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Teacher keeping Y1s behind for 15 minutes?

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OMeOMy · 06/09/2022 15:06

Yesterday was DC's 1st day in Y1 and my first day back at work after mat leave (WFH). I'd negotiated taking a late lunch to allow me to pick up DC from school. The teacher kept them all behind for 15 mins. When I asked DC (admittedly not necessarily a reliable witness) he said some of the children at the back of the queue were being noisy and the teacher wouldn't let them all our until they stopped messing around. AIBU to think this was unreasonable on the teacher's part? I was 15 mins late logging back on to work on my first day back - presumably other parents had similar commitments/potentially other kids to collect. I'm still quite new to being a school parent so keen to hear other people's thoughts before potentially mentioning something to the school (if this happens again). Ta!

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Sh05 · 07/09/2022 21:43

I'm surprised she had a class of unruly children on day 1 to be honest. Dd went back yesterday, she's in year two. At home time on both days the kids are all really quiet and polite with their new class teacher, they're all on their best behavior for her, they're still trying to impress her I think.
And this is even though she's not completely new to them, they're used to doing phonics with her last year but she's their new class teacher so drop offs and pick ups are atm really calm

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