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aibu to ask how often you wash your dressing gown?

123 replies

JackieweaverhasALLtheauthority · 24/03/2021 18:49

we've done towels and bedding and bras ad infinitum.
so new one-what about your dressing gown?

OP posts:

MooshWoosh · 24/03/2021 18:52

Between once a week and once a fortnight... not sure if that is really awful or OTT


DdraigGoch · 24/03/2021 18:54

When I remember.

I've no idea when that last was.


Cloudyrainsham · 24/03/2021 18:55

If it’s dirty. I only out it on after a shower.


Rollmopsrule · 24/03/2021 18:55

Not very often but I have about 4 of them. Prob once a fortnight maybe.


Jelbo · 24/03/2021 18:55

Love these threads 🤣
Mine would have to be at least once a week, at most every 2 weeks.
I wear it every evening throughout the winter and in the morning/day if its really cold.
It's a big thick one and takes up alot of space in the machine otherwise I might throw it in more regularly when trying to make up a wash.


Toasty280 · 24/03/2021 18:56

Every few days
I always have one on as I get cold easy (I am fully dressed underneath) all my work colleagues know, no longer care if they see me in a dressing gown (I always had a fab heater under my desk when we were in the office but too tight to turn up heating)
I have several dressing gown (5) so rotate frequently


LibrariesGiveUsPower45321 · 24/03/2021 18:56

Once a fortnight but I have two.


HotShowerNTea · 24/03/2021 18:56

Once every week or two. No more than two.


UndeadSlut · 24/03/2021 18:57

Oh God, hardly ever really. When it gets noticeably dirty, toothpaste on it or whatever. Less than once a month, and I do wear it every evening when it's cold for a good few hours. I'm gross and I didn't even realise!


JackieweaverhasALLtheauthority · 24/03/2021 18:57

@Toasty280 do you not have jumpers? or big long cardigans?

OP posts:

Nellie850 · 24/03/2021 18:57

I have a young baby so more often now but pre baby this thread would make me feel like a grotbag


YellowandGreenToBeSeen · 24/03/2021 18:58

My house is spotless. I change my bed and towels weekly (live alone), I clean my skirtings every week and stick the dishwasher and washing machine on empty hot washes every month. Tea towels changed daily. I clean the sinks before I go to bed. Hair and body showered daily.

I don’t think I’ve ever washed my Dressing Gown.


brushlaptop · 24/03/2021 18:59

I would say once a week


marriednotdead · 24/03/2021 18:59

Probably once a month. But then having read the other thread about bath sharing, saying that is probably going to give everybody the vapours!


YellowandGreenToBeSeen · 24/03/2021 18:59

(In my defence, it’s worn for about 5 mins post shower every day)


AnneFuckingKirrin · 24/03/2021 18:59

Dunno really, depends on how often I wear it.
My dc are always wearing my dressing gowns so more than I usually would because they get stuff down them.


MonsterKidz · 24/03/2021 19:00

I have different ones for different needs!
A big fluffy one I only wear after a bath in the evening. It’s super cosy so only for winter and it is rarely washed as it never really gets dirty.
A morning lighter fleecy over, I wear it from getting up until showering and in that time I can make breakfast/lunches and on weekends I’ll probably still be wearing it for brunch. Therefore it gets messy and washed about once a week/fortnight at a push.
A very light thin one I wear after showering but while doing hair and make up. It rarely gets washed as Jm always clean!


Snozzlemaid · 24/03/2021 19:00

Anyone else not wear a dressing gown?
I have one but never wear it though. I get too hot in them, so if I do ever put it on it's not long before I have to take it off.


WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants · 24/03/2021 19:00


I don't own one! I find them incredibly uncomfortable & feel scruffy/sloppy in them. I hate floppy tracksuits etc too I prefer leggings & long jumper.


SilverRoe · 24/03/2021 19:01

Yea..when I notice it smells a bit grim. Wash everything else very regularly including OTHER people’s dressing gown but for some reason leave mine for ages. Hmm


VerityWibbleWobble · 24/03/2021 19:01

I only wash mine when I've spilt tea or coffee down it, I'm messy when drinking these things. So it might be weekly/bi-weekly or if I've been a non messy mare then until I can get away with not washing it.


BriarsHollow · 24/03/2021 19:02

Only really if I spill tea on it or the baby voms on it.

Have we had someone with a ‘daily’ yet?


JackieweaverhasALLtheauthority · 24/03/2021 19:04

mine's towelling so it goes in with the towels on a hot wash every few weeks.

OP posts:

WeatherwaxLives · 24/03/2021 19:04

Normally I rarely wear it, only if I have a bath in the evening and put pajamas on (i usually shower in the morning instead). So washing is sporadic.
I have been wearing it over winter while wfh though, so I've been washing it more often, usually because I've spilt coffee on it.


XenoBitch · 24/03/2021 19:05

When it can stand up on it's own.

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