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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 02:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:05

i like it. i'm going to use it deliberalty from now on...

LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 02:07

sorry AitchTwoOh i didnt mean you personally i just ment MN in general...i should go to bed too, had too much wine

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 02:07

no one

erm, yes I am Aitch... i am trying to drop the cutie. Its a name i have used for years on a few sites ( none related to parenting etc) and fancy a change, but... used it out of habit!

The bananas came the other day, when we had sally strwaberry, peachyspider... something or other... and someone said i like bananas, is there anyone with banana in their name. so i thought it sounded good.

sorry, boring and long winded.. but, yes, i'm changing it slowly!

I really must get out more

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:07
sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 02:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 02:09

have used stereotyplical on another creating my own dictionary

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:09

no worries, night all. take nothign personally on here... nothing bad at any rate.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 02:09

im sorry it probably is me projecting my crap on here.i have no family near me not that that would do any good.i havnt a single adult in my life except dh who is out with his mates again so just ignore my ramblings am feeling a bit down and precious tonight and wasnt emotionly able to be called a name sorry again

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:10


AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:12
LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 02:13

i have to go too, ds is coughing like a 20 a to bed armed with cough medi and paracetamol

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 02:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 02:15

[trows aitchtwooh over her shoulder to the floor]

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 02:16

I'm off to try and persuade a very lively 9month old monkey she ought to be going back to sleep now... having just stood up onto all fours whilst feeding.

I felt like a prize heffer. she was , again, about half a foot away. it seems to be he fav position at the moment. bloody painful.

Anyway, I do hope things look better in the morning Amy dont let the buggers get you down, who ever they are! You know? just dont let other people effect you in such a way...

take care everyone, sleep well.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 02:18

thank you sally much appreciate it and never mentioned drink on this thread aitch am assuming now you are searching all threads with my name?i have name changed fyi xxxamyxxx obviously! em xxxspookyxxx was another there were more go on sherlock they are kinda obvious

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 02:19

thanks susiecutie!

knifewieldingtoddler · 20/10/2007 03:31

hey amy, the X thing is used by black people in the Slavery diaspora. Think, Malcolm X. I thought you were making a 'statement'.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 03:33

god didnt know it went that deep was certainly not makin a statement amnt that interesting!

allhallows · 20/10/2007 09:37

amy can't you find something more appealing to banish? ear wax!

minesalargeone · 20/10/2007 09:45 have whatever name you want. Sod what anyone else thinks.

allhallows · 20/10/2007 09:46

oooo, touchy!

LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 09:47

i love some of the names on here make me pmsl

where do these people think of them?

Roarindrunk · 20/10/2007 09:53

If you look for support and advice on MN you will usually get it , but the AIBU threads are I feel a bit tongue in cheek and Ops should expect some backlash , as I dont think the AIBU threads are taken that seriously .

You have to remeber that the forum is open to thousands of pople so a wide ranging aopinion , also not seeing someone face to face can make people very brave .

If you feel a bit pissed off step away for a while then come back .

lucyellensmum · 20/10/2007 10:37

amy is chavvy?? have i missed something. this site is really very funny, i think it is a piss take (i think)but i think there is a link there to get your chav name.

I think mine was mercedes charmaine

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