · 18/09/2022 05:48

Both William and Harry have commented that walking behind the Queen's coffin was triggering for them

Did they? Where did they comment?

William gave an interview to BBC commenting it brought up ‘hard’ memories

Harry has obviously spoken in the past about how hard the funeral was (his mums)

BUT there is a HUGE difference; Princess Diana was only 36 (seems so young now to be a mother of I think 9&11 year old but she married young of course) , had died v unexpectedly and was their mother

Going to a funeral of your 96 yo DGM when your family where expecting it would come in the next weeks/months is hardly the same!!

I would find it odd if all the DGC are not there as it’s an occasion focused on the institution of monarchy as much as the late HMQ but let’s see

Personally, I think it’s healthy for children to be at their DGPs funerals - helps them not to fear death , to say goodbye and prepares them to be at their own parents funerals (hopefully when they are much much older)

Obviously some children tragically lose their parents young and I’ve been to some v emotional funerals in those circumstances: this is not what is happening here

Joystir59 · 18/09/2022 06:11

You do know that when the queen's coffin goes to Windsor there will be a private family funeral service when she is interred. Perhaps the royal children will be at that service.

Andromachehadabadday · 18/09/2022 06:12

The Palace aides have a job. That job is to advise the family on things like optics.

It’s will be the parents final decision on wether he attends.

The Palace aides won’t ‘wind their necks in’ anymore that you will turn up to work and not do your job. Their job isn’t to advise on what’s best for George’s well being. That’s what his family are for.

PotatoHammock · 18/09/2022 06:12

"Optics", or whether billions of adult viewers would like to see him there shouldn't come into it. This shouldn't be framed as whether he would cope (he probably would) but whether it would be beneficial TO HIM.

I've found it "triggering" just watching Harry and William this week. I feel very strongly that childhood grief should be kept away from the cameras. I 100% would not want him trotted out for the supposed benefit of "us", the public- it would make me feel guilty for watching, knowing that I was in some small way feeding into that decision.

PuttingDownRoots · 18/09/2022 06:13

I would find it odd if they don't go to the family bit in Windsor.

The public State bit in London? Not so much. I hope nine of the GGC are there.

Andromachehadabadday · 18/09/2022 06:13

Oh and yes, I don’t like the ‘children should be shielded from death and not go funerals’ rhetoric that’s on here a lot.

I don’t think it’s helps kids in the long run. Though, the main issue with this funeral is the fact that it will be watched by so many.

BlooberryBiskits · 18/09/2022 06:14

** my recall is poor : Princess Diana’s sons were 15 & 12 at the time of her death

Blackheath95 · 18/09/2022 06:16

I really don’t understand this fear the English seem to have about taking children to funerals. At what age do you actually think children be Allowed to go? I have seen posts on here over the past few days when people are suggesting that 14-year-olds are too young to attend! And some people saying that they never been to a funeral even as an adult. Death is an inevitability shielding children from that fact isn’t going to help them it’s just going to continue this vicious cycle country where people won’t even talk about death. He should go.

phishy · 18/09/2022 06:18

YABU not to realise that this a load of made ip crap. Funny how you can name your source as ‘palace insiders’ , you can attribute nearly anything to them.

PotatoHammock · 18/09/2022 06:18

@Blackheath95 but most funerals aren't broadcast around the world, to be viewed by probably close to half the world's population! There will be a much smaller, private, family service in Windsor. That would be more appropriate.

NowThatsWhatICall22 · 18/09/2022 06:19

It’s not my child, it’s none of my business.

Shame on the rancid Daily Fail for including a child in a clickbait post.

KvotheTheBloodless · 18/09/2022 06:19

At 9 he's old enough to choose whether to go - his parents can explain what it'll be like in an age-appropriate way.

The Prince of Wales is best placed to make a judgement call, as he knows his son, and knows the impact his own mother's funeral had on him. If George wants to go, and understands it'll be long and upsetting, then maybe it's the right thing to allow him to go.

I rather doubt he'll be allowed to go, though.

Emanresu9 · 18/09/2022 06:22

@BlooberryBiskits Harry was a fortnight off turning 13, and William was 15.

diana was 36 - you’re right doesnt that sound so young. There was a huge age gap between her and Charles.

daretodenim · 18/09/2022 06:22

It's strange that posters are talking like this was my 9 year old being potentially shielded from the death of my grandparent.

This isn't about shielding him from death - has anybody in the entire world failed to notice that The Queen died?!

Has he not noticed that he has a day off school on Monday because she died?

I'd applaud anybody for their sheer wizardry if they'd managed to hide from him that his great grandmother had died! 😂

It's not a family funeral. It's a state occasion with over 100 heads of states. Hundreds of thousands spectators lining the route - plus the ones on TV - and the question raised in that article is about him being there to "show continuity". Which has nothing whatsoever to do with the little boy, and everything about performance for everybody else.

Part of kids attending funerals of loved ones is so they don't have death hidden from them and they understand that it's a sad part of life. He'll get all of that from watching it on BBC or Sky. More than a regular church service and also more than attending in person, because he'll have everything explained for him as it's shown! Funerals are also for saying goodbyes.

If people want to see him there then that's ok (I obviously disagree, but we can disagree), best just say it. But dressing it up like it's in any way beneficial for him, as a 9 year old boy, to be one of the focal points in an internationally watched event of the pageantry of state mourning is disingenuous.

daretodenim · 18/09/2022 06:24

*Funerals are also for saying goodbyes, which he can do at the "normal" one in Windsor.

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