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to feel hurt that SIL WAS going to announce pg on my wedding day?

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mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 16:36

She didnt- but only because BM was suddenly rushed to hosp with an ectopic the night before the wedding!!

She told us on xmas eve that she is pg- which is great, its their 1st child and we cant wait to have a little addition to the family- but then she mentioned that she was going to announce it at the wedding until the drama with my BM.

This just left a bad taste in my mouth, our wedding day should not be a day for people to make announcements without us knowing. I'm glad she didnt do it. but the fact she was even considering it makes me feel a bit sad really I??????

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BethMK · 13/01/2008 19:29

Mummy2Olivia, I think you are getting far too much stick for this. No, you are not being unreasonable. If your SIL is so desperate to announce her pg in a speech at a family event then let her throw her own party. She has no right to hijack your wedding, just as no one on here has the right to make judgements about you when they know nothing about you and call you rude names like Bridezilla.

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