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To think Horrible Histories should run Med cruises?

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ElphabaTheGreen · 31/03/2021 05:30

Our DSs (8yo and 6yo) are obsessed with history and DS1 particularly wants to see the pyramids, the Acropolis and the Coliseum. DH and I felt a bit weak at the thought of organising our own jaunts to these places so thought a Mediterranean cruise would be a handy compromise - a hop-on-hop-off of antiquities if you will. (We wouldn’t be going until at least 2022, obvs...)

Sure enough, there are plenty of cruises covering just the itinerary we’re after...but they’re all clearly geared to the middle-aged/elderly market and appear to be deliberately placed in term times, presumably to minimise kids annoying their usual clientele, which I totally get.

But it got me thinking...there are so many ‘Horrible’ offshoots. Why doesn’t the Horrible Histories lot charter one/some of these ships during British/European school holiday times? Instead of the showgirls, they could have pop up actors on board doing Awful Egyptians skits before Alexandria, Rotten Romans before Italy, Athenian-Spartan Wife Swap before Greece etc. They could have food which approximates the local cuisine as a gentle introduction to the different foods in each region (our DSs are fussy as fuck and would live on chips and pizza for the duration of any trip like this otherwise Hmm).

We would totally pay for that and our DSs would absolutely bloody love it. Are we the only ones?

(If this is a scathingly brilliant idea, Terry Deary, you may PM me for bank details for the ensuing royalties Grin)

OP posts:
alpinia · 14/04/2021 14:13

Hi OP, a few years ago we did Holland America in July exactly for this reason. The cruise took in all the major historical/natural sites around the Med, with the exception of pyramids.

It was brilliant. We did 2.5 weeks but met lots of families doing 4/5 weeks. We arranged all our day trips online on some cruise forum with other families with similar interests and paid a fraction of the official cruise outings. We saw so many places we'd always wanted to see, there was a pretty even split on board of oldies and families. The crew told us these cruises that go to lots of historical locations are really popular with families for exactly your reasons.

Even though I'd been against the idea of a cruise before it was perfect arriving after a good night's sleep at our next destination, heading out for a good days sight seeing with excellent local guides and then dropped off back at the boat where kids clubs and dinner were waiting. It was also pretty affordable compared to an AI resort.

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