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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
xamyx · 20/10/2007 01:19

yes i dont take these things personaly as i know i had my reasons,and didnt reaslise fruitshoots where evil but think my name was the final straw,dont know why such a silly thing got to me i know a lot of mn is about different oppinions and debate but i think unfounded personal attacks for no reason are a bit much

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:20

Amy is not chavvy! Blanch girls are classy! Although, Amy, the single x's do make it look like a prescription drug. Too long in Boots, maybe?

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:21

Where were you blasted for not bf?

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:22

Amy, fruitshoots are evil! Very hard to get now, but I believe there are some evil types selling them over by the Budabar!

xamyx · 20/10/2007 01:23

oh i cant do right from wrong tonight!thanx chipmonkey think it had an effect all rightthough i worked as a lab tech in the photo section

xamyx · 20/10/2007 01:23

i get my fix in........dunnes

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 01:24

i now read it as "zamicks" maybe some kind of sea sickness remedy... or earwax banisher?

not implying you re either of those

how about amee, or aimee? can you have those?

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:25


allhallows · 20/10/2007 01:26

Here goes: I would've thought MN to be a "place" for find support, advice & comfort, mixed in with lashings of humour & empathy. Yeah, right!

Instead, MN reminds me of the playground of my childhood. There are the bullies with their sarcasm, rough'n'tough attitude & attention-grabbing techniques. Then you've got the cool group, with their little insider jokes, snide comments about other posters along with the ultimate put-down; ignoring anyone who's considered truly beyond the pale. These cool people have their groupies, who need to connect with them by agreeing & validating just about everything the cool ones pronounce, even if it makes absolutely no sense because it's coded. Then you've got the kind-hearted, maternal types who are easily ed but mean well and of course the ernest eco mummies who really do worry about cloth nappies vs disposible or that not bfing is a fate worse than death. Finally, bring out the weirdos, the pathetically needful, the clueless and the hopeless. There are of course other categories and sub-categories but I'd be here all night trying to categorise and analyse them all.

But yes the general atmosphere on MN is far from being one of welcoming concern or of tolerance and acceptance. MN is not a comfortable place to be, although it is often more entertaining & side-splittingly funny than anything you could hope to see on TV. I'm not complaining at all - if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, right? - but when you're feeling down, as we all do, the wrong post from the wrong person can totally decimate you emotionally.

YABU - MNers, like precocious children in the playground, can be very cruel and very callous. YANBU - in a perfect world, a horrid mum wouldn't exist.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:29

how do you like me now chipmonkeythink ill keep this

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:29

Where do you fit into that, AH?

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:30

And fgs name names!

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:30

must agree allhallows i think im being a wee bit sensitive tonight perhaps but waaaaahhhh!!!! waaaaaah

allhallows · 20/10/2007 01:31

I don't think I fit in anywhere, hunker. I'm too moody to always chase after the same bone.

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:33

I can't think what you might be implying there

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:35
LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 01:35

am liking this name amy

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:36

thanx think its suit me

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 01:36

I dont seem to fit into anywhere either... but i carry on regardless.

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:36

I like it, Amy! Suits you!

LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 01:36

changing mine to littlemisMouseChaser

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:38

well you were my inspiration!somebody to love is on my telly am a head bopping now

allhallows · 20/10/2007 01:40

No implications implied. Seriously, I'm not thinking of individual posters but the general atmosphere. I joined MN years ago so I'm experienced enough to back away when things get too tough. There are certain MNers I have great affection & respect for, mostly because they have a keen wit (& a sensitive heart - again, yeah, right!).

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 01:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:42

see now you're going to think i'm bashing you, which i'm emphatically not doing... but i find it hard to believe that you've been "blasted well and truly for
2.not bf
3.not co sleeping

nor do i really believe that anyone has said you're a "terrible mum because of these things".

i just do not believe that these things actually happened. apart from maybe the fruitshoots.

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