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to feel hurt that SIL WAS going to announce pg on my wedding day?

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mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 16:36

She didnt- but only because BM was suddenly rushed to hosp with an ectopic the night before the wedding!!

She told us on xmas eve that she is pg- which is great, its their 1st child and we cant wait to have a little addition to the family- but then she mentioned that she was going to announce it at the wedding until the drama with my BM.

This just left a bad taste in my mouth, our wedding day should not be a day for people to make announcements without us knowing. I'm glad she didnt do it. but the fact she was even considering it makes me feel a bit sad really I??????

OP posts:
mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 16:55

The reason she didnt do it was to spare BM feelings.

And she was going to get her husband -best man- to announce it in the speech. she informed MIL of this over christmas.

OP posts:
lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 16:55

Poor BM

OP, that would have irritated me too.

newnamefornewyearbookwormmum · 30/12/2007 16:55

I agree Yurt - I only announced my pg since I had to explain why I wasn't going to bowl at the bowling alley! Hefting 12lbs of bowling ball around is probably not advisable at 10.5wks!

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 16:56

I just think its a bit off in all honesty. It seems a bit almost brattish??!!

I'm not a bridezilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm anything but actually!!

OP posts:
yurt1 · 30/12/2007 16:57

I might 'announce' (as in tell people if it came up in conversation) a pregnancy at a wedding actually (if I was ever going to have another one which I won't) as everyone would be badgering me to have a drink.

yurt1 · 30/12/2007 16:58

brattish? why?

"here can I get you a drink?'

'er no thanks, I can't drink at the moment'


'oh I'm up the duff'.

hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 16:58

You need to hold onto the fact that she didn't do it.

Now you say she was going to get the best man to announce it, yes, that's slightly off, but really only slightly. Bit of a round of applause, perhaps, then back to toasts for pretty bridesmaids?

Mind you, I'm SO over weddings, I cannot begin to tell you, so that's probably colouring my viewpoint somewhat (eh, Lapin?!).

hatrick · 30/12/2007 16:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

evenhope · 30/12/2007 16:59

At our wedding my brother announced his engagement (didn't stay with that gf in the end anyway) and DH's brother announced the arrival of their other brother's DS2

I was none too pleased.

(and of course half the guests there don't know the person in question anyway and couldn't care less!)

holidaywonk · 30/12/2007 17:00

Your SIL sounds like a pregnozilla. If there's no such word yet then there should be.

hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 17:00

PMSL Hatrick.

"Does anyone know of any reason why these two shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony?"

"Well, not as such, but I feel now is a good time to tell you all that I'm pregnant!"

yurt1 · 30/12/2007 17:00

oh she was going to get the best man to announce it? Missed that. That's a bit bizarre, but not really thunder stealing just a bit odd. . And an assumption that people are more interested than they actually are. Get someone to announce their A level results or something at the same time .

Waswondering · 30/12/2007 17:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WanderingTrolley · 30/12/2007 17:01

I think it would have been courteous to ask/tell you first.

She may well have spent the last few months vomming for Britain, and in no mood to send out a bunch of emails and phone everyone.

And it was a family occasion - can't get the 'hurt' bit tbh.

Hope BM on the mend soon.

evenhope · 30/12/2007 17:01

Both done during the speeches... BIL during his Best Man speech

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:01

I'm glad she didnt do it, but not for the reason she didnt do it IYSWIM. I'm not being precious about my day- FFS my BM had been rushed into hospital, it was hardly going swimmingly!!

DH is shocked at his sister i think- he has said a few times that she likes the limelight and attention, I think he feels this is just another one of them times.

OP posts:
MulledWino · 30/12/2007 17:02

What Yurt said. But less polite. Honestly! "You will not steal MY thunder! You will not upstage me! You will ALL come dressed in potato sacks lest any of you look anywhere near as attractive as me and my beloved.. and you WILL refrain from speaking, less you stray into a topic containing news which may steal ANY of my limelight for ANY amount of time!"

GreebosWhiskers · 30/12/2007 17:02

And she was going to get her husband -best man- to announce it in the speech. she informed MIL of this over christmas

Posted by OP at 16:55:08

That is a bit off!

lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:04

She was going to get the best man to do it in the speech!

I agree, she's a pregzilla . Maybe she's so overjoyed that they are pregnant that she has lost sight of it being YOUR big day.

Hunker is an antibridezilla. A bridekong perhaps

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:04

Mulledwino- its not like that at all. you couldnt be further from the truth tbh.

OP posts:
holidaywonk · 30/12/2007 17:05

I am really surprised by the level of hostility here! I'm not married and don't want to be, but I respect other people's weddings. When I decided not to announce my pregnancy at my friend's wedding, it seemed a no-brainer - common courtesy.

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:05

I feel bad for DH more than myself really.

OP posts:
mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:06

It is getting a bit hostile!!! [takes cover]

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 17:06


hatrick · 30/12/2007 17:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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