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If you saw a pregnant woman pull down her mask for a few moments, would you confront her?

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ShutUpAlex · 24/04/2021 17:13

Had a woman confront me today I’m a supermarket for pulling my mask down for a few gulps of air. Suddenly felt very faint and breathless and just needed to suck in a few deep breaths, then returned the mask to my face.
Woman confronted me, accusing me of putting the whole store in danger and how people like me are the reason we are in this situation in the first place. She hadn’t confronted anyone else wearing lanyards, just me.

Was I being unreasonable? Should I have just left the store? Or was she being OTT.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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BigButtons · 24/04/2021 17:14

Yeah she batty. Take no notice.


ArtisanBreadBin · 24/04/2021 17:14

Did you tell her to piss off?


mayblossominapril · 24/04/2021 17:15

She was being unreasonable


Daisy829 · 24/04/2021 17:15

She’s crazy. I’m not even pregnant and I had to do the same this week it’s been so warm. Don’t worry about it.


PicsInRed · 24/04/2021 17:16

She did this as she perceived you as vulnerable and she's a bully.

YANBU. Flowers


IAmTheDuke · 24/04/2021 17:16

She was being OTT. I’d have said ‘have a fucking day off love’

In my experience people like this only confront people who they think won’t argue back. I have a ‘fuck off’ resting face so don’t tend to be bothered by them.


PinkCookie11 · 24/04/2021 17:16

Did you say anything to her?
Their hard to breath in at the best of times never mind when preg!! Don’t blame you for needing afew breaths.
I personally wouldn’t have said anything to you.
I’ve seen afew people just need a moment to sort themselves out.


Oilpyi · 24/04/2021 17:16

It’s occupying a lot of nutters right now, mask policing. Today I was drinking water on a long hot train journey and paused between gulps, maybe 20 seconds before I had a man shout at me...


20wedding19 · 24/04/2021 17:17

She was being ridiculous. I've played peekaboo with my mask with my 6 month old son, no one batted an eyelid...or if they did I didn't notice!


threeteenstaximum · 24/04/2021 17:17

Yes, it was awful of her to confront you. You are pregnant and felt hot and faint and unable to breathe suddenly. You had every right to pull down your mask to stop yourself keeling over.
She shouldn't have been that close to you and staff would have probably gone to get you water and a chair of your said I'm pregnant and feeling faint.

Nobody should be shouting at or confronting you then! They should be helping you xxx


ShutUpAlex · 24/04/2021 17:18

If I didn’t have my 6 year old with me she would have regretted leaving the house today Grin

OP posts:

Spidey66 · 24/04/2021 17:18

Take no notice. I do it sometimes and I ain’t pregnant. I also do to take some water or blow my nose.


ElderMillennial · 24/04/2021 17:19

A few seconds I wouldn't have said anything but I was annoyed recently when a pregnant woman in the waiting room (it was the antenatal department so we are all pregnant) just decided to take off her mask and have loud phone conversations for the time we were there.


HumunaHey · 24/04/2021 17:19

I would have personally told her to fuck off. People like her are so ridiculous. If you're such a danger, she should be keeping safe and not speaking to you.


BlusteryLake · 24/04/2021 17:20

I hope she made her ridiculous remarks from a 2m distance in that case!


KFleming · 24/04/2021 17:20

YANBU at all. Sounds like that woman has taken leave of her senses.


Oilpyi · 24/04/2021 17:22

My worst; I was walking towards the corner shop, no intention of going in- just waving through the window to signal I’d come back for the paper in 5. 7:15am and the road was nearly deserted. A man cycled up behind me off the road suddenly and braked hard and close on screechy brakes, stopped inches away from my back, wheel nearly between my legs. I jumped out my skin thinking it was a near miss accident, seeing an older man I half turned and expected he’d apologise. Instead he bellowed ‘wear a fucking mask’ and jerked the front wheel at me again to move me before cycling off!


eatsleepread · 24/04/2021 17:23

Oh my goodness, what a cow she was.
I hope you're ok, OP.


Tetrixxs · 24/04/2021 17:23

She’s a nob!


freecuthbert · 24/04/2021 17:27

I certainly wouldn't confront anyone for pulling their mask down for a few seconds, let alone a pregnant woman! Please don't let this bother you, you didn't do anything wrong.


ShutUpAlex · 24/04/2021 17:27

I’m ok! I usually quite enjoy causing a scene but had my 6 year old with me and I was concentrating very hard on not being sick!

OP posts:

Nightbear · 24/04/2021 17:30

Instant karma would’ve had you projectile vomiting all over her.


SakuraEdenSwan1 · 24/04/2021 17:32

I would of told her to f of, how dare she!


ChaToilLeam · 24/04/2021 17:33

You would be entirely justified in telling her to piss right off. I’m all for mask wearing when needed but a few gasps of air are not going to endanger anyone!


sammyjoanne · 24/04/2021 17:33

To anyone who voted YABU. I mean WTF? If you were feeling breathless and faint, what would YOU do? just continue until you collapse on the shop floor? Come on now Angry

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