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to expect mners not to be horrid????

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xXxamyxXx · 20/10/2007 00:15

i was on a thread earlier when am mner i dont recall ever speaking to told me my name is chavvy!i am not a chav just use my rl name which was already taken so had to use the x,s if it is found to be chavvy i shall change it,but i come here to chat with other mums not to be called chavvy by people ive never talked to!!!!

OP posts:
RoyKinnear · 20/10/2007 00:21

that;s Mumsnet!
your name is chavvy though!

RoyKinnear · 20/10/2007 00:22

change it

tobysmumkent · 20/10/2007 00:25

Message withdrawn

RoyKinnear · 20/10/2007 00:26

the name is fab
the xxxx not so

lucy5 · 20/10/2007 00:26

Ignore, call yourself what you like. My name is also looked down on necause is has a number but I have been here four years and won't bow to public opinion

ScaremyVile · 20/10/2007 00:27

If you like it - dont change it.

lucy5 · 20/10/2007 00:27

Oops, excuse the typos, too much vino!

respectablenonchavamy · 20/10/2007 00:28

is this better

tobysmumkent · 20/10/2007 00:30

Message withdrawn

respectablenonchavamy · 20/10/2007 00:30

it ennoyed me even more as the person insulting me had copied their name straight from a tv show!no am just ranting at the unexpected attack now

ScaremyVile · 20/10/2007 00:32

Dont worry about it.
You did her a favour by giving her the opportunity to assert her (imaginary) superiority.

RoyKinnear · 20/10/2007 00:34

mumsnet is a funny place
when i first started i had names that i now think looked so nobby

xamyx · 20/10/2007 00:34

thanks reduced it to one x as a comprimise though noticed"she"hasnt responded to this thread or my reply on the other one very brave to insult then run

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 00:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 00:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

xamyx · 20/10/2007 00:49

thanks am getting fed up with self rightious idiots on this site

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 00:50

I see on the original thread you say you're classy. How is this thread classy?

xamyx · 20/10/2007 00:51

didnt say i was classy just have more class than to insult a fellow mner because of their name

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 00:57

i'm now pronouncing your name zamix. have whatever name you like, of course, but the xxxs do make it tricky to read. anyway where's this other thread, is there a ruck?

xamyx · 20/10/2007 01:00

no not a ruck a telly addict uncontroversial boring thread really!thats what caught me offguard

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 01:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh · 20/10/2007 01:02

too true!

sallystrawberry · 20/10/2007 01:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

xamyx · 20/10/2007 01:06

ah im well used to it have been blasted well and truly for
2.not bf
3.not co sleeping

am perpetually told im a terrible mum because of these things,fair enough i know people have strong views on such things,
but bto start a bloody telly thread and still get hopped on!

hunkermunker · 20/10/2007 01:10

You've been blasted on here for not bf?

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