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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:44

oh, and hi susie. i totally recognise you on here now, but then a mooncup thread will do that to a gal.

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:44

I don't think I'm allowed in the earnest eco group because I haven't had a home birth. However I do intend to have my next Caesarean at home without pain relief so I'm hoping they'll let me in then.

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:47 well heres a biscuits will kill your child thread

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:50

and heres one snobbing against singlemothers/blocktowerpeople/uneducated

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:50

ye gods, i think the OP might reasonably claim to have been bashed on that thread, but not you. not in a million years, yours was by far the majority opinion.

chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 20/10/2007 01:51

But she did get a lot of YABU's in all fairness, Amy.

Does anyone else read YABU as "Yah-Boo!" Or is that just me?

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:51

Amy, how are these threads where you've been bashed?

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:52

yep, read that one too. again i witnessed no amy-bashing. in fact, as i recall i took a pasting on that thread, not you.

allhallows · 20/10/2007 01:52


amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:52

if you look up my name there are plenty im just fed up with the if your not martha stuart your not worthy attitude that goes on sometimes

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:53

anyway, i'm more interested in the epidural and bfing bashes, tbh. cos that's shite if it's true, and i'd have stuck up for you if i'd seen it.

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:53

You've only posted three times in breast and bottlefeeding, none of them on anything remotely controversial.

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:54

Although the irony that you're now going to claim you're getting a bashing for not being able to prove you've ever had a personal bashing on here doesn't escape me

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:55

can i be truly honest? i think sometimes people read stuff on MN that simply isn't there. i've seen people i know on here being accused of things that Just Haven't Happened and holding opinions that they Absolutely Don't Hold. it's happened to me and it's most odd when people tell you that you're x when you know you're y.

i don't know why it is, though. there are a lot of raw nerves with being a parent, maybe that's it?

amytheearwaxbanisher · 20/10/2007 01:56

well i have name changed so shall once again shut my mouth and go away only came on for support not in cliques unfortunatly and getting attacked once again for getting peed off at getting attacked i give up

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:57

I agree, Aitch.

Also find that people read into things that are said because of their own baggage. That's happened to me often - and other posters on the thread are going "errr, where did you get THAT from?!"

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:57

Oh, fgs.

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 01:58

Hello Aitch i'm glad someone does recognize me around the place. i kind of just post and seem to blend in so much i'm not even seen

ha ha

I dont let it bother me though.. not very much...

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:58

see... no-one's attacking you. not at all. if any arsehole has bashed you for not bfing i want a piece of them, amy, but unfortunately if you won't show us where, there's nothing that can be done. and i did say that i was 'emphatically not bashing you', you should take me at my word.

Yvaine · 20/10/2007 01:59

hunkermunker, can you switch on your mscliquen on please.

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:01
LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 02:02

amy dont take MN to heart, im new here, only been here a week but im taking it with a pinch of salt....seriously i dont think anyone sets out to be deliberalty mean, i think people are just having a laugh and a bit of escapism when they take the piss

susiecutiebananas · 20/10/2007 02:03

oh amy, no now is bashing you at all!

well, i don't read any of it that way, please dont be offended and upset by it.

I read it as actually both hunker and Aitch being reassuring that you had not been berated in the past for having a differing opinion...

Dont go off to bed feeling upset that people are getting at you . you will have a horrible night sleep and probably have nightmares, or something.

If you do still go off, please come back and read it all again with a fresh mind, and maybe you will see it as I have seen it.

LittleMissNervoustWitch · 20/10/2007 02:03

deliberalty? wtf does that mean?

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 02:05

but i'm not taking the piss, lmnw, i was just trying to get to the bottom of things, really. i should go to bed...

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