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To buy a Nissan Qashqai

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UnforgottenPunk · 11/04/2021 12:51

Need a new, bigger car.

Love the Qashqai, but have heard not great things re reliability. It's what I would ideally buy.

It's that or a Kia Sportage.

Am I really setting myself up for a lot of bills with a Nissan? Or should I still to the more boring but more reliable Kia (which has the balance of a 7 year warranty)?

OP posts:
TokyoSushi · 11/04/2021 19:59

We have one, I hate it! Not very powerful, difficult to park, pleased that it's DH's and I don't have much to do with it!

We had a Seat Ateca as a hire car on holiday, that was fab!

MonsterChopz · 11/04/2021 20:02

I had a 2012 qq and loved it so next car we got was the 2015 qq and I bloody hate it. Have had nothing but problems with it and I'm in the process of getting rid just now. Completely agree with pp about going downhill since moving to Renault engines.

I've not had a sportage but have had 2 other Kias and I absolutely love them. I'd consider the Hyundai Tuscon too.

NotATomato · 11/04/2021 20:04

We have a Renault Kadjar which is essentially the same base of car as the Nissan but cheaper. We love it, not cramped at all, good boot space. Does well on long journeys.

altiara · 11/04/2021 20:07

I had a 2011 qashqai, bought it off a friend. Loved it, costed a lot in repairs when it was about 6-7 years old. Bought a seat ateca when it was about 8 years old and had done 100k miles.

snowone · 11/04/2021 20:10

We've had a qashqai and a Tucson.
Hands down the Tucson is a much better car. Very similar to the sportage (quintessentially the same car) but you can normally get a better spec on the Tucson for the same money.

sayanythingelse · 11/04/2021 20:25

The Kia 7 year warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. One of our cars is a 63 plate Kia Ceed Sportswagen, only registered with the DVLA a couple of years ago as it was an MoD car previously.
It's been into Kia 3 times for an ongoing fault and each time they've tried to fleece me for other things and not solved the problem. It's pointless taking a car of that age to a main dealer and I say that as someone who's worked in dealerships for years.

I used to have an Audi Q2 as a company car and it was lovely. The Seat and Skoda SUV range are nice also.

dangermouselovespeanutbutter · 11/04/2021 20:25

Qashqais have a tiny boot. I'm not sure what benefit you would have over a normal car.
SUV's are very "in" at the moment, but only a tiny percentage of people who have one actually need one. They are much more dangerous for other road users / cyclists.
Look at standard cars. You'll get more boot space and more fit your money.

Kitdeluca1 · 11/04/2021 20:52

I love my qashqai, no problems at all! Huge boot space can get 2 prams in if needs be, mines 2011 plate, once this one goes to the knackers yard I’ll be getting another for sure!

FortniteBoysMum · 11/04/2021 21:38

I almost went for a qashqai but decided on the maxda cx5. Can't fault it.

ohidoliketobe · 11/04/2021 21:46

Another here to recommend a Tuscon.
Bloody loved ours. Had to upgrade to a 5008 so can fit 3 child seats across one row with impending birth of DC#3, otherwise we'd have kept our 16 plate a few more years. Had no issues with it in almost 5 years of ownership, and prior to that great experience with i20 and i30 Models. Highly recommended Hyundai to anyone looking for a new car

bruffin · 11/04/2021 21:54

We had a Qashqai but now got a Tuscon. We had a problem when we bought the Qashqai brand new and Nissan were really not helpful and our local dealership was really bad at servicing.
We had it 3 years and then bought the Tuscon and it is so much better.
I did work for a Hyundai and Seat dealership and they are both very reliable brands.

Twattergy · 11/04/2021 22:04

Another Tuscon vote here. Bigger boot than Qashqui. We're on to our 3rd one (leasing) and really like it.

UnforgottenPunk · 11/04/2021 22:14

Wow, some really interesting views and food for thought, thank you.

The Tucson is a really interesting choice and I do very much like the look of it.

Would be interested to hear of any negatives...

OP posts:
Seeline · 12/04/2021 09:18


I love my qashqai, no problems at all! Huge boot space can get 2 prams in if needs be, mines 2011 plate, once this one goes to the knackers yard I’ll be getting another for sure!

Make sure you check the boot space of any that you are looking to buy - the post 2014 plates are much smaller, and a really awkward shape. Even fitting suitcases in is difficult.
Londongent · 12/04/2021 09:57

Got a QQ, and I really like it, nice riding position, easy to park...but it is a 2014 model needed an engine change (thankfully under warranty), it has had a few other issues too.
If I was buying now I would go for a Volvo XC40

bruffin · 12/04/2021 10:21

I would also point out that the Hyundai has a 5 year warranty and Kia a 7 year warranty . Nissan only has 3 years.
We also had a Hyundai i30 which is a tardis of a car

I main issue with the brand new 16 plate Qashqai was with a few days of buying it the brakes failed under cruise control! there was also an issue with the music suddenly getting louder. We tried to return the car under the sale of goods act. Nissan could find nothing wrong with the car so refused to take it back. In the end they took it back and drove it for month but said the cruise control problem didnt return.
This was around the time that the band Viola Beach were killed when the Qashqai failed to stop at the bridge in Sweden. Their situation sounds very similar to what happened to us.I am sure there has been some sort of cover up by Nissan.
We actually had the car 3 years in the end and there was no more problems, dh said it really lacked power as well. We were really unhappy with the services at the delearship as well as it was clear that they had not done things that should have been done in the service that they had charged us for.
We then bought the Tuscon . DH has had no problems with it and really pleased with it. Worth buying the premium version if you can.

AlexaRain · 12/04/2021 22:01

Well I've really gone off the QQ after reading these.

Now comparing a Volvo XC40 (2017) with a VW T-Roc ((2018).

I thought I'd discounted the VW Tiguan but am now looking at the 2017 model too.

bruffin · 12/04/2021 22:07

The Seat Ateca is the same chasis as the Tiguan

Jjudgyy · 12/04/2021 23:17

I love my 2016 Qashqai 🤷

TooOldandTired · 12/04/2021 23:30

My sister and 2 friends had them and they had lots of trouble with them - obviously just anecdotal!
Ford Kugas are great value and very reliable.

Matilda15 · 12/04/2021 23:30

I test drove one a few years ago and couldn’t believe how little power it has - during the test drive I joined the duel carriageway and immediately indicated right to move out to pass a lorry. I’ll never forget having to pull back in as the thing didn’t have enough to get past the lorry in good time. That was the 1.5.
I ended up with a VW Tiguan which is hands down the best car I’ve ever had even compared to the BMW X range.

Glitterblue · 12/04/2021 23:33

We absolutely loved our Qashqai, we'd have another in a heartbeat.

thereinmadnesslies · 12/04/2021 23:36

Just bought a 69 plate Qashqai and so far I really like it. I had a Nissan juke before and it was really reliable. I wouldn’t say the boot is tiny either but I guess it’s what you compare it to.

mermaidsariel · 12/04/2021 23:39

We had one and if was great. However the Diesel versions get clogged filters which cost a fortune to sort out. The second time ours clogged, we sold it. Apparently they are known for this. I wish we had been aware.

FinallyFluid · 12/04/2021 23:41

Looked at a few Q's, bought a Honda CRV. Bloody love it.

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