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Package stolen? Help!

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foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 09:45

My DH ordered from an auctioneer site and the item has been delivered to our old address by mistake.

DPD sent us a picture of the person receiving the delivery and as we don't have contact details he popped round yesterday to pick it up. No answer so left a note.

Still haven't heard anything. DPD can't do anything. Auctioneer site can't do anything unless she agrees a time to be home so it can be picked up.

Hubby is worried she has decided to keep the item.

AIBU to say we know where she lives and that she has it so she wouldn't be silly enough to steal it? It's worth some money but not close to life changing amounts. And it's the type of item only certain people will like.
Wise mumsnetters, is DH right, should we be panicked?

OP posts:
foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 18:33


It'll sort itself out, OP; she'll be in and see the note at some point.
FWIW, 'brought' for 'bought' is West Midlands usage and perfectly admissible in that context (I know that's not why you used it, but think it's interesting). Plus it's very knobberish to pull someone up on things like spelling in a thread where that's not relevant.

@IntermittentParps thankyou. Also love your username!
OP posts:
foxyroxyyy · 14/05/2021 18:34

Should've put a comma in there at some point, before the grammar police come after me

OP posts:
IntermittentParps · 14/05/2021 18:35

Also love your username!
Why, thank you Grin

Dora33 · 14/05/2021 19:04

Your package hasnt been stolen. We made a similar mistake and hadn't changed to our new address for an online delivery. Item was delivered and accepted at our old house.
At no time did we ever consider the item was stolen. It was our mistake and we hoped the new owners weren't annoyed that we were still using that address.
After having no luck with knocking, we left a note apologising and with our contact details.
Still no luck but again didnt get annoyed as it was our mistake. After 5 days, I asked the estate agent to send them a short text, explaining it was really us and we would make sure it wouldn't happen again. If they could text when it would suit them for us to collect package if possible.
We recieved a nice text from the person and were able to collect the package that day.
Going knocking on their door today might annoy the person. You are looking for them to do you a favour.

OhTheIronyOfItAll · 15/05/2021 16:49

Have you been able to make contact with the new owners @foxyroxyyy

Similar thing happened to us. If the seller had used Royal Mail as per the listing it would have been redirected to us. She used a courier so it was delivered to our old address. I don’t think the buyers were too happy but we were able to collect it once we realised what had happened.

Bluntness100 · 15/05/2021 17:06

Did he go back today and get it?

How come something so valuable to him he didn’t even check the address?he would have had to confirm it was right? Was it an eBay item and it just defaulted? Even then though you confirm.

foxyroxyyy · 16/05/2021 12:05

@OhTheIronyOfItAll no luck yet unfortunately.

OP posts:
foxyroxyyy · 16/05/2021 12:06

@Bluntness100 no not eBay.

He set the account up last year in multiple places as we've been searching for a long time. He checked immediately after and amended his error but it was too late. We are still hoping for the best but haven't heard back yet

OP posts:
ThatIsMyPotato · 16/05/2021 12:12

It hasn't been stolen and they might be very annoyed/confused to have a random item turn up at their house.

JustLyra · 16/05/2021 13:21

They may also have sent it back to the sender - that’s what I’d do with a parcel that wasn’t for anyone in my house unless I actually knew the person on the name.

JustLyra · 16/05/2021 13:23

*on the label

foxyroxyyy · 17/05/2021 14:01

They haven't sent it back to the auctioneers not yet anyway.

One of our old neighbours has knocked for us a couple of times but she hasn't opened the door. DH is quite angsty about the whole thing Sad

OP posts:
EverythingRuined · 17/05/2021 14:09

Good luck OP

ShirleyPhallus · 17/05/2021 14:15


They haven't sent it back to the auctioneers not yet anyway.

One of our old neighbours has knocked for us a couple of times but she hasn't opened the door. DH is quite angsty about the whole thing Sad

Ummm if a neighbour has knocked and she hasn’t opened the door to that neighbour either then she’s anything could be going on. She could have gone away or perhaps lying dead on floor

I highly doubt she knows the neighbour is in on it too and is lying low with her treasure
freakyfridays · 17/05/2021 14:20

ve never had a delivery person ask my name they just hand the parcel/leave it on the door step. I order so many things that I wouldn’t realise until I looked at it that it wasn’t for me

exactly, no one bothers checking parcel received, couriers are in a rush, it's normal.

freakyfridays · 17/05/2021 14:24

You are completely over-reacting and being ridiculous frankly.

Whoever received the parcel might have noticed the wrong name and the whole thing is now an inconvenience for them, and absolutely not a priority on top of their list.

They might also have a life and not be waiting at home in case someone knocks at the door Hmm.

There's a pandemic going on, air travel is nowhere near as normal, so how likely that they have decided to steal the parcel and fly the country with it, hiding at home until their time to escape? Grin

skirk64 · 17/05/2021 14:25

Hopefully they'll return it to the sender, it might be a few weeks before it gets sorted out though so your husband needs to be patient.

If I received something addressed to my house but not me I wouldn't be handing it over to a neighbour or anyone else for that matter - it's a common scam, if they did hand it over they could be held liable if the person who took it away wasn't genuine. I'd contact the courier or the sender directly, depending on what was on the label.

The best way to resolve this is to get the auctioneer to write to your old address, showing proof of delivery, enclosing prepaid postage for the return of the item to them (not you directly), requesting that they return it within 28 days. If they don't return it within three months or so you could probably take them to a small claims court.

SadieCow · 17/05/2021 16:11


Within hours you claim your package has been "stolen", not we've sent it too the wrong address.

You keep "complaining" you're an hour away, like it's the person who has taken your package in for you is at fault.

You say it was sentimental value, not high value, why would it be "stolen" then?

You now decide they're ignoring your PJs neighbour knocking as if they know you've been in touch with them.

I hope you don't get jury service, the accused would be sentenced before the trial was heard.

SadieCow · 17/05/2021 16:12

Not sure are PJs came from, it should be old!

slashlover · 17/05/2021 18:07


They haven't sent it back to the auctioneers not yet anyway.

One of our old neighbours has knocked for us a couple of times but she hasn't opened the door. DH is quite angsty about the whole thing Sad

Of course she hasn't sent it back, it was delivered on Friday at some point and a lot of post offices aren't open Saturday/Sunday or have reduced hours.

I probably wouldn't hand it over unless I knew you.

Victims in Sawbridgeworth and Welwyn have received packages that were addressed to them but contained items that they had not ordered. A short while later a woman wearing a DPD courier uniform has arrived to collect the packages, claiming they had been delivered to the wrong address. In the reported instances the packages have contained either iPhones or laptops and have been despatched by AO.
Beautiful3 · 21/05/2021 18:02

What happened op? I hope you managed to get it back.

foxyroxyyy · 22/05/2021 20:29


What happened op? I hope you managed to get it back.

Still not sorted yet. Hubby is super stressed about the whole thing. We've given up knocking as she never opens the door. One of old neighbours has seen her and she said she didn't know what he was on about!!
I'm assuming she thinks it's some kind of scam OR she has actually stolen it. Anyway, auctioneers are writing a 'strongly worded letter'. Sad
OP posts:
SadieCow · 22/05/2021 20:31

@foxyroxyyy a very harsh lesson learnt!

sbhydrogen · 22/05/2021 20:34

Not read the whole thread, but can you ask your old neighbour(s) to pop round and collect it? At least then you'd know it was safe with them, and can more easily arrange a time to pick it up.

CovidCorvid · 22/05/2021 20:35

Well I think if she’s denying all knowledge of it then it may be a police matter.....would it come under theft by finding?

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