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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
opinionateddad · 20/10/2007 13:41

I have one statement/question..

"who cares,, and why is this bothering you so much??"

the word 'chavvy' may just be referring to the style of the name that you are using and not a shot at your personality.. take it as it was meant and not personally

ScaremyVile · 20/10/2007 14:00

Well, I think it's sorted now in that an apology has been made and the OP has said she was feeling bit 'sensitive'...
But OpinionatedDad, in answer to your statement/question, the OP cares and has every right to also it was personal, it wasn't a broad, general dig at a mass of people, it was a comment specifically towards, and about, ONE person.
I don't think it's fair to rubbish someone for feeling upset.

lucyellensmum · 20/10/2007 14:22

oh i thought this thread was a joke, it was? wasn't it?

minesalargeone · 20/10/2007 15:12

allhallows....I've 'pulled myself together', thank you for suggesting it....feel much better now....

whoopey doo....

MyTwopenceworth · 20/10/2007 15:14

Yeah, you are. Mners are always 'orrible. Except me. Rose petals fall from my mouth when I speak, and small woodland creatures gather around me.

talulasmum · 20/10/2007 15:27

i was a shy cowering wreck when i first joined mn.

but im even worse now. so mn has defo helped me. just have to give it time.

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 15:31

mamazon, I didnt realise that ((((hugs)))) was not the done thing here... on the website i've been visiting for many years now, full of RL friends, we just put the name of the person who looks like they need a squeeze, or, if you were infront of them, you would go and give them a kind hug, inside brackets... ((((amy))) kind of thing....

we are a bunch of intelligent like minded people, who are now good friends both on and off line. Its not 'common' or insincere.

I have done the same on here a few times, if i read somehthing that compels me to want to hug the person who is posting. when i am touched, or saddened by their post.

I'm worried now i will be seen as being insincere and shallow., when I'm far from it oh dear...

lucyellensmum · 20/10/2007 15:33

talulasmum, did i just read that you said you were cowering wreck of shyness

talulasmum · 20/10/2007 15:36

yes lem, you read correct.

have you noticed that about me,?
im sure it comes across in my posts.

colditz · 20/10/2007 15:51

It's more of a shame that some people cannot seem to distinguish a personal opinion about a method from a personal attack on their own parenting experiences.

People read what they want and expect to read, in my experience.

In this manner, a post stating "75% of babies hospitalised with gastric disorders are formula fed"

is met with cries if "But I did my best to breastfeed!"

The posters of the second type of message have made a fundemental mistake - they perceive judgement in facts and get upset that they are being judged.

They aren't being judged - but they are sensitive on the subject already, and cannot bear to hear anything else thatis going to make them feel bad.

ScaremyVile · 20/10/2007 15:53

Wrong thread?

colditz · 20/10/2007 15:53

PS I am a chav. I like it and embrace it - if people like to make assumptions about be based on the type of earrings I wear or the accent I use, more fool them.

ScaremyVile · 20/10/2007 15:55

Oh...not wrong thread, I get it, I get it!

colditz · 20/10/2007 15:56

No, perhaps I'm not being incredibly clear though. I mean that Mumsnet is perceived to be a judgemental place because of the regular posters' propensity for spouting facts regardless of whether those facts are asked for or not. So people who are looking for support, will get given facts instead. Someone who is already sensitive will perceive that those unwelcome facts and lack of hunning are a judgement upon them. This is what causes threads about "OH why do you all have to be so nasty!?"

We're not nasty - we're just not very nice.

MyTwopenceworth · 20/10/2007 15:56

That is so so so so true Colditz.

MyTwopenceworth · 20/10/2007 15:58

x post! I was on about your 15:51 post!

Although you're right again.

TinyGang · 20/10/2007 16:27

Amy I posted on you original thread.

I don't get how anyone's mn name can be sneered at while their own and nearly everyone else's are all just as bizarre.

You'd have to be pretty desperate to pick on a poster's name for self aggrandisement.

WorkingClassScum · 20/10/2007 16:38

Has anyone mentioned precious yet?

tiredemma · 20/10/2007 16:42

God I love Colditz.

Should be Prime Minister. Always talks sense.

(Ill stop arse licking now)

3andnogore · 20/10/2007 16:54

lol shy?

Anna8888 · 20/10/2007 17:08

colditz - your post of 15.51 is so true - a source of constant aggro.

Also, posters make general value judgements directed at no-one in particular and which are perfectly valid and worthy of debate, and other posters choose to perceive them as value judgements of their own worth ("personal attacks").

allhallows · 20/10/2007 22:41

The sarcasm & constant need to score points off each other is wearing me down. I'm going on a break from MN.

minesalargeone · 20/10/2007 22:48

OK allhallows....but I'm still pulling myself together and looovvvving it.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 22:54

ffs even i forgot about this thread but its still alive i was being a twat other twat said sorry as did i god what would happen to the world if all my rants got so much interest?scarey thought!tis done and dusted now

3andnogore · 20/10/2007 22:57

lol Amy, think your thread had generally actually evolved as any other other thread on mn would do....
don't you get your precious knickers in a twist know

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