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To lose respect over video games?

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IdiotMom · 03/09/2022 07:51

DH is reasonably helpful. I wouldn't say its 5050 but he does make an effort most of the time and more lately because he's seen how stressed I am at work. He took our 2 young DC away for 2 days to leave me home alone for 2 nights. He takes them out without me. But he's never cleaned a loo in his life. Swings and roundabouts I guess

Anyway every Friday night he plays computer games with his mates. He also plays games at various if the kids have a nap he'll jump on the computer

But on Friday night he plays until 3am or later. He does try to help the next day but he's obviously a bit dazed. Both our kids are waking in the night at the mo so I'm dealing with that while he games on Friday.

I just have the ick. Listening to him talking about shooting this or that over his headset at 2am. Bleugh. He's 44.

He says it's his one thing. He doesn't go out drinking anymore. It doesn't stop him doing any childcare or anything. I just find it really unattractive.


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Am I being unreasonable?


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bruffin · 03/09/2022 13:49

Love the virue signalling on this thread, thats far more unattractive than gaming


LordNelsonsPigStatues · 03/09/2022 13:50

I cannot see how any well rounded functioning adult with a job, a home, a partner and children has time to play video games.

That’s right kids, adulthood is one long life of drudgery and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Ffs what is wrong with you 😂


glamourousindierockandroll · 03/09/2022 13:51

@Soubriquet you have the same taste in games as me. Not tried Two Point Campus yet!


Soubriquet · 03/09/2022 13:59

You should! It’s so much fun


Sandwichmytoes · 03/09/2022 14:03

Both Dh and I gamed as teens and we then bought a playstation 1 all those years ago. It isn't just teenage boys who play games, many adults do and many women do. The notion that it is childish is just ridiculous. How many adult do mindful colouring in? Craft?

You need to separate out the not pulling his weight over parenting and cleaning duties which are probably bleeding over into resenting him having fun with his friends through gaming. It is one night. So many MNetters have partners who cycle or golf and are gone for half the weekend plus evenings.

You find comfort and joy in your things, he find them connecting with his mates gaming.


Hawkins001 · 03/09/2022 14:42

KassandraOfSparta · 03/09/2022 13:30

Clearly not, given that the series is based on real-world warfare scenarios. Which you'd know, if you weren't just making stereotyped assumptions.

Technically, as part of the call of duty series, there is an alternative world type part of the game where zombies exist and at present there has been the call of duty version of Alcatraz, where a gas called nova 6 has created or turned thehumans, into zombies.

that's part of the call of duty main series, and also call of duty warzone series, that blends different campaigns.


Hawkins001 · 03/09/2022 14:43

glamourousindierockandroll · 03/09/2022 13:51

@Soubriquet you have the same taste in games as me. Not tried Two Point Campus yet!

The two point hospital is quite cool, reminds me of theme hospital from way back


CapMarvel · 03/09/2022 15:00

This place is just embarassing at times.


RandomMess · 03/09/2022 15:06

The issue is that he doesn't pull his weight and you don't have equal leisure or sleep time. That is embodied in his Friday night game playing.


Aria2015 · 03/09/2022 15:45

My dh does this once a week too. It does make me cringe, but it's a fairly harmless hobby. He doesn't do it if I'm ill and the night isn't set in stone so he'll move it to accommodate me if I want to do something. I just think, he doesn't go out on the lash or the pub, he pulls his weight, it's not my bag, but there are worse things he could be doing. As for a grown man playing video games, no one would bat an eye at someone who say did horse riding from childhood and still did it into adulthood, it's just a hobby that has never lost its charm.

I would take issue if he gamed like a teenager and was on it every night at the expense of our family time and his responsibilities as a husband and father, but once a week I can deal with!


mamabear715 · 03/09/2022 16:56

@CapMarvel Don't read it then! :-)

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