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Package stolen? Help!

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foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 09:45

My DH ordered from an auctioneer site and the item has been delivered to our old address by mistake.

DPD sent us a picture of the person receiving the delivery and as we don't have contact details he popped round yesterday to pick it up. No answer so left a note.

Still haven't heard anything. DPD can't do anything. Auctioneer site can't do anything unless she agrees a time to be home so it can be picked up.

Hubby is worried she has decided to keep the item.

AIBU to say we know where she lives and that she has it so she wouldn't be silly enough to steal it? It's worth some money but not close to life changing amounts. And it's the type of item only certain people will like.
Wise mumsnetters, is DH right, should we be panicked?

OP posts:
foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 12:23


Is the picture DPD sent you showing the woman actually taking the parcel in, i.e is she in the picture? Or is it on the doorstep/out side the house? As whenever I have received parcels from DPD, they ask me to not be in the picture. I guess what I'm saying, is if the picture is of the parcel on her doorstep/outside the front door etc, you have no proof she does actually have it at all. I say this as I have had a parcel supposedly delivered & a picture taken outside my house, but I never got it & can only assume someone stole it whilst I was out. It was delivered when no one was in and of course with Covid, you do not actually sign for parcels anymore..

Yes she's in the picture although can only see her arms legs and half her face.
OP posts:
BoomChicka · 14/05/2021 12:27

If it's so important he should have checked the delivery address!!

And massive eye roll at "parcel theft". When you make a mistake, own it, rather than trying to twist the blame onto this woman for taking in your parcel for you.

starfishmummy · 14/05/2021 12:30

Ha! I was expecting that exact dripfeed foxyroxyyy . But only affecting one word? Unusual.

TheGumption · 14/05/2021 12:31

You're being absolutely ridiculous to call it theft.

sapnupuas · 14/05/2021 12:32

Similar happened to me recently. My auntie posted a present for my son to my old address. My mum went to retrieve it and left a note.


My mum went again and it turns out the recipient had been trying to contact my mum but couldn't get through.

Stop panicking. Give them a chance to respond.

foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 12:32

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DeltaFlyer · 14/05/2021 12:34

Yabvu to say the lady is a thief! The parcel was misdelivered by your or the auctioneer error. Get dh to update the address on the site to prevent a repeat of this of you use it again.

As pp says she likely didn't check the name on the package if she was expecting something herself and was probably out when your dh called, at work, an appointment, anything.
For now you have to suck it up and wait for her to get in touch from the details on your note. If you've not heard anything back within a week of the package being delivered then try again and if no joy then the police, but only if it's clear you won't be getting it back e.g. the lady denies all knowledge.

emilyfrost · 14/05/2021 12:42

YABVU, if happened yesterday.

If the item meant so much you should have made sure your address was correct before you bid.

This is your cock up, so you’re just going to have to keep going until you catch her when she’s in. She shouldn’t have to go out of her way for you by waiting in or sending it to you etc.

Honestly if I was hassled and thought of as a thief I’d give it into the post office with “not known at this address” on it.

Chemenger · 14/05/2021 12:44

When parcels arrive here they place them on the doorstep, stand back and wait for someone to answer the door, take a quick picture and leave. By the time I’ve read the address they are long gone. If it wasn’t for me what should I do? Leave it on the doorstep so nobody calls me a thief? Stay in all the time in case someone comes to collect it? It’s important to you, to her it’s an irritation. You need to own the mistake rather than accusing people of crimes.

rainbowunicorn · 14/05/2021 13:02

Don't be ridiculous. nobody has stolen anything. All that has happened is your husband didn't put the correct delivery address on in time so the parcel has been delivered to the wrong address. You and your husband made the mistake so you need to do the running around to sort it out.

What a bloody over reaction!

