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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 23:05

have unbunched untwisted and ironed my undergarments so all is well!

minesalargeone · 20/10/2007 23:05

amy....I thought you said you were done and dusted now??!!!

tyeanddye · 21/10/2007 16:47

ive met some amazing people on here,and some arseholes,but as in real life,would you not ignore the latter in preference of the former?

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