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Package stolen? Help!

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foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 09:45

My DH ordered from an auctioneer site and the item has been delivered to our old address by mistake.

DPD sent us a picture of the person receiving the delivery and as we don't have contact details he popped round yesterday to pick it up. No answer so left a note.

Still haven't heard anything. DPD can't do anything. Auctioneer site can't do anything unless she agrees a time to be home so it can be picked up.

Hubby is worried she has decided to keep the item.

AIBU to say we know where she lives and that she has it so she wouldn't be silly enough to steal it? It's worth some money but not close to life changing amounts. And it's the type of item only certain people will like.
Wise mumsnetters, is DH right, should we be panicked?

OP posts:
2ndtimemum2 · 09/06/2021 20:21

Glad you got it back op....maybe you should accidently have a box of exploding glitter sent to your old address to see is she as quick to open a second package!Grin

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