MiniCooperLover · 14/05/2021 13:04

And why do you think it strange she took a parcel in, in your name? Most likely she realised straight away 'oh this is for previous owners I'd best take it for them'. I assume she knows your name 🙄 Your attitude is ridiculous considering )(a) it was 100% your mistake and (b) it only happened y'day!

angieloumc · 14/05/2021 13:08

To be honest it's a good job she took it in or otherwise it could be floating round in DPD ether for a while till it goes back to the sender. I don't think she is 'strange' for taking it in but I rather think you're a bit odd calling it a 'stolen package' and suggesting you may report it to the police. What are you going to say, 'ah we put the wrong address, went round when the lady was either out or unable to answer the door, and now she's stolen our very sentimental, not shiny throw away crap, package'? Ludicrous.

AdobeWanKenobi · 14/05/2021 13:08

I think you usually take your phone number with you when you move house

Depends where you move. If you remain in the same exchange (usually within a mile or two radius) then you can keep your number. If you move further afield you have a different exchange and cant. If you move out of your area code you cant either and as OP stated she's an hour away it's more than likely she's moved well out of her exchange and area code.

SillyLittleBiscuit · 14/05/2021 13:11

OP, I’d be nervy too if I’d cocked up and I thought there was a possibility I wouldn’t get my stuff. Would one of your old neighbours mind knocking at some point? Would save the hour trip.
Hope it works out.

foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 13:16


OP, I’d be nervy too if I’d cocked up and I thought there was a possibility I wouldn’t get my stuff. Would one of your old neighbours mind knocking at some point? Would save the hour trip.
Hope it works out.

Thank you 😊
OP posts:
Exhausted4ever · 14/05/2021 13:31

Drama llama

SoupDragon · 14/05/2021 13:38


Drama llama

ForThePurposeOfTheTape · 14/05/2021 13:53

I think you've been really rude towards this woman when it's your h'a mistak le.

It's not strange for someone to realise that the name is wrong after the courier has left. They often dump, ring bell then leave because they are on such tight schedules. I take parcels in without checking because I live with teens who online shop too and it's pretty likely that they've ordered something.

On my local FB sites there are often posts by people saying that they've received post/parcel at their address but for a different name or for a totally wrong address.

Give this woman a chance.

Joinedjustforthispost · 14/05/2021 13:58

Well this puts me off taking in parcels incase I get accused of theft purely because I’m not in when they come knocking, it’s your fault for not updating your address. Unless the lady blatantly refused to hand it over then yabu

Docsmix · 14/05/2021 14:13

This happened to my friend and the person denied having it and that was the end of it.

I hope she's nicer.

BelleBlueBell · 14/05/2021 14:46

I don't know your DH would assume that a random woman is likely to steal something that is obvioulsy not of any use to them or interest for them. Seriously how is that at all likely?

Anyway, as it's his mistake he will have to suck it up and keep going back unless the woman contacts him. What else can he do?

Thatisnotwhatisaid · 14/05/2021 14:48

I honestly wouldn't accept a package in someone else's name that was for my address though! Strange!

I have been given parcels for neighbours and even people on completely different streets before without realising. I order quite a lot online so it isn’t out of the ordinary for me to get parcels hence me not realising the parcels are for someone else until I’ve accepted it. I even opened one for the NDN once because it was handed to me in a pile of other parcels that were for me. Luckily nothing embarrassing but I felt embarrassed explaining!

Anyway, I wouldn’t jump into accusing this woman of theft. Your DH cocked up with the address so it’s ultimately his fault really. Hopefully she contacts you soon.

DangerNature · 14/05/2021 15:06


Fair point. It takes us over an hour each way to get there so it's not as easy as just popping round but yes should probably give it some more time.

I honestly wouldn't accept a package in someone else's name that was for my address though! Strange!

I’ve never had a delivery person ask my name they just hand the parcel/leave it on the door step. I order so many things that I wouldn’t realise until I looked at it that it wasn’t for me
normalsaline · 14/05/2021 15:18

I’m dying to know what the item is

IntermittentParps · 14/05/2021 15:41

It'll sort itself out, OP; she'll be in and see the note at some point.
FWIW, 'brought' for 'bought' is West Midlands usage and perfectly admissible in that context (I know that's not why you used it, but think it's interesting). Plus it's very knobberish to pull someone up on things like spelling in a thread where that's not relevant.

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