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Radio 2 why so dumbed down

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Parsley1234 · 25/03/2021 08:53

I cannot stand the relentless drivel that is Zoe Ball oh my god yesterday Stacey Soloman and her diatribe of awfulness and now replacing Graham Norton with Claudia just why ? I am Mrs Brady moany old lady for sure what else can I listen to 🥴

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Am I being unreasonable?


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AgentProvocateur · 25/03/2021 08:57

Zoe Ball is painful. I can’t bear to listen to her. It’s like being back at school. I tend to flit between Radios 6, 5 and 4 and Radio Scotland now.


Parsley1234 · 25/03/2021 08:58

So like being back at school and that stupid trailer for Claudes show on Saturday I have the rage

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99victoria · 25/03/2021 09:05

Although I agree with you on the whole, I think anyone who uses the phrase ' i have the rage' is hardly in a position to complain about other people being irritating :)


RickOShay · 25/03/2021 09:14

Can’t bear Zoe Ball in the mornings, I find her depressing for some reason Grin
I now listen to my local radio station and am a bit in love with the presenter. He’s lovely.


FourteenthDoctor · 25/03/2021 09:23

Graham Norton has gone to virgin radio


shinyblackdog · 25/03/2021 09:29

Chris Evans breakfast on Virgin, Graham on Virgin on Saturday AND Sunday. No adverts but partnered with Sky so some promotion of Sky products but not too bad (actually haven't noticed it on Graham's show).


cheeseisthebest · 25/03/2021 09:32

I love Zoe Ball, she's happy and cheers me up in the mornings. Couldnt stand Chris Evans, do listen to Graham on Virgin now, they play better music than radio 2 as well.


shhsecretsquirrel · 25/03/2021 09:33

I was having this same conversation a while ago. Radio 2 is as bad as radio 1 now for inane drivel. I've switched to podcasts but may give virgin a go. Why can't we just have some chat about current affairs punctuated with decent music. Radio 4 is too dry. I feel like Goldilocks


felineflutter · 25/03/2021 09:35

Yes Zoe Ball, Sarah Cox et al... I have gone over to local radio stations and I mainly listen to LBC now. Ah I miss Terry Wogan.


changi · 25/03/2021 09:36

With Graham Norton leaving, I've completely given up on Radio 2 now.


HilaryBriss · 25/03/2021 09:37

I agree re Zoe Ball, I work in silence until 9:30 when she clears off and its safe to turn on Radio 2!


felineflutter · 25/03/2021 09:38

I agree shhsecretsquirrel. LBC would be brilliant with the odd bit of music. I have gone off Radio 4, Radio 5 and Radio 6. Radio 2 has lost it's way and even 1 minute of listening is enough now.


billyt · 25/03/2021 09:39

Can't listen to Zoe Ball, full stop.

I'm older now so Radio 1 was dropped a long time ago, then Radio 2 took over until that went boring.

I've mostly given up listening to radio now. Even when in the car (where/when allowed before the Covid Police start their interrogations Grin) I have all my music on a USB stick. Can listen to music I like without the, usually inane , drivel.


Parsley1234 · 25/03/2021 09:56

@99victoria that’s true I am irritating for sure Smile

OP posts:

UnderHisAye · 25/03/2021 09:59

I actually came make out quite a lot of what Stacey Solomon says. Tell me she was a guest and not a presenter!


AdaFuckingShelby · 25/03/2021 10:03

Zoe Ball's presenting style is painful. She seems like a nice woman but my goodness I can't stand to listen to her in the morning. I have silence now as I can't stand ads on commercial stations.


Chicchicchicchiclana · 25/03/2021 10:14

Often I feel I can't find something to listen to on R2 ... I definitely have to be in the right frame of mind for the breakfast show. But then, like now, they play one of my favourite toons of all time and all is forgiven (Easy Money by Johnny Marr).


foodtoorder · 25/03/2021 10:21

Doesn't help you for the mornings but greatest hits radio has Simon Mayo on drive time! Same concept as when on r2 with Matt the sports guy and confessions. Only started last week but it's made my year so far! 😂

Also lots of the older radio2 crew do various shoes through the week also.


MeanMrMustardSeed · 25/03/2021 10:25

Simon Mayo and Matt are doing a drive time!?!?!?! This has made my day!


MeanMrMustardSeed · 25/03/2021 10:29

@foodtoorder thank you so much for the joyous Simon Mayo news. I am so happy. I think this might deserve a thread of its own - I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for you!


Lizdeflores · 25/03/2021 10:29

Why is it only the female djs that come in for criticism. Why do these threads never start with ' isn't time Steve Wright retired ?. They always have Steve Wright on in the waiting room at the gynae clinic. Listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon made waiting for my cancer diagnosis so much better, SAID NO WOMEN EVER!!.
There are plenty of listening options if one dj doesn't suit you try another station ,listen to music , a podcast the list goes on.


UnderHisAye · 25/03/2021 10:37


That better? He's a fucking assault on our national intelligence.


MeanMrMustardSeed · 25/03/2021 10:37

You are so wrong. Steve Wright always gets a kicking on these threads! Most people seem to hate Jeremy Vine too.

There’s usually a lot of Ken love though. Quite right too.


RedRec · 25/03/2021 10:39

Lauren Laverne on BBC6 Music is much better in the morning. Has a lovely soothing voice and plays better music.


WhiteBricks · 25/03/2021 10:47

I like listening to Zoe Ball and Sara Cox, don't mind a bit of Jeremy Vine but can't stand Ken Bruce or Steve Wright. I feel like Zoe and Sara are nice and uplifting, and perfectly un-taxing on my frazzled brain during commutes!

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