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To think Horrible Histories should run Med cruises?

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ElphabaTheGreen · 31/03/2021 05:30

Our DSs (8yo and 6yo) are obsessed with history and DS1 particularly wants to see the pyramids, the Acropolis and the Coliseum. DH and I felt a bit weak at the thought of organising our own jaunts to these places so thought a Mediterranean cruise would be a handy compromise - a hop-on-hop-off of antiquities if you will. (We wouldn’t be going until at least 2022, obvs...)

Sure enough, there are plenty of cruises covering just the itinerary we’re after...but they’re all clearly geared to the middle-aged/elderly market and appear to be deliberately placed in term times, presumably to minimise kids annoying their usual clientele, which I totally get.

But it got me thinking...there are so many ‘Horrible’ offshoots. Why doesn’t the Horrible Histories lot charter one/some of these ships during British/European school holiday times? Instead of the showgirls, they could have pop up actors on board doing Awful Egyptians skits before Alexandria, Rotten Romans before Italy, Athenian-Spartan Wife Swap before Greece etc. They could have food which approximates the local cuisine as a gentle introduction to the different foods in each region (our DSs are fussy as fuck and would live on chips and pizza for the duration of any trip like this otherwise Hmm).

We would totally pay for that and our DSs would absolutely bloody love it. Are we the only ones?

(If this is a scathingly brilliant idea, Terry Deary, you may PM me for bank details for the ensuing royalties Grin)

OP posts:
CatNamedEaster · 31/03/2021 05:41

Sign us up for a cabin please Grin. We (parents) have learned so much from DS's obsession with HH and would love this (if it came with a voucher for parent-only recovery at a silent retreat afterwards?)

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 31/03/2021 05:44

One of the cruise ships my parents go on (normally, they haven't in over a year obviously) has a climbing wall.
Most people on their cruises are similar age to them... Retirees.
They have yet to meet anyone whose used it...

BlackAlys · 31/03/2021 05:52

OP that is a monumentally brilliant idea!!!!

bert3400 · 31/03/2021 05:56

My kids are older now, but this is an absolutely brilliant idea . Add in Brian Cox, he could also do the science segment .

wonderingsoul · 31/03/2021 06:01

Youv got your million pound idea

I'd go as a adult.

My 12 and 15byear old would love it.

I really want to go on it now

MrsTerryPratchett · 31/03/2021 06:01

Can we send the kids alone though? So sick of sharing my pearls of wisdom and DD witheringly sighing, "yes I do know mum, from Horrible Histories" 🙄

LincolnshireYellowBelly · 31/03/2021 06:06

Great idea!!!

ElphabaTheGreen · 31/03/2021 06:08


My kids are older now, but this is an absolutely brilliant idea . Add in Brian Cox, he could also do the science segment .

Brian Cox makes me all wibbly with The Passions...I’d be putting the DCs into the onboard pankration lessons to go and sit in a darkened lecture theatre to listen to him...
OP posts:
OzziePopPop · 31/03/2021 06:08

My ds would love it, it’s a great idea 😀

IWantMyHoney · 31/03/2021 06:25

If it was the original and best imo HH cast the tickets would be worth every penny.

PetuniaClark · 31/03/2021 06:28

Especially if you could get the original team there re-enacting it all ( ni chance I know, but a girl can dream!)

SunnySomer · 31/03/2021 06:29

That’s a genius idea. My DC is too old (and I love organising these kinds of holiday for myself), but this would be a fabulous trip

JayAlfredPrufrock · 31/03/2021 06:30

I’ve never fancied cruising but I’d bloody love this. My DD is 21. Does that still count us in?

Changeismyname · 31/03/2021 06:34

OP can you get the operation ouch lot to run the onboard infirmary?

Yugi · 31/03/2021 06:49

British cruise companies are aimed at the older market but other countries definitely aim at families. Kids clubs on board etc. Have you looked at these companies?

Wateruniform · 31/03/2021 06:56

I would go on this and so would my children. Sign us up.

skeggycaggy · 31/03/2021 06:57

Ooh yeah. Could we have Greg Jenner on board too please?

ILoveAnOwl · 31/03/2021 07:03

Would be great for a Y6 residential. Beats a rain filled forest of Dean!

BikeRunSki · 31/03/2021 07:06

We’d come!! DS(now 12) loves HH.
In the meantime, see if you can a ticket for one of their car park stage shows.

MoonfacedMilksop · 31/03/2021 07:07

My partner is a lecturer who has done some stuff for BBC Bitesize. He went on a family educational cruise to Iceland for kids to learn about the Northern Lights, astronomy and navigation. He was told to aim the talks at kids aged 10-13. The youngest person that attended any of his talks was in their 40’s. He had all these pensioners doing games designed for tweens but apparently they loved it anyway. I think it would take a lot of rebranding, or maybe Disney cruises could start offering them?

TheWitchersWife · 31/03/2021 07:09

Yes please!
Me and DH watched horrible histories together on Netflix, alot, before we even has our boys.
We use the catchphrases regularly to each other and no one else gets it.
We have 2 children who are now nearly 4 and 2 and we're trying to get them to sing along with some of the songs.
I would be all up for a horrible histories cruise. I think there needs to be more fun and educational trips for children (though I would also very much enjoy it).

Verrucapepper · 31/03/2021 07:10

Brilliant idea! Kids ans adults would love it, and would be the best school trip rather than bloody PGL types!

Fairyliz · 31/03/2021 07:13

For those of you saying cruises are packed with retirees try Royal Caribbean, full of children in the holidays and loads of kids activities.

MinnieMountain · 31/03/2021 07:14

DS and I would love that. I think the HH brand would be enough to get people to sign up.

I’ve been listening to the You’re Dead to Me podcasts. Maybe they could do some late night lectures too?

Mouthfulofquiz · 31/03/2021 07:15

We’d sign up!

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