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to feel hurt that SIL WAS going to announce pg on my wedding day?

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mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 16:36

She didnt- but only because BM was suddenly rushed to hosp with an ectopic the night before the wedding!!

She told us on xmas eve that she is pg- which is great, its their 1st child and we cant wait to have a little addition to the family- but then she mentioned that she was going to announce it at the wedding until the drama with my BM.

This just left a bad taste in my mouth, our wedding day should not be a day for people to make announcements without us knowing. I'm glad she didnt do it. but the fact she was even considering it makes me feel a bit sad really I??????

OP posts:
lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:07

mummy2olivia - how was the wedding anyway? Did you have a fab time?

newnamefornewyearbookwormmum · 30/12/2007 17:07

Good job the SIL wasn't near her EDD. Imagine if she went into labour at the reception. .

I agree, announcing it per se in the speech is a bit off but if it was going to be mentioning it to people as and when she sees them around the reception, there's nothing wrong in that.

holidaywonk · 30/12/2007 17:08

SIL was a pregzilla to even think of doing it without consulting the OP.

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:08

no it didnt- but only because of what happened with BM. its the considering doing it i am takling about!!!!!

OP posts:
mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:09

the wedding was lovely apart from what happened with BM

OP posts:
VictorianSqualor · 30/12/2007 17:09

Me too hatrick, and tbh, it only lasts a few seconds,a quick 'awww, that's great' and it's over.
I can understand why it may have been annoying if the best man had announced it in the speech, but it's pretty bloody practical tbh!
If anyone ever does decide to do this, why not make a note of this thread and ask the bride if she minds first

lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:09

It doesn't matter that it didn't happen, Hunker, it's what it says about the lack of regard for the OP's feelings by the SIL that is hurtful.

A couple of days ago I thought I might drive up to your house and punch you in the nose. But it didn't happen, so you can't be upset about me wanting to do it.

morningpaper · 30/12/2007 17:10

Blimey, I wuld have thought a wedding was the ideal opportunity to tell people - the family is all together and no one needs worry about hearing the news before X heard etc. etc.

Do you expect people to stand around and only talk about YOU all day?!

I hope your BM is ok, really sorry to hear about her loss.

HonoriaGlossop · 30/12/2007 17:11

YABU. it's only an announcement of being pregnant. Good god. It really doesn't matter and if you can't bear to share five minutes of everyone's attention on your wedding day then I would be worried.

claraenglish · 30/12/2007 17:11

Message withdrawn

hatrick · 30/12/2007 17:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:11

VS, if I were planning on telling people at a wedding that I was pregnant (and I can see the sense of it, all the family there etc) of COURSE I would ask the bride first! Surely that is common courtesy!

mummy2olivia, if they had told you in advance that they were pregnant, and said "do you mind if we tell the family at the wedding", I imagine you would have been happy with that?

hoxtonchick · 30/12/2007 17:12

my sil announced her pregnancy at dd's 2nd birthday. we were all delighted, made it more of an occasion.

holidaywonk · 30/12/2007 17:12

Amazing what we can find to have a fight about, eh?

claraenglish · 30/12/2007 17:13

Message withdrawn

claraenglish · 30/12/2007 17:13

Message withdrawn

UniversallyChallenged · 30/12/2007 17:15

MP in some ways i agree your own wedding is a perfect time to tell people about your own preg, but not at someone elses wedding surely.It's not your time.

I found out i was preg when my sis was 36 weeks preg so we waited till her dc was born and 2 weeks old before we told anyone as we didnt want to take the shine off her "big moment".

VictorianSqualor · 30/12/2007 17:17

I'd have thought so Lapin, I didn't see the problem til I realised it was going to be in the speech without her being asked.
Thinking back maybe I shoul've been annoyed with my SIL announcing her pg in the hospital when I was showing off my newly born DS, but I was just pleased to have someone to talk about all the ins and outs to that would be interested

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:18

Actually BM is my best mate- i was talking about what happened to her as a sad thing that happened on the day, not because it wasnt about me, but because it is sad in general. It was sad that my best mate wasnt there and because of the reason why.

OP posts:
mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:19

I would have preferred if she had let me know she was going to announce it there- not 'check with me' or 'ask my permision' cos its not about that- just let me know.

OP posts:
lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:19

hatrick, the difference with your story is that the bride and groom chose to announce your nephew's arrival. I think mummy2olivia is hurt because her DB and SIL were planning on just, well, upstaging is the only word I can think of. Without any warning, or consultation.

Everyone seems to be thinking "ooh, you evil bridezilla, you want it all about you" - it's her bloody wedding day! There's very few occasions in life when it IS all about you, and that is certainly one of them!

hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 17:20

Lapin, I know kara-tay, so you could've tried...!

mummy2olivia · 30/12/2007 17:21

I'm not a bridezilla!!!!

OP posts:
lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:21

yeah, you and whose army, I'm a 4th dan at Feng Shui!

hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 17:21
